22 Signs You’re In Love With Someone

Last updated on October 12th, 2021 at 05:30 pm

Not sure are you really into this person or not? Can’t decide if it’s love or just affection? Well, you have nothing to fret about. Just take a look at these common love signs that you’re in love with someone madly, this time. 


How do you know if you’re madly in love?

True love happens at any time and anywhere.

And the best thing about ‘True love is, you don’t know… when it will come to your life, where and by whom. 

You don’t have to overlook such signals from your heart proving that your feelings are all real and your partner is a genuine one. 

There can be thousands of things to follow and refer to. 

So, How do you know if you’re falling in love 0r not?

And, here are the most common signs of being in love with someone that we’re going to share next. 


22 Crush Signs You’re In Love With Someone

1. You think about someone, more than yourself. 

In mind, you always imagine yourself with a person and both spending time together.

You’re fascinated by the idea of being with the person.

You can’t stop overthinking about someone you love, within. 

When you catch yourself thinking about someone, more than certain limits then.. are signs you’re in love with someone.

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2. You never fail any opportunity to see or talk to them. 

You leave not a single chance to meet your crush.

As a result, you want to make yourself approachable and available around your crush most of the time. 

You know a perfect time and place where you can meet them. 

When you feel attracted to a coworker you either trying to adjust your office time as per him/her. Or when they’re in around you try to be as close to them, as you can.

By doing so, you want to have that first meeting with your crush.

You really are excited to have an intro and to initiate the connection further. 

When you’re that eager to see and meet someone every day, showing that you’re falling for someone.

3. You get excited and annoyed too quickly. 

It’s a common sign that when you’re in love with someone, your mood switches too fast.

You constantly think of every positive and negative side, of your future relationship.

Due to overthinking, you get too excited or frustrated even with the smallest gesture and behavioral signs of someone you love.

The way to feel excited over your date, you start worrying about what if your crush will reject you.  

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4. You daydream about someone, a lot.

Even though you’ve not expressed your feelings to them.

Or even your crush doesn’t even know your name…

But, in mind, you’ve planned your future with them, already.

You plan for the best places to visit, the country to settle. 

You’ve decided everything relating to your future together, Of course,  in mind only.

When you spend most time fantasizing about someone then… signs you’re in love with them.  

5. You start taking interest in everything. 

When you’re falling in love, you NOW take interest in everything that relates to that someone.

Even though romantic movies were not your pick before, But now you prefer to watch them on repeat.

You listen to songs, create stories, and imagine you two as the lead character there.

Everything around you looks changed and refreshing, because of the feeling of love, that’s what it does. 

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6. You always have a desire to stay connected with someone.  

When you’re in love, you want to be around them all the time.

You want to listen to their voices and desire to have a never-ending conversation.

You want to stay connected, no matter which way, but you wish to stay together always.

You are so much in love with someone, you can’t imagine yourself without that one. 

When you feel lonely in absence of that person, then signs you’re in love with someone.

7. You invite them to your family functions. 

You know your love for someone is that serious, when… you invite that person to your every family gathering.

You want to initiate the connection between your family and the person you love.

When you secretly wish to see someone in your family, too then… your love is really that serious. 

Your feeling for someone is really that genuine when you can think about your future.

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8. You try to update yourself. 

You know you are in love when you take hard decisions to change yourself.

You try to look good and feel good about yourself so that you can present yourself, better.

Now you realize all your past mistakes and bad habits in life.

It’s all because of the positive environment of someone, now you aim to become a better person. 

You don’t want to lose this loving partner, just because of your lifestyle and habits. 

You do everything and anything, just to ensure that you two stay connected forever.

9. You forget about everything when you’re with someone, you love. 

You really like to spend time with them, you want to stay together every time.

But, the more important thing is, when you are with someone you love, you forget everything and everyone else in your life.

Even the best and worst thing in your life feels nothing for a moment, while you’re with them.

10. Your heart is like, You found ‘that one’ person in life. 

Inside you believe that someone connects with you perfectly.

You can’t imagine someone else, in their place in your life, anymore. 

Your heart and mind confirm that you won’t have a better match than this person.

You can say you’re in love when you feel something special about that one you never felt before for anyone else. 

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11. The idea of losing that person, scares you a lot. 

You really enjoy spending time with and making the best memories of your life.

You feel high when being with someone you love.

But sometimes, you also feel concerned about what if your relationship ends too soon, or what if the person leaves you anyway.

Like you experience the great moments in love, you also can’t let yourself away from such negative scenarios, too. 

Your feeling for them is all genuine, when the idea of losing a person, is like your worst nightmare.

Even in mind, you can imagine living without that person… and are signs you’re in love with someone.

12. You feel so connected and admired in life. 

When you are in love, your life does not remain yours only.

You both become a valuable part of each other’s life.

Because one’s mood and feelings change others’ behavior deeply.

If one feels panicked, the other shows frustration, too.

And if one achieves great success, another feels proud, equally.

When you are sharing the same experience then it means you’re falling in love. 

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13. You believe in your mutual feelings, the more. 

You don’t have to confirm every time that if another person loves you or not.

You know they do, and never question their feelings for you.

Further, you’ve faith in your relationship and believe that you two have an unbreakable bond.

You don’t have to worry about any secrets and past, because you trust each other, better than anyone else.

You’ve accepted each others’ imperfections… nothing there is hidden and secret anymore.

Because both of you’re in love with each other equally. 

When you two trust each other equally and carry the same respect, then signs you’re falling in love with the right person.

14. You feel more confident in life. 

Having the right person in life, really makes every day worthwhile and positive indeed.

You don’t feel down anymore when you have someone to support you greatly.

You feel respected and be heard when someone is there who loves you truly.

With the support of a loving partner, you make tough things possible and achieve great success.

Being in a true relationship with a genuine person, and you get your confidence back in life.

15. All you want is to see… ‘that person’ happy in life. 

Your love for someone is not an artificial one.

You don’t want someone to feel controlled by your feelings.

Even, you don’t want them to accept your feelings under pressure.

You set them free, to share their love feelings for you.

You know you’re in love truly when other people’s happiness is more important than your own. 

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16. You almost forget about your Ex.

That’s something special about this new person with whom you just met recently. 

It’s like a feeling within, that takes you away from any negativity from the past relationship and the mess your ex left.

You’re so madly in love with this person, that you don’t have any idea that you had an ex, before.

After this genuine person comes into your life, you never stalk your ex on Instagram, nor try to contact them and not even think about them.

If that’s the case, then these are possible signs you’re in love with someone new in your life. 

17. You start sacrificing for them. 

Well, you are so much into this person that you never hesitate to make some changes in your lifestyle and behavior.

Really, this new person has inspired you to become a better person. As a result, you start sacrificing something that may influence your relationship negatively.

You can control your habits and even change yourself, but can’t imagine a single day without talking to that person you love.

From your night-out routine to smoking habits, you sacrifice anything that may bring you away from your loving partner.

If so, then they confirm signs you are in love with someone, madly.

18. You feel safe and comfortable around them. 

Indeed, Obvious love signs!

When you’re with someone you love, you instantly feel like everything in life is great, the entire world is okay, too.

Nothing feels wrong, nor impact you negatively anymore.

You feel like you’re living the best time of your life and want it to stay forever.

Having that person that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable even when nothing goes right, are signs that person is special and you have serious feelings for him/her.

You just get that positive vibes due to the presence of someone with whom you’re deeply in love. 

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19. They are the first ones you want to talk to. 

You always want to talk with that person and excited to share anything that goes on in your life.

When any positive or negative thing happens in your life, you first want to share it with the person you love.

These are the most common signs that you’re in love with that person. 

You give them special preferences in your life.

And so, you want to notify them of everything that relates to your both’s life.

20. You love looking into their eyes. 

It’s a common tendency of men that they prefer to make the eye contact with the girl he loves. While girls tend to ignore it. 

But, it’s more about gazing into the eye of someone you love.

This is the way of yours to connect and exchange feelings that you both carry for each other in your heart.

From early morning to bedtime gazing into their eyes with the same excitement are signs you’re in love with someone.

21. You get mad at them. But, also forgive them easily. 

Common love signs say, you can’t be angry at them any longer. When you love them truly.

No matter how silliest mistake they made, you just forgive them and support them to forget about it.

You don’t hold grudges and actually learn how to let something go.

Not only you, but you both appreciate each other, try new things together, learn, make mistakes and handle each other as you should.

After all, you both are in love with each other and know how to complete each other.

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22. You just stopped searching for ‘the one’. 

Of course, you have to stop because you have already found the one. 

However, that’s not the only reason why you stopped looking for your perfect match.

You also feel that no one can compare to the person you love. 

Although that person is slightly different than what you expected, you’re madly in love with them and can sacrifice your expectations. 

No one else can make you feel this way inside like this person can. One simple thought about someone can lift your spirits and inspire you. 

Though you’ve not expressed your special feeling to the person, you just ignore any other chances of falling in love with any other than this person. 

Indeed, when you are in love, it is impossible to look at anyone else.


What are your unique signs of falling in love with someone?

So, here are all the common signs to know that you’re in love with your crush, truly.

Such loving signs are enough to prove that whatever you’re feeling for someone is not an attraction. 

It’s not a temporary feeling, either…  it’s just showing that you’re falling in love, Purely this time.

If you are relating to most of here given points then believe such are signs you’re in love with someone and already have a great relationship with a loving partner. 

So what are your signs of being in love with someone?

  • 0-6 You have some attachments with someone, that can turn into true love, possible. 
  • 7-14 You’re getting some mixed signs from your crush, and someone… you need more time. 
  • 15-22 You are totally in love with someone, and now it’s time to express your feelings, too.