12 Signs You Are a Genius And Highly Intelligent Person

Last updated on July 29th, 2022 at 05:27 pm

‘The Degree’ does not guarantee intelligence and competence.

You need to be more mature and understandable to get smarter. Well, you may have some of the great signs proving that you are a genius person, actually. 

As we share this post with you, we want to give you more confidence in yourself. Because most genius does believe that they’re still not that smart enough.

But the way you think, speak and act eventually reveals your ‘intelligence’ and ‘maturity’ levels.


Your Smart Behavior Shows How Intelligent You’re.

Even if you can’t confidently say it…but your outlook is enough to prove you as an intelligent person in the room.

Well, we are not talking about your math numbers and online IQ test that you’ve just attempted and failed probably.

Here we’re talking about the regular life decisions and behavior of the random things around.

We are talking about your unique approach to a situation and person.

It’s not just about the ability to think critically, but to act likewise.

That may seem regular to you… But, actually proving that you’re a smart person.

If you want to know whether you are a genius or not, then refer to the given reasons and confirm it by yourself.


12 Signs You Are A Genius, But Have No Idea About It

1. You talk to yourself, a lot.

Yes, it’s a most common trait that the majority of intelligent personalities are relating to.

You are always thinking about something you are passionate about.

You have amazing ideas, creative solutions for yourself.

Ultimately that keeps you busy, with a logical conversation in your mind.

Talking to yourself, seeking your own advice, and getting inspiration within, are the best signs that you are a genius person.

2. Your weekend plan is alone. But, an exciting indeed.

While other ones are waiting hard for the weekend, and still have no ideas what to do on weekends.

But, you very well know what to do with your relaxing time and how to invest it for productive purposes.

Others may take you as a boring person who stays in your own room even on weekends.

Let them think the same.

They simply have no idea how great it feels to work on things you’re passionate about.

You’re intelligent and smart, just because you have spent significant time self-educating ownself on weekends.

They don’t know you can enjoy the weekend being with ownself, in relaxation, too.

So most of them give you a boring look.

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3. You sleep last…But wake up first.

You really put that much into the work, even though it’s a late night.

You work till late because you don’t want to leave it incomplete.

Moreover, you wake on time the next morning, even though you’ve not finished the required quota of sleep.

You are excited to wake up and jump to start again, regarding things you’re really caring about.

Your creative ideas always keep you going, active, and awake. If that’s you, then are signs you’re a genius and highly intelligent individual.

4. You daydream a lot.

Your mind is always running and sending you exciting projects to work upon.

Like you have whole strategies to implement to achieve your dreams, you also can see everything happen with your imagination only.

Yes, genius people daydream a lot.

Don’t consider that as a lazy people’s task only. Even smart people do daydream.

But they do it, to get inspiration or to find the possibilities for it.

And, the difference is they actually do the required thighs to make it happen.

If you see the vision and act as per the plan, then you are a hardworking genius.

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5. You know to play at least one musical instrument.

If you have taken your music classes seriously and know how to play any particular musical instrument, then you are a born musician.

You are smarter than the one who gave up learning the music.

Because they found it’s too hard to remember the notes and chords.

Moreover, playing musical instruments boosts mind power, and improves cognitive skills.

Even though you’re playing it at a beginner level, you already are making great progress than you think.

6. Your sense of humor is of another level.

Comedians and funny people tend to have higher levels of attention to detail and intelligence to find humor from anything.

Their mind works faster. And it has to… for coming up with the jokes from any situation.

If your friends and family appreciate your sense of humor and feel amazed to spend time with you, then these are the signs of a genius person.

Yes, it takes inner creativity and a quick mind to generate mindless humor and jokes, from any situation in front.

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7. You talk less, listen more.

Smart people are active listeners. They listen very well and remember it forever.

If you are the one who prefers to hear others and listen to their words carefully…

Then you are the kind who values their word right.

But, also you are a genius when you spend more time listening and working, than just planning and discussing anyway.

Intelligent people understand the difference between talking and working and the know-how to get things done.

If you eliminate unnecessary discussions and head to the work straight away, then you are smarter than you think.

8. You are dynamic to change.

Only genius people know how to tackle the challenging situations.

Because they know to adjust themselves to unexpected times.

If you like to take calculated risks and are always ready for new challenges then, you are confident…

But also you are more intelligent than you think.

You like playing puzzles and card games that train your minds well.

Like most genius people, you simply don’t want to stay in your comfort zone, you are excited about new and unusual things, that are challenging indeed.

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9. You can worry about everything.

Like you are a genius and your mind works at extra speed, too.

Due to having a hyperactive mind, you get unnecessary worries and pressure on yourself, too often.

You are a creative thinker along with being genius. And at the same time, you are an advanced person to judge the situation in every aspect.

If others constantly complain about your worrying nature, then don’t feel down about it.

Consider it as negative thinking or pessimism at some point. But, at least you are not careless.

One of the common signs of genius says they are sometimes stuck in being perfect. And, they can’t settle for anything less than that. 

10. You are excited to learn new things.

You are a true genius because you are curious to know something new every time.

Whether it’s related to your area or not, but at least you want to take a glimpse of innovations of the present time.

You like searching for interesting facts and to read articles about ‘gadgets of the year’.

Your ability to stay updated on recent trends is a sign that you are a smart person.

Learning something new and identifying the concept way before it comes to market is something that shows your intelligence level.

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11. You love being alone.

No matter what but you enjoy your company more than anyone else.

You like being with yourself, doing something all in your room, spending too much time alone… and these are the signs you are smarter than you know.

Along with having great intelligence, there’s a bit of shyness, too.

Most studies proved that shy and independent people are more intelligent than outspoken ones.

They may think you’re alone, but it’s your plans and creative thoughts that don’t feel like that alone, anytime.

12. You think you are not a genius.

The best sign of a true genius person is… they don’t consider themself a genius.

You know you have made some decisions and choices earlier than amazed others.

But for you, it’s nothing more than a regular activity that you usually follow.

You always think that you’ve not made anything great, yet.

Because for you such things are normal, which others found great and smart about you.

Not as pride, or self-ego, but you know that you’ve not put any extra effort to have that particular idea.

Simply because intelligent people tend to underestimate their performance because it takes very little effort for them.

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Well, you are more genius than you think…

If you relate with most of the points here given, then it’s confirmed that you are a genius, but you haven’t accepted yet.

Don’t be shy, there;’s nothing to brag.

Never underestimate yourself thinking that you’re not intelligent enough.

Everyone here is blessed with some unique talents and personal thoughts.

You don’t have to pass an IQ test or score certain points consistently. Not you have to be perfect in every aspect.

All you need to do is to adjust yourself according to the situation, and keep making mindful decisions by heart, too.

If you are able to think about the situation from every aspect and are ready to make the right action without wasting your time, you end up making the best out of your time in life.


Overall, there are your individual qualities are such proven signs you are a genius and highly intelligent person who know what he’s doing in life.