12 Glum Signs you Are A Negative Person

Last updated on March 23rd, 2022 at 07:58 am

Yes, you are a negative person, and here are signs to prove that.

You cannot avoid some hard truth about yourself, but you have to accept that…

You are a pessimist, who attracts negative things only.

When your temporary negativity goes beyond a certain limit, and becomes part of your everyday thinking and decisions, then it means… you are driven by your negative emotions only.

There can be several reasons and causes of making a person negative, indeed.

But, negative people share common qualities that attract only negative things only.

And, those are the best signs to know that someone is negative or not.

Want to confirm that, Are you really that negative person or not??

Then here are the signs of a negative person, that also reflect in your personality and daily life, too.


12 Signs of a negative person, that you notice in yourself, too.

1. You have a list of complaints from life.

A negative person always has something to complain about.

They literally have complaints from anyone and anytime. If you believe that the whole world is against you and making strategies to put you down, then you are a victim of your own thinking.

You have room for complaints and arguments only, but not for acceptance.

If you can’t accept that it’s your fault, too… you end up having negative thoughts only.

2. You can worry about anything.

To think about something too deeply and feel low inside, by seeing the adverse side, is something that negative people are great at.

If your mind is covered with those unreal thoughts that make you feel worried always, then these are valid signs you are a negative person.

Further, you can worry about anything, for anyone, without any reasons and proof at all.

3. You assume very confidently.

The good thing about pessimists is that they are very confident about their negative thinking.

They prefer to hear their reserved thoughts first, than anything else.

Moreover, if “what if this goes wrong” comes to your mind first, then you are a pessimist and negative person.

You always see the negative side of anything first, then the bright side. And, you’re very sure about it.

If that’s your signs you are a negative person and need to do something about it.

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4. You update others about negative situations, first.

Because you have the latest updates for negative things first, other people also consult you to have eyes on negative scenarios, too.

When your friends and family call you to check negative ideas and expected situations then you are a negative person.

Your ability to think negatively, at least help them to make the right decision and to save them from future events, too.

5. You remember negative news, events forever.

Life is a combination of positive and negative events, equally. No one can be always happy and sad forever.

It’s an ongoing process that one has to face for a moment.

But, if you are collecting the negative memories only, and ignoring the positive side of life, then those are signs you are a negative person.

Even though you have a bunch of great things in life to remember, still you prefer that one rejection.

And if that impacts you negatively for long, then you really need to change your perspective in life.

6. You control yourself always.

Negative people can never start something exciting and do something extraordinary. Simply, because it’s their thoughts that keep them controlled.

If you’re controlled by your negative thinking like” what if it goes wrong” then you never do something challenging for yourself. If you think about the dark side of anything at first, then you are a negative person.

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7. You don’t need someone to beat you, your thoughts are enough.

You think that everyone is against you and all trying to beat you down.

But, that’s not something that you should worry about. It’s your own thinking that can’t support you, as it should.

You are a negative thinker and only attract the wrong ideas only.

Yes, it’s your approach to everything that stops you from getting ahead in your life.

8. You amazed others with this natural talent.

Whereas people are excited about starting something exciting in their life, you always have something negative to share there.

And, your approach to pull negativity out of any situation, really amaze everyone, for sure.

If they appreciate you for such adverse creativity, then you are a pessimist.

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9. You have more regrets from the past.

Negative thoughts always create trouble from the very beginning.

They pull you down and never let you take the first step towards your challenging goals.

You can achieve anything in life and can have a lot of memories of doing challenging things.

But, instead of that, you want to have those regrets from life only.

Only a negative person can have such regrets from life.

Because at the last moments they ignore everything and prefer to follow wrong thinking that trying to stops them.

10. You like to criticize others and yourself.

Negative people like to hurt others’ feelings at a higher level.

They can’t fully appreciate someone but can criticize anyway.

If you like to criticize others and doubts their success, then you are a negative person.

Moreover, people around you are trying to hide their achievements and success from you.

Because they know you always have something negative to say, which they don’t want to hear at the moment.

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11. You can’t appreciate someone fully.

When you can’t say some positive words for someone, you share your negative words only.

Even your compliments and praises for someone… seems like you’re taunting them.

You really can’t praise someone truly, still you try to look good with your words, but your expressions reflect everything to them.

Moreover, you always have some negative thing to say about someone, and you never hesitate to think before saying it.

12. You are more scared of the future than excited about it.

At the time while others are planning for the future, you are pressuring about the darkest time coming to you.

While others have their own dreams to achieve in the future, you remind all of the past failures and picture how things can get even worse. You really aren’t getting over your past failures.

If you are too concerned about the past and scared about the future, then you are a negative person.

Because you have no such exciting goals to follow but…only incidents to be scared of.

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How can anyone be that negative person?

Negative thinking does not only have downside only.

In some cases, it actually works better.  It can prevent a person from making big mistakes, by blindly following his desires only.

Absolutely, life is all about having a balance between positive and negative thinking.

Both play an equal role in having a satisfied and safe life.

But, when your negative personality crosses some limits, it starts creating trouble for you always.

Positive thinking at least leads to some crazy things to do in life. While negative thinking does not even let you take the first step.

Here given are signs of a negative person that can be found in regular negative personalities.

If you are seeing the most points to your nature, then you have to admit such signs you are a negative person, too.

The early you accept that you are negative the more you can update yourself to get on the bright side of life.