15 Difficult Signs You Are Not Ready For a Relationship

Last updated on January 6th, 2023 at 07:19 pm

YES, these are going to be a little harder this time… But, these are valid signs you better know that you are not ready for a relationship. Maybe until you work on yourself.


Why Better Check If You’re Ready For A Relationship Or Not?

Not everyone is perfect and that’s okay. Not everyone feels the same way and that’s okay.

If you think that you’re not meant for a relationship, that means you are really not ready for it.

No relationships are started and developed from one side only, contribution from both ends is required equally.

Simply starting a relationship, just by external influence and not by checking your conditions…. and you invite problems and nothing good.

If you are thinking that you’re not meant for a relationship for a temporary or lifetime, then there have to be some valid signs to prove that your decision is right.

So, how to know you are not ready for a relationship?

Well, we are going to present some reasons showing that, it’s not your temporary feelings, but a mindful decision and you’re right, too.

Here are some important signs proving that you’re not ready for a relationship and a serious commitment to someone.


15 Signs You Are Not Ready For a Relationship

1. You are the same as you were in your teenage.

Not talking about the looks,  it is about maturity and seriousness towards life.

Yes, you have to accept that even after passing all these years, you perceive your life the same way as you were in your teen days.

If you are taking a relationship like a teenage sport, then accept that you are not ready for a relationship yet.

Your timepass fun may cost you valuable time and money, from now, too.

2. You can’t trust others. Yes, literally not a single one.

Yes, not a single person is there, whom you can trust in life.

Probably you’ve faced many past failures and hard times, that forced you to never trust anyone again in life.

If that’s how you feel, then the sign is that relationships are not for you.

As here trust is everything from building a connection to maintaining it after a long.

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3. You get bored with one person, too soon.

Agree that every relationship passes through that boring phase once in a while.

But, when you’re constantly feeling bored with every new relationship that you make every month, then it’s clear signs you are not ready for a relationship.

Seeing the same face and being with the same person for life, is something you feel stuck for life then… the relationship is not your thing, at least for some times.

4. You expect a relationship, to make you happy.

Relationships aren’t there to make a person happy, but it’s to make people feel responsible, indeed.

If you are constantly searching for the one who makes you happy and satisfied, then relationships are not for you.

You need that one friend and not a partner at least for some time.

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5. You are still not getting over your past relationship.

You can’t see the positive in anything if you’re held by your negative emotions and past regrets.

If you still aren’t getting over your ex and carrying any feelings for them, then probably you may constantly check out your ex, too.

And that can create troubles in your present or a new relationship, too.

So better for you to never jump to a new relationship so quickly.

6. You’re confused between friendship and relationship.

Relationships demand your ability to prefer the right option in a short time.

Sometimes, you need to decide between weekend parties with friends and dinner dates with a partner.

If that’s something always creating trouble for you and connections, then relationships aren’t for you.

You need to make mindful choices, now and then, so plan ahead.

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7. You are self-centered.

Relationships are that mutual connection, where persons care for each other and play their own role right.

If you can’t think about others first, because you’re self-centered, then you are not ready for a relationship.

To sustain and grow a relationship, sometimes you need to prefer your partner’s choice and ignoring owns, too.

And, as you are selfish, that definitely will be quite difficult for you.

8. You decided that you will never change.

No matter how many past failures and heartbreaks you faced before.

But if you still haven’t learned an important lesson yet, then relationships are not for you.

If you still blame the other person and situation… and behave like you’ve been right all the time, then it’s proof that you still need to update yourself before entering into a serious relationship.

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9. You feel scared of sharing your life with someone.

If the idea of sharing your important life, time, and even bed with someone scare you… then are signs you are not ready for a relationship.

You actually enjoy your free time and simply can’t accept someone’s interference.

Well, avoiding one’s involvement in work life is somewhat okay, but in a relationship you need to answer someone first, always.

And, this nature may create troubles for you, in the future.

So, think in advance before you think of starting a relationship with someone.

10. You think everyone is the same.

If you still can’t get over your past regrets and relationship, you will treat every new person the same way.

You think that everyone is there to break your trust and put you down.

If you can’t imagine a good about anyone, then better to stay away from relationships.

When you expect another person to prove their own feelings to you, then you are not ready for a relationship.

11. All you want is a date with anyone, anytime.

If just to enjoy the dating experience and posting a selfie to show-off on social media, is your main motive for a relationship, then seriously you’re not ready for a relationship.

All you want here is to date someone, without any match and required understanding.

Because, You just can’t see yourself alone.

You need someone always there to feel like, at least you’re not single.

12. You’re a perfectionist.

Yes, you want everything and everyone in your life is just perfect.

You take major decisions in life with minds only.

You have imaginary expectations and standards to meet in particular and for someone.

If you constantly judge the person and force them to match your level, you better stay alone. Desires of having a PERFECT partner, are perfect signs you are not ready for a relationship now.

Probably, you need someone to teach you a lesson or learn it by ownself that… nobody is perfect.

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13. You always force them to change ownself.

Relationships are meant to expect each other without any extra demands and changes.

When someone has to prove their worth to you, then you are not worthy of their love.

Comparing with others and forcing partners to change, force them to behave in certain way, are clear signs that a person is just a ‘thing’ for you.

That also means, you are not ready for the relationship.

14. You want a relationship because you feel alone and bored.

If you feel lonely and tired, after liking your friends’ couple pics, then probably you think that you need a partner, too.

You imagine that your life will be great if you have a partner.

If that’s what you perceive, then you are not ready for a relationship.

Relationships are not a career where you have to settle on time, it just happens when you finally meet the person you can relate with emotionally.

15. Because you know you’re not ready for a relationship.

And the most important reason is…

If you’re not confident about yourself being in a serious relationship and aren’t feeling ready for it, then no one can force you to for it.

No matter what the reason, but you accept that the relationship isn’t for you.

You very well know that you can’t give your required time and attention to your partner, so it’s better to stay away from it.

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How to know you are not ready for a relationship

It’s perfectly fine if you do not believe that a relationship is not your priority at this time. There’s nothing wrong with that.

At least you understand yourself better and prefer other life aspects to focus on first.

It’s okay to accept the signs you are not ready for a relationship.

The moment you realize such signs, that not only save yourself but also save the other ones, who may have so many expectations from their first relationship, too.