12 Signs You Are Confident About Yourself

Last updated on July 21st, 2021 at 06:44 pm

Being confident and too much about own self are two different things. And if you know on which side you’re then, consider such signs that prove you are confident about yourself. Because you know what you can do and what you can’t. 


How do you know if you are confident about ‘YOU’?

The level of confidence changes from person to person. There can be numerous reasons why someone feels so confident or worried about themselves.

Not everyone can feel confident at everything, and better not to.

Maybe you’re not feeling confident about one skill but that doesn’t mean you are great at anything.

There’s always something that you can talk about yourself, confidently.

Self-confident people very well know what they speak, do, and want from life.

Feeling confident and faking confidence are two different things.

So, How do you know that you are confident and not faking it? Well, so here sharing the qualities of confident people, which you can relate to if you also are, Self-confident person.


12 Signs you are confident and know yourself Better

1. You know what you are doing in life.

Every confident person has desires and goals in life, regarding where they’re going and what they’re aiming at.

Confident people very well know what they want from life.

Further, they also are ready with action plans.

If you know what you are doing with your life and what your plan for the next few weeks and months… then you are a confident person.

And, these are your perfect signs to prove.

2. You do more, and talk less.

Confident people are generally quiet and focused to get something done.

They spend more time working and less announcing. They make it happen and then show, not just show only.

Confident people talk only when there’s a need.

If you prefer to learn a lot, and you listen to others while discussing on something important, then these are signs you are confident.

3. You accept your failure.

You are not fake, you’re confident about yourself.

The way you accept your responsibility for failing at something proves that you know yourself better.

You have the confidence to get back on track, and so you accept your limitations, rather than hiding them.

Because you know you can fix that. And, that’s your sign of being confident about your own self.

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4. You stay away from show-offs.

A confident person seeks no attention and other’s approvals, either.

They have confidence in themselves and like to do something, for their inner self.

They prefer to stay away from any major recognition.

They let others come forward to enjoy this success, who have contributed equally, too.

If you’re the ones who respect other’s contributions, too…those are signs you are a confident person.

5. You feel proud of yourself.

Feeling proud at something, you’re really great at… is nothing wrong.

At least you know what you’re great at.

If you confidently can say that you can do something exceptionally well, then you are confident.

6. You confidently can ask for help.

The best quality of confident people is, they learn from others a lot.

Even after knowing, they are the best at something, they never stop learning.

They ask the right question to their leader, to stay best at it.

If you learn from someone and update yourself regularly then you’re confident.

Because confident people prefer to stay the best, rather than faking it.

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7. You live your life, your way.

While others are waiting for the opportunity and seeking approval from someone, the confident people already began their journey.

They don’t wait for too much and start working on their own.

If instead of waiting, you prefer to take baby steps by yourself, then signs you are a confident person.

8. You think more of a plan than results.

Worrying over results and doing nothing, is not something that you expect from a confident person.

They are more focused on the process than the outcomes.

If you prefer to do your best as planned and forget about the results, for now… then you can say that you’re a confident person.

Because you are giving your best, and you know what will be the end results.

9. You compete with yourself, not with others.

There are the actual signs of confident people, that… they never waste time on checking what others are doing.

A confident person is concerned for their own progress and knows own uniqueness.

If you prefer to compete with your past version and use it as personal motivation then you’re one of those confident people.

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10. You accept that… you’re not perfect.

Perfectionist personalities are the ones who confidently can feel that they lack something, still.

You are not a perfectionist, you know no one has to be that perfect, anyway.

You know what’s required at some point. You don’t force yourself to reach imaginary targets.

Results, you save a lot of your time and to do something, that is actually worthwhile.

11. You stay true to yourself.

Insecure and negative people tend to show off more.

They fake their success, to others and their inner self.

As you are confident about yourself, you accept your roles and play them likewise.

You stay loyal to others and especially to yourself. You don’t have any regrets that you’ve to hide from others.

Because you know your ability to do something meaningful there and m.

12. You are unstoppable.

No matter how many rejections and hurdles they’ve to cross, the confident person is the only one who stays on track.

They never lose sight of their goals, as they know… they’re capable of reaching there.

If you can use someone’s negative comments and doubts, just to inspire you… then you are a confident person.

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You don’t have to promote, that you’re confident.

We all are blessed with some unique talents and personal skill sets.

Like not everything is perfect for you, you better not feel OVER-confident about everything.

It’s okay to accept your limitations, same as you present your personal strength, proudly. As far as you’re willing to grow, you have to accept that you’re limited.

Knowing and accepting your own limits are also signs you are confident person, who is ready to learn and update ownself.

After all, it takes confidence to accept that you’re not perfect.

Confidence isn’t only about… saying the best things about yourself. 

Confidence is also about… knowing and accepting your limitations, too.