15 Odd Signs You Will Never Get Married

Last updated on July 21st, 2021 at 05:51 pm

From a ‘Broken’ feeling, having trust issues, to have a strong desire to live life on your terms and these are signs that you will never get married in life. If you relating to most of the given signs, that means now you have all odds to never get married. 


How do you know marriage is not for you?

Whether you think that you will never find love in life, or it’s you who have made a self promise like “I’ll never get married”, whatsoever but there are signs to confirm that marriage is not your thing. 

You have been single for a long time.

You have faced multiple rejections, you also have been in the failed relationships, multiple times.

Not single, but you have a long list of reasons for why you never want to get married.

Read on and find more reasons, if you found more signs relating to your present self, then your decision to live an unmarried life is constant and you will more likely to succeed at it. 


Odd Signs You Will Never Get Married To Anyone, In Life

1. You have been living a single life, and you kind of enjoy it. 

There is nothing wrong if you have been single for life. It’s better to stay single instead of being in a relationship that you are not fully into. 

Spending time with your family and friends, working on something you are passionate about, living life on your terms and of course, you may not realize you lack something or someone in life.

That’s perfectly okay.

When you enjoy your company, are more focused on your goals and purpose of life, then living alone is the right option for you.

After living all alone these years, and you still don’t want to change it a bit, then signs you born to be single. 


2. The concept of marriage is great confusion to you. 

Being in relationships and getting married are, of course, two separate courses.

You love being with someone you like, you prefer to have an emotional attachment with someone

But, when it comes to marriage, it’s your biggest turn-off. 

You really don’t know why people get married, and why you should, too.

All you want is to spend time with someone you like and have some great memories and nothing further. 

Maybe you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend, but you can’t imagine spending your entire life with them.

Even though you’re completing each other perfectly, you constantly delaying the marriage plans or not showing interest to get married. 

And these are powerful signs you will never get married because you still don’t have a desire to marry someone.

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3. You hate the idea to spend your life with someone else. 

With that meaning, we are not saying that you hate people, or want to be isolated. Of course, you don’t.

But, you are just scared to make a lifetime commitment with someone, especially relating to spending your life with them. 

Maybe you are not confident about it, or can’t trust anyone fully to share life with you.

No matter what, but you just hate the idea of marriage and spending your entire life with someone else. 

Even worse, when someone stays too long in your life in such a relationship, you start feeling sneaky. Because you enjoy being with temporary people with temporary feelings.

You really enjoyed short term relationship and even expect not to stay committed to any relationship a bit longer.

Such mindset and approach in life show that it’s better for you to never get married. 


4. You are not feeling excited or motivated to get married.

No matter how great any marriage or relationship you found around you.

But you feel no positive about this long term commitment.

You still doubt feelings and such relationships.

To you, every relationship looks the same, traditional and boring though. 

You are not excited to attend your friend’s wedding, nor have any interest in discussing your marriage plan, either. 

You really enjoy your single life and want to live a tension-free and relaxing life. For you marriage is like, to live someone else’s life, rather than living your own.

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5. You think your life is perfect, the way it is right now. 

You really enjoy your single life, successfully. Inner you have decided to live the same life for the next few years, or for the entire life.

You feel complete inside even when you are alone, doing work you like, eating a meal of your choice, and sleeping on the bed, in any position you wish.

This single life, you live it fully.

You like being with yourself, that even your friends and family feel surprised for. 

You believe marriage as a restriction to your freedom and life choices.

And if you act the same way, then these are signs you will never get married, that’s for sure. 


6. You would rather be single for life, than married to someone. 

You don’t think that marriage life can be amazing and fun, too. You love yourself more than anyone else.

Plus, you enjoy your single life, more than having a romantic marriage life. 

When you can’t think of yourself with someone else, as husband or wife, then signs you will never get married. Probably you hate the word ‘marriage’ and the idea of getting married. 

You often ask your parents and your friends, why people get married and what’s the motive behind it. Because you don’t see any solid reason or motive to marry someone.

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7. You only can see the dark side of marriage. 

From referring to movie scenes to real-life tragedy, you just observed the negative side of the relationship only. That ultimately influences your mindset in a wholly negative way. 

Rather than feeling attracted to be in a romantic relationship, you feel glad that you are single. Because that way you are saving yourself from any heartbreaking moment in life. 

Of course, many people have a hard time after being in a marriage and facing challenges in regular life. But, that doesn’t mean every relationship is the same. 

But, as you are heavily influenced by the dark side of marriage, you can not see anything positive or hope for you. 

If so, then those are strong signs you will never get married. 


8. You have no time for ‘marriage’ and for ‘anyone’. 

In your personal life, you are so busy that you have no time for extra things and for anyone else. 

Every single day goes into following your passion, chasing your dreams, and supporting your family, that’s it.

There is no room for any other things to do and spend time with someone else. 

The way you live, you just love it. 

You don’t have a plan and intention to change your schedule a bit.

If you are not ready to make any adjustments to your life, for someone else then are signs you are not ready for marriage, moreover, you will never get married that easily.

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9. You don’t think you will find your perfect match. 

Probably you may have been in open relationships or being with different partners previously. But, after having the same experiences from every relationship, you come to the stage to think that no one matches you perfectly. 

You don’t meet anyone who feels for you equally. Every new person who comes into your life, ends up giving you an important lesson and reason to never trust anyone. 

More than personal commitments, such tough experiences from every relationship, and you start thinking like no one understands you. 

When you lose interest and trust in marriage life, then signs you will never get married.


10. You are not confident or don’t want to compromise in life. 

Marriage itself requires a lot of promises to make and compromises to serve for that one person in life.

Moreover, you also have to think of your soulmate’s preferences first, before making any decisions and choices even for your life.  

When you are not ready to make any changes in your present life and don’t want to compromise your freedom, then you are not ready for marriage, and will surely it will be difficult for you. 

You have your own rule and principles in life, and when you don’t know how to let go of something, they are signs you will never get married. 

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11. You are rebellious, who don’t follow any traditions.

There’s nothing wrong when you ignore any of society’s standards and customs that interfere with your personal life choices.

You have your own opinion and you’re confident about it, that’s great. It’s normal if marriage and relationships don’t excite you in life. 

When you are happy with the present life state and want to serve your life purpose by living alone, then you will most likely to avoid being in such a relationship.

Moreover, you save yourself from the marriage discussion and any opportunities to fall in love with someone else

You are more into creating a life on your own, plus to live your passion, ultimately all combing develop that independent thinking like, ‘to live unmarried life’, ‘to settle to the distant country’, ‘to explore the world’ and so on. 


12. You don’t know how to sacrifice.

You enjoy this freedom of single life, the ability to choose your time, live life on your terms, and collectively feel like a perfect life to live in.

Marriage is not your thing, and through many events or discussions, it perfectly shows that you don’t want to get married.

Furthermore, even your friends and family can’t convenience you to marry someone.

You have been rejecting all marriage proposals and opportunities to be in the relationship again. Because now, you just love this lifestyle with freedom.

You don’t want to sacrifice this free time and power to make life decisions.

Innerself, you believe that you are not ‘marriage material’ by any means, and that showing you will never get married.

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13. You have trust issues. (The greatest sign)

From having a cheating Ex to witnessing someone else’s failed relationship and your ability to trust someone influenced badly.

You cannot trust anyone, anymore. Trust is the base of the entire married life, and you don’t want to feel broke or hurt anymore. 

You are really shocked due to changed feelings and relationship status. You have seen the positive plus negative side of a relationship that completely destroyed your sense to trust others. 

You don’t want to feel that miserable and snubbed again, you don’t want to feel hurt. And those are your signs that you will never get married. 


14. You want to live an alone and independent life.

Whether you are an introvert or an independent soul, one sure thing about you is… you like being with yourself.

That doesn’t mean you are antisocial or hate everyone for no other reason. But, you enjoy your own company more than anyone else. 

You have so many things to follow in your me-time, that you have no time or interest to think of such a romantic relationship or even serious marriage plan. 

You have been living an independent life and love making decisions by yourself. Everything makes you feel like living a perfect life. 

Others may call it a reserved personality or live in a comfort zone, but when you feel complete by living alone, they are signs your decision to never get married is all legit in your case.

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15. You can write an essay on “Why being single is awesome?”

We don’t want you to write a long essay on why to stay single forever.

But, the point here is, you have endless reasons why you don’t want to get married, even if you are at the right age. 

Everything we do, there must be some purpose behind it. Your decision to live a single life, has not a single but a hundred reasons to show.

Moreover while discussing you can list out the greatest reasons to stay alone and live an ‘unmarried’ life, happily. 

Whether it’s about enjoying your freedom, saving money, focusing on your career and life priorities, or whatsoever…

there are multiple reasons you have, to convenience others why you reject all those marriage proposals. 


Why do you never want to get married?

To marry someone or to live alone, it’s completely up to you.

You may have that family pressure or social burden to get married at a certain age.

But, when you decide that you will never get married, you have to be clear with your solid reasons to stay committed to it. 

It’s perfectly fine, if you don’t feel confident and comfortable getting married. To marry someone under pressure unwillingly ends up ruining two lives equally. Instead of that, it’s better to never get married in life. 

Of course, the same as married life has challenges, single life has equal challenges to face, all alone.

But, when you finally prepare yourself to cope with ongoing life difficulties and have a complete roadmap to invest your time rather, then your decision to stay unmarried is all ‘Right’.


Well, these discussed signs you will never get married are enough to prove that you are absolutely ready to live your life on your own terms.