11 Signs You Don’t Fit In At Work (And With People At New Job)

Oh, not again. Changing a job is also not working out! Do you feel like you’re stuck in the new job, then you’re not alone. Read on to find the most common signs that you don’t fit in at work, even if it’s been just a few weeks at this new job. 


How to know if a new job is not right for you?

Let’s assume the case… You’re in the early career stage, continuously job hoping to find the right job to settle in your career.

You seek a career that allows you to fulfill your passion plus supports you to achieve your ultimate career goals. 

With all such desire, you finally get the job which you were looking for. 

Few days pass, few weeks go and now everything (from work, environment to people there) starts to feel repetitive and boring, though.

It feels like you’re back where you left your previous job.

Or even worse that you start loving your previous job, more than this new one. And these are not the only signs that you don’t fit at the work, there are many more. 

Want to make sure, Is this new job a good fit for you or not? Then, refer to these further signs and you’ll have your answer within.  


11 Signs your new job is not working out

1. Your inner self you feel like you’re now stuck. 

Yes, life happens that way, not everything’s meant for you. It’s all about adjustments. 

When you’re in the wrong job, you tend to feel bored, wasted, stuck, or underpaid

Especially when you just joined a new job with hopes that this one will replace your previous work, then you’ll either feel overly satisfied or lost completely. 

You want something else and you got something else.

That’s what is happening here, Right?? 

Because it’s a new job, you are more confused over whether to continue with it or just leave this job, too.

Meanwhile, you continuously are reminded by signs like these that this new job is unsuitable for you.  

2. You start hating yourself, for this decision. 

Leaving the past job, just to begin with this new one, was your decision only. 

Just like you left that previous job with satisfaction, you definitely have greater desires with the new work, too. An obvious thing. 

But, whatsoever, your new job does not feel like the right decision for you. Your days get increasingly challenging and problematic, which leads you to become hard on yourself.

This new job has sacrificed your previous well-settled job. Your inner self starts to regret it. 

And as the top signs, you feel miserable in your new job, you begin feeling guilty about making these stupid career decisions. 

The new job does not offer you hope of any further improvement, not even from the financial side. These sure signs saying that you are in the wrong job.

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3. You’re not feeling passionate about the new work anymore. 

You have certain career goals and expectations from your professional career, too.

You could change your job if that doesn’t align with your career goals. 

Believing so, you already joined the new job, but the work at this new job is also not good enough. Plus this work is not challenging as you thought it would be.

Here, you feel like your knowledge and skills are not rightly invested, as well.

Especially when you aren’t passionate about work, you either feel lost or uninspired. 

You want to work, but when you can’t contribute to the job as required then such are clear signs you don’t fit in at work that you do.   

4. You suddenly start feeling negative about this new job.

Maybe because it’s not the right place, this job takes too much of your time, you’ve to sacrifice your personal life, or even you’ve found a bad boss here. 

There could be many reasons why you’re feeling only negative about your new job. 

Inner self, you feel nothing right and confident about this new place. 

Feeling bored, wasted, ignored, and unappreciated at the job, are such signs that this job is not working out, as it only has negativity for you and nothing else.

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5. You can’t focus on your important work at this new job. 

The right job, something you love, eventually turns you into a hardworking, dedicated, or even workaholic employee of the company.  

But, when you are in a wrong job that isn’t fit for you, even regular things at work seem difficult and troublesome to you. 

These are actually such warning signs you don’t fit in at work when you don’t feel satisfied or happy with your own performance for a long time

Because you’re not giving your best every day, as you did in previous jobs. 

You want to take the challenging roles, you want to update your knowledge and expertise. But, this job doesn’t allow you to level up yourself by any means.

This proves your lack of commitment to the new work, because you’re in the wrong job.  

6. Your work doesn’t match with a discussed job description. 

Job descriptions are there on purpose to explain core job responsibility plus expectations from the company. 

And that is not only limited to aware employees over duties towards the company. That further also supports employees to determine whether this role/work leads them to the right career path or not. 

In your case, after working at this new company for a few weeks, you’re shifted to new projects that are completely out of your field/expertise.

You’re moved to different work not for temporary but for the undecided longer period. 

Believe that you’re investing your time and energies in your personal and professional growth as well. 

And, you take the biggest career risk, if you do the work that isn’t suitable for your skills and professional expertise. 

Really, you’re investing your energies in the wrong place. And that feelings are one of the most obvious signs that you’re in the wrong job.

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7. You have to completely change yourself. 

Every day at this new job, you not only need to adjust but have to change yourself, completely. At this new place, you feel like you’re quite a different person. 

As, here you’re forced to be someone else, that you’re not actually.

Maybe you’re in a role that doesn’t fit you, personally or people there are not supportive enough. 

Well, that’s acceptable that you have to adjust and be flexible with the new environments. But, know you’re an employee and not an actor. 

If your boss, colleagues, or team members forced you to pretend or behave like someone else, which is against your principles and values, then these are signs that you’re in the wrong place. 

8. You aren’t sure about your future, with this new job/role. 

Simply ask yourself: Can you see yourself at the expected career level?

Can you imagine yourself in a key position in the same company? Or Do you have an interest in serving this company for at least the next two years? 

If your all answers are negative, then you’re in a job that doesn’t fit your interest. 

Even though it’s a new job, you feel like there’ll be no more challenging projects that can improve yourself.  

You see no possibilities for improvements as part of your professional growth.

Nor you find enough opportunities for you, which advance your expertise and support your career goals. 

Insecurity about your position in the company plus sensing major career risks, are signs that you’re not in the right job. 

And that you do not have to ignore, by any means.

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9. You’re informed that you’re not a good fit. 

Well, even if you strive to look fit for this role or try hard to look normal, people around you will eventually feel that you’re not on your own. 

Whether it’s your new coworker-friend at this new place or your leader, you know plus inform you that you are not fitting with the work, place, or people around. 

Possible that you’re new to this place or kind of shy.

Indeed, some people require more time to settle with new coworkers and the environment. 

But, even after giving enough room and openness, you can’t connect with coworkers and the environment. Similarly, you are also not able to deliver your best work, even giving proper training and guidance. 

And such are signs prove you don’t fit in with coworkers and work, as well. 

10. You found your calling, not here but somewhere else. 

That mostly happens when you don’t get what you have expected. 

You thought that this new job will perfectly justify your passion and work interest. But, as time passes, you realize it’s not what you came here for. 

Maybe somewhere in between, you found your true passions. 

The more this work is away from your passion, the more you feel stuck and unfit for this work. 

And because you get to realize what is your calling, now you feel like you’re wasting your time doing this work which is nowhere around your interest. 

You know what you love to do, but you still aren’t able to do it.

And that confusion and stuck feeling make you believe that you don’t belong here.

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11. You are reading all the points with ‘that feeling’. 

Nope, it’s not a joke at all. 

In searching for signs to confirm whether you hate your new job or not, you find this article. Plus, at every point, you feel like it describes your present situation at your new job, precisely.  

Innerself, now you’re convinced that you’re stuck at a new job now.

And, these are the ultimate signs that you don’t fit in at work that you’re doing right now. 


When your new job is not working out…

There’s nothing wrong with giving up at some time.

Especially when you know that something is not going right or you’re not passionate about it. 

It’s better for you to move on when things are not going well, even if you’re trying hard. 

And especially when you’re in the developing career stage, you need to try and test multiple options to find the right job or ideal place for you. 

Knowing these signs you don’t fit in at work and we don’t want you to just leave, to find the new job immediately. 

Remember the previous sentence, it’s all about adjustments and nothing else. 

As far as you’re dedicated and passionate about the role and ready to improve yourself, a little bit of adjustment is acceptable. 

But, if you’re sure that this new job leads you nowhere, then it’s your best opportunity to do something for you, your future, and your career, especially. 

And you have the only option here is to begging your search for the better place and right leader to work for. 

All the best for your career. 

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