14 Signs A Coworker Is Attracted To You (Crush At Work)

Feeling like one of your coworkers has ‘that’ special feeling for you? Possible that, your male or female coworker likes you but is hiding it, due to being in a professional environment. And that’s all accurate, especially when you relate with the majority of the signs that indicate a coworker is attracted to you at the work. Good luck, because it seems like early signs of a crush at the workplace.


How can you tell if someone is attracted to you at work?

Behavioral signs and non-verbal clues are perfectly fine to check where someone like your coworker likes you or not. 

But, a better way to find out the secrets that person is hiding, is to simply ask them. 

Yes, it is a daring and hard move, but if you want to skip the crush stage and give it some meaning straight up, it’s totally worth it. 

Especially if you are attracted to such coworkers, there is no point in continuing to play hide-and-seek. But, we also know you two are in a professional environment, and such daring moves are not your style. 

And a workplace is certainly not the right place for such a direct approach. 

So, the next better option is to develop a mutual connection, then. 

To begin with, take a look at signs informing that your coworker likes you but is hiding it within. 

And that’s most probably because they’re too shy or value the workplace boundaries. 


14 Signs a Coworker is Attracted to You, Secretly

1. A coworker adjusts his arrival and leaving time according to you.

One of the first things you notice is how you both arrive at the office at the same time and leave together while discussing today’s work and everything. 

That’s definitely not a coincidence, and you know it very well. 

Yes, you’re right if you think that they’re trying to develop a connection with you and kind of be more presentable around you. 

Your male or female coworkers have noticed you earlier, and they feel attracted to you. 

Now they are also trying to notice them. 

They change their schedule according to you just because they want some time to develop connections with you via smaller elevator talk or routine chit-chat to the parking lot. 

Changing their own work schedule or park his/her vehicle nearest to you, and seeking more opportunities to see or meet you are early crush signs that your coworker likes you. 

2. A coworker expresses their interest to know more about you.

Check anytime you are with that person during the lunch break or at a random meeting, Are they remain involved in their mobile or care to listen to you and have some good talk. 

You can say that person is really into you when they put their phone away just to talk with you. 

Asking too many questions about your life, weekend schedule, family, and relationship are enough to know that he/she has some interest to build a connection with you. 

When your coworker really likes you your meetings will not always be planned and professional. 

But, your connections stay dynamic and change as per the situation. 

Both of you are good employees who stay professional while discussing company growth aspects, however, in your free time, you either exchange too much personal information. 

If your coworker is also eager to learn more about you as a person and not just as a colleague then signs that you and your male/female coworker share a mutual attraction at work. 

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3. A coworker tries to be around you most of the time.

It’s common that when someone is attracted to others, they try to be more available around that person as a way to stay connected and be together. 

And to do that they will do anything possible at the moment. 

Do you find your male or female co-worker asks for help too often, even with something which they can handle on their own? 

That’s also because they think of you as a kind and supportive colleague at work. 

But, it is sure though, when you notice that they ask only for your help and not anyone else around, then such are possible signs that a coworker is attracted to you.

4. A coworker’s stare indicates that he/she secretly likes you.

The eyes are the direct reflection of what we are trying to hide in our hearts. 

The way people look at you and their approach to see you are enough to know whether someone likes you or literally hates you. 

Talking about the developing crush story at the work, you can see that a male or female coworker looks at you with that unique feel which you receive, when your eyes meet. 

Staring at you, and sneaking glances at you are their way of expressing their affection and liking for you. 

It is important to keep eye contact with your colleagues at the office. 

But the way this one coworker sees you is not something that you feel with anyone in the office. 

Moreover, if you accidentally catch them staring at you and which makes them uncomfortable, then it is one of the signs that a coworker likes you but is hiding it from you. 

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5. A coworker wants to stay connected with you.

At the office, there are so many people are there who work along and definitely you have not active contact with everyone plus, not even know most colleague’s names, too.

It is simply because you do not have any active interaction with the majority of them. 

When there is a coworker who is either from your department or from another, approaching you on social media are possible signs that they have some serious interest in you. 

Well, it can be as part of their friendly nature because after all, you belong to one company. 

But, when they send you a regular message to talk about something after work or are interested to reply with a longer message then such are signs that a coworker is attracted to you. 

And if they don’t, then they tend to keep the conversation as short, as possible. That’s it. 

6. A coworker makes a good effort to impress you.

Does that person look quite different from the last few days? Or have you started talking with them recently? 

Well, it can be you who makes them change their style and work upon themselves. 

It’s common that when someone has a crush on a person, they try to look attractive around the person they like. 

From dressing sense to the way they come to the office or any sudden changes in them, mostly to their physical appearance are signs that a coworker is attracted towards you. 

Doing so, they are basically trying to impress you, as well. 

All because of the recent talk you both had, which leaves a great first impression which will lead them to make a similar change in themselves to be likeable in your eyes. 

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7. A coworker’s gesture is special, exciting, and sometimes nervous around you.

Through the way they interact with you and thus with others, you can learn a lot about a person. 

If you see that your male or female coworker is feeling nervous and uncomfortable around you, these are clear indications that inside they feel something special for you. 

Especially such behavior, you get to receive from a female coworker who finds you attractive. 

On the flip side, when a male coworker is attracted to you, they tend to be more available around you and try to be noticeable. 

A regular greeting without fail, maintaining eye contact for a few extra seconds, and care to know how your day at the job are enough signs that a male coworker likes you. 

Every person follows a different approach to their crush. 

Some feel confident enough to come forward and develop a connection, while some prefer to keep their distance and keep sending you hints to catch your attention.

If you notice them behaving normal and relaxed while with most other coworkers…. but not with you, then it is a clear sign that a coworker likes you but is hiding it.

8. A coworker appreciates you for every small detail.

Other than this, most of the crush at work signs are nonverbal clues you can check to see if your coworker likes you or not. 

But, when someone comes forward and clearly compliments you on your looks, personality, lifestyle, along with your work pattern and performance, then they are clear signs that your boss or coworker feels attracted to you. 

Indeed, matter how hard a person tries to hide their attraction to you, there will be one time when they can’t stop themselves from praising you. 

Especially when you two are alone during the coffee break or leaving the office together are the times when they share something which they find attractive in you. 

It seems they notice something special in you, admire you for the person you are, and take note of everything that you share about yourself. 

You need not worry at all as far as they behave professionally and take their time before expressing themselves. 

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9. A coworker mirrors your style and personality.

Intentionally or accidentally echoing what you like about crush is the most common thing.

It’s commonly found that when a person feels attracted to others, they start to take some reference from someone’s personality and normal behavior. 

Mirroring actions or using the same catchphrase or copying your talking style are enough indicators that someone notices you and actually likes such things in you. 

Did they start wearing blue more often after you told them you liked it? Or do you catch them saying the word like you, even though you pronounce it differently than others? 

These are good signs that a coworker has feelings for you. 

Plus, he/she is recording most of your actions and words that they can use around you. 

Just to show that you two have some common interest to get closure and reason to stay along. 

10. A coworker chooses you, over anyone else.

Whether it’s about sitting next to you during the weekly meeting or forming a new group to work on the next project, he or she prefers you. 

Especially when a coworker picks you over other qualified colleagues, then they are indicators that you mean something to him or her.  

Well, it’s obviously because you are an excellent colleague and an expert in your field. 

However, it can also simply a sign that your coworker is attracted to you as a crush or they trust you as a partner or both.  

Even further, the same person looks more interested in staying connected outside the workplace.

Normally, they want to know what you’re doing on the weekend or after work. 

All is there just to get a chance to stay together with you and spend some good time that you both never get while working at the office. 

Combining such gestures and you can say that a male or female coworker likes you when they only prefer to spend time with you rather than anyone else in the office, including their office friends. 

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11. A coworker and you both have a mutual bond.

So far you two have shared some good information about each other. 

In others’ eyes, you two seem like friendly coworkers who share mutual understanding and bonding to share office jokes or funny comments. 

But, inside you two know your bonding is more than that. 

You both respect each other, support when needed plus also share the inside jokes that no other coworkers have an idea about in the office. 

Even further, you two have nicknames or code words for each other.

And if not then it’s probably for your bad boss to whom you both hate equally.

Such mutual understanding is a sign that you and your coworker like each other because you two spend a great time together and now feel compatible enough. 

12. A coworker starts flirting with you.

Healthy flirting at the workplace is normal these days. 

But, when there is a special effort towards you from your male or female coworker like serious flirting, that means something is there. 

When a male coworker does this, they mainly do that by teasing you in a playful way or making you feel entertained at work, especially around him. 

On the other hand, when a female coworker flirts with you, either she is trying to leave some hints informing, she wants you to notice that and approach her

No matter how long the two of you have worked together or whether you joined the company just a few weeks ago, you can feel that one coworker is trying to develop the relationship beyond the workplace. 

Such an attempt from her or soothing you around him, are powerful signs that a coworker loves you secretly and waiting for the right time to come.

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13. A coworker who ignores everything just for you.

Ignore everything?? Yes, everything… even important projects plus ongoing work. 

Of course, the workplace is to work and work alone. But, when office romance begins, it remains too different from other developing stories. 

If you need any help or want him/her to sit beside you for a while, he/she will not hesitate to stay with you even if he/she has to cover this time in the later evening. 

If you see that your coworker can literally ignore everything from urgent tasks to phone calls or even work when you need someone, these are signs that a coworker likes you but is hiding it. 

And if your coworker has no feeling for you, they’ve already got a great excuse like “too much work” or “I need to leave so early today.”. 

14. Other coworkers start teasing you saying, ‘You two look great together, Btw.’

It is no longer possible to keep secrets in the office. 

No matter whether you both coworkers feel mutually attracted to each other or it’s from one-sided attractions, there are also other people working under the same roof and feeling this tension. 

So even if you feel like no one is aware of such office crush stories between you then, you’re wrong

Anytime when you’re with your group, one of your mutual friends will admire your developing bonds plus how perfect you look together, more than a team. 

Possible that a coworker who is attracted to you may have shared this with him/her or their office friends to find out because such coworker never stops talking about you daily.

Plus, the way you behave with each other is also noticed by your coworkers at the same office, so don’t forget that. 

Overall, such are signs that you and your coworker are feeling attracted to each other. 

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When you find out that a male or female coworker has feelings for you….

Well, we are sure that after referring to such signs now you have some good ideas about what your coworker is feeling for you. Or whether your coworkers like you or not?

And now, it’s your turn for the further move. 

Ask yourself, do you have the same feeling towards him or her?

If yes, then that’s great because it proves that you and your coworkers have mutual attractions. 

And if not sure about yourself, then apply the same coworker crush signs on yourself, too. 

See if you are showing the same gesture towards the coworker who likes you, that means you’re attracted to him or her, in the same way. 

Plus, it’s better if you never play such crush games anymore, even after noticing the mutual signs that a coworker is attracted to you, also. 

Simply take the first move, and share your feelings with him or her. 

After that, you know what to do next. Right? 


Indeed, office romance will not be easy, but as far as there is a mutual attraction and feelings that you two coworkers share within, every challenge is worth taking upfront. 

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