18.81 Signs You’re A Creative Person

YES, you’re a creative person. And here are your signs to prove that. 

Not everyone is blessed with a great mind, that produces inspiring thoughts only.

Not everyone can follow such innovative ideas, and ignore the words of others, completely. 

Creative people are the ones who think uniquely… Plus, acts on it confidently.

Found others calling you crazy or overthinker?? Probably, you are a creative thinker, which they hardly can understand. 

So, how to know that you are crazy enough to have unusual ideas, and How do you know if you are a creative person or not?

Well, here are your signs to know that you’re a creative mind.  


18 Signs You’re A Creative Person, Even though you don’t feel it.

1. You are rebellious.

Creative personalities are kind of rebellious.

They don’t feel comfortable with rules and traditional procedures.

If you have some great concepts and ideas to update the system,

If you always have some creative excuses to change the work pattern, then you are a creative person.  

2. You like to work independently.

Genius and creative people prefer to stay alone and work independently.

They can work without any guidance and support.

Moreover, they can’t resist the involvement of others.

You also hate following patterns.

Because you have a creative approach to do something, you probably face problems with management, too often. 

Because they’ve been following the system, for long… while you hate to stay the same forever.

3. You break the rules, first. 

If you feel bored too often with the same process, then you end up breaking rules first.

Creative people are the ones who think limitless and act towards it.

You never hesitate to remove any hurdles, in the process.

You want to do something excitedly, but you don’t want to stay bored forever. 

If you’re the first one who thinks and try to change the system, that signs you’re a creative person.

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4. You are unpredictable. 

No one can figure out what’s going in your creative genius mind.

Ideas and thoughts going on always, there.

Because you have a creative approach to see everything in life.

And sometimes, others can’t understand you fully.

That’s fine, genius and creative persons are often misunderstood by average peoples.

5. You like problems, more than anyone. 

While others are running away from problems, you are the only one who gets excited to see trouble there.

Because you find the opportunities there.

For you, it’s time to do something extraordinary, probably something new here. 

You take problems, as an opportunity to do something creative and out-of-the-box.

6. You are a challenger. 

Every day in the life, you take on a lot of challenges.

You challenge yourself to get better next month, you take challenges from your friends and peers.

The idea is not to prove you’re great but to do something tough, to train your mind. 

If you usually make challenges for yourself, to do something that you’ve never done before…. then, signs you’re a creative person.

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7. You are a fast learner. 

Learning and growing is the lifelong motto you live by.

You learn always, every day, every night.

You carry a desire to learn something new, everywhere you go.

You are a passionate learner and always ready to learn it on the go.

You never procrastinate to learn, you learn it right now. 

The more you learn, the more you grow, and the more you have creative ideas to work upon, within.

8. You are unstoppable. 

No one can stop you, even not yourself.

You can’t ever be held by those negative thoughts and frustrations.

You know how to stay motivated.

You prefer to keep going, where others are still regretting over failures. 

Rather than giving up on something, when you prefer to find the alternative solution to keep going… then signs you’re a creative person.

Because you know how to make a way… when there’s no hope.

9. You hate your past self. 

You are way ahead of yourself, a year ago.

You are updating yourself regularly.

You’re growing at a faster speed.

If while checking your older posts, you feel stupid inside, then signs you’re a creative person, who gets smarter every day. 

You can confidently say what you’re right now, but you hate to talk about your older versions. 

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10. You have so many questions in mind.

Your curious mind is filled with those questions that regular minds don’t bother about.

When eager to know the ‘WHY’ behind everything, then you are curious to know how particular things happen.

You take interest to know the reasons to do it and act in certain ways.

Only, because you’re a creative person who wants to have your why, clear enough. 

11. You see great in everything.

Your mind works way differently than a normal person around you.

You are creative and can see ideas in everything.

Your approach to finding opportunities from nowhere amaze plus inspire others, always. 

12. You take rejections normally.

Creative ideas and great books always get rejected at first.

Because that carries something that regular minds can’t accept or fails to imagine at that level.

Rejections work differently for a creative person, they perceive it as their idea is unusual.

So, if you take rejections that lightly, it means you trust yourself and the creative concepts you bring. 

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13. You choose your environment wisely. 

Work environments and surroundings do matter when it comes to putting the required efforts.

You don’t want to be interrupted by people and a TV volume from the room, you seek a place of concentration while working.

So you shift to a place where you and your mind can produce something creative.  

If most of the time you work in your backyard,  in your room …all alone in your space with your imaginations only, that signs you’re a creative person.

14. You feel high and low all of sudden. 

You are not careless, you care about the things of what you are working on.

And so… you are at your high when starting something new and creative.

While in different cases, you get mad easily when things are not working that way. 

You feel so excited and so nervous, and all because of your running thoughts.

15. Your sense of humor is appreciated. 

Your friends and family really love your one-liners.

Your satire and creative insults even can make the target person laugh loud.

As you have a great memory, and better with words, your comic timing is widely praised. 

When your imaginary ideas make others think again or amaze them, are signs you’re a creative person.

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16. You are confident. 

You are going on a path that no one understands.

You are often advised to follow the comfortable routes by your peers.

But, because you are confident about yourself… you choose the hard things, though.

You’re a creative person, who knows what you can do and how to. 

17. You are self-motivated. 

Creative people and great thoughts are not accepted by everyone.

In the first phase, a creative person has to work all alone and prove that their ideas really make sense.

Due to lacking support, creative people have to inspire ownself, to work on own ideas. 

Creative minds, many times find alone… with own imagination, only.

Because, they know what they’re up to, and probably others don’t understand them either way.

18. You are not doing this for money entirely. 

Learning and living life purpose is the main motive of creative people behind what they do.

So, if you do something for fun and passion entirely, then you are creative at it.

Entrepreneurs are creative persons… who think something valuable for society.

And, money is not always the priority for creative genius minds.

Their inner happiness and excitement to make something happen… is thier biggest reward.  


So, How do you feel about being a creative person?

If you found yourself relating to the given situations here, then signs you’re a creative person. 

You have a mind that thinks beyond the average limits.

You have the imagination to create something unusual… But helpful for the world.

Creative minds are not just limited to think big.

They do something great, that others found creative, effective and time-saver, indeed.