12 Signs to Prove that You Are A Workaholic

Last updated on July 21st, 2021 at 07:00 pm

Of course, you feel like it’s a passion. But, like everything has a limit, your passion to have the one. And if you ever feel that you’re crossing your limits of working, then these are signs that prove you are a workaholic and working excessively. It seems like.. you live just to work. 


How do I know if you’re being a workaholic?

Work is really an important part of our life. But, making it unnecessary busy, is your choice only.

Followed by passion or due to frustration, it’s you who are responsible for your life.  

Just like not working makes you lazy and tired.

Overworking is also responsible for feeling mentally and emotionally drained.

Even though you’re passionate about it, but when you start ignoring other aspects of life, are signs to prove that you’re overworking. 

So, if you want to know that are you really prefer to work over your life, then consider such signs. 

Here are your warning signs to know that you are a workaholic or about to cross your limits, too. 


WARNING Signs to know you are a Workaholic

1. You wake up, just to work. 

You are working too much, way too much than the regular working person.

You work more than half of the daytime and sacrifice other important things, too.

You minimize your sleep, dinner, time with your family, and yourself, too.

You work till late at night daily and fall asleep on your desk.

You wake up and see that your laptop battery is drained and charge it as you notice.

But, you ignore that your life is draining, too. 

2. Your family starts ignoring you, too. 

You have been ignoring all those opportunities, to spend time with your family, for a long.

You just prefer to stay with your laptop and work.

You are a workaholic and have something to do always.

Just, your family life is nothing to you.

You ignore your family and focus on work only.

Due to stress or passion, But you are so much into your work, that you forget about your family too.

Even though you’re working from home, your family feels disconnected.

Because you’ve been in your room all the time and with your work only.

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3. You want to stay free, But can’t. 

You really don’t want to keep yourself working all the time.

You want to be free from all of these. You want to enjoy your time playing with your kids.

And with yourself, reading a book in relaxation.

But, all these are just your desires that you can wish,

But can’t follow. Because you’re surrounded by setting limits and the company’s targets.

You can’t set yourself free because you are afraid, if you leave this work, you’ll fail. 

4. You are being too hard on yourself. 

You set tough priorities and hard goals for yourself. You literally are not enjoying your work.

It clearly seems that you’re pushing yourself to the goals.

Instead of having goals that inspire you, you set goals to punish yourself or to test your limits.

You’re being hard on yourself because you are living in frustration of falling behind.

You don’t know about your interest and just follow these competitions blindly.

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5. A work-life balance, is just a dream in your case.  

Your work is your life, now. You can’t imagine your life without your work.

You always stay busy in your work.

And because you are a workaholic, you think and feel working in everything.

You can’t get pressure out of your mind and life, so easily.

You prefer to stay busy just for the sake of it. You can’t feel life, anymore.

Because your life means nothing now, your work has taken over everything, even your life, too. 

6. You collect Work targets, and not travel memories.

You have been canceling important travel plans and trips with friends for so long.

You don’t even remember the last time where you had a vacation and when.

Because you have been working so long.

You are a workaholic and can’t let yourself out of your so-called busy life.

You postpone your travel opportunities and wish to plan that next year.

You have skipped so many plans, that even your friends and family have stopped inviting you.

Because now they understand that you have no time for them. 

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7. You sacrifice your hobbies and things you love. 

When you are working too much, you keep yourself busy, eventually.

Due to time constraints, you minimize the other important and good things that you love.

You minimize the time for your exercises, relaxation, and even your hobbies, too.

You are a workaholic and don’t hesitate to eliminate your hobbies from your life, too.

You can’t take half an hour to practice on guitar or can’t enjoy your favorite food.

You are often busy scheduling your meetings with clients. 

8. You are trying to figure it all out by yourself. 

The next signs of why you’re a workaholic are, you can’t easily delegate your work.

You trust no one and prefer not to hand over your work to anyone.

You try to figure everything out all by yourself.

Even though you have an expert team in the back, you prefer to do everything on your own.

You can’t prioritize important tasks to be done, by yourself only.

You don’t trust your employees or team. And think everything is important, and do it anyhow.

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9. You work so hard, just to prove someone ‘your worth’.

Just like a passion keeps you moving to work, inspiringly.

The frustration or anger, to prove someone, also leads you to work harder and push your limits.

Whether you have faced some insults from your colleagues or your boss, but when your ego is being hurt, you tend to work harder than before.

You are driven by negative emotions and forcing yourself to work, there.

Because you’re trying to prove them wrong.

10. You can’t stop working. 

You don’t know how to stop working.

You work till late always, thinking that ‘last slides’ is more important than sleeping on time.

You are constantly delaying your stop time of work.

Actually, you don’t know how and where to stop.

Because you are a workaholic, and can’t decide your stopping point.

Your schedules always keep changing, as your work time is not fixed.

Your desire to work is unlimited.  

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11. Your family starts worrying about you. 

You are working very hard even on weekends.

You spend most of your time staring at laptop screens and forget about your family completely.

Your family notices your changed life and can see that you’re pushing yourself too much.

They care for you, they love you. So they can’t see you stuck in your work anymore.

You constantly get advice from your family to stop overworking.

Because they feel your frustrations.

Such signs prove that you are a workaholic and need to change your schedule too. 

12. You get stressed, on the day when you don’t work. 

You have been so hard on yourself, doing everything on your own, and to accomplish the tasks from the lists.

You even ignored time to relax and sleep.

You worked and just worked there, always.

And when you finally take a rest, your overthinking mind or stretched body starts showing you results, now.

You feel nervous and not relaxed because you’re not working now.

Your body is habitual to work hard.

And so you can not relax well, even if this time’s for relaxation.

You are workaholics and now forget about how to relax, too. 

Even worse, you feel tense when you’re not working. 

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Are you really that passionate or just workaholic?

Just like being lazy harms your body. Working over limits damages your body, equally.

If you are seeing here given most signs of workaholics then make sure to minimize your work burden, thereafter.

You have been working so hard, but due to that, you’re eventually sacrificing your life, too.

Agree that you want to make something great in life.

But to ignore your present life, for the future… is not a good option either. 

The first thing you need to accept is that you are a workaholic and take work too seriously.

And the message for you is, Work to live a better life, but don’t work over that… you even forget to live your life.