12 Signs You Will Get The Job After Interview (As, It Went Really Well)

Last updated on February 24th, 2022 at 05:14 am

Have you just returned home after a job interview and here looking for your possibility of getting this job? There you have it, here we are going to share good signs that you will get the job after interview. Because your interview went really well. 


How do you know if you are getting the job?

Based on your interview performance, you definitely feel good and confident that you will get a job. 

But, that’s not the only element that interviewers may consider. 

And so, most of the time that happens when you think your interview truly was great and still you didn’t get any response from them, as informed. 

It could be that the interview process is still going on. Otherwise, they may have found an even better candidate for this role. 

Along with your throughout performance during the interview, you also want to check how you are perceived as a person and what kind of personal impression you left behind. 

Hence, you also want to better comprehend other factors, Right?? 

As such, if you can’t clearly say about your interview performance, then there are some signs that you can take into consideration to review your overall interview and the result. 

In the next section, we are going to share the good signs that prove your interview went well.

And that, you’ll get to hear back from the company, informing,  “Congrats, you got the job” or “When will you be coming for the further process?”.


12 Signs You Will Get The Job After Interview

1. When the interviewer’s behavior during your interview was positive and intriguing.

Remember, what were interviewers doing when you were explaining something to them. 

Did they truly into what you are trying to explain?

Or constantly referring to the list like how many candidates are yet to come for an interview or distracted themselves, either way? 

The more interested and attentive your interviewers are while interviewing you, the more likely they are to see you as the right candidate for this job. 

Overall, their body language, paying attention, clear gestures like smiling or responding rather than looking confused, negative or doubtful are signs that your interview went well and you may get this job. 

2. When the interviewer says that they’re impressed.

In truly a rare case that happens, but when they say it they mean it. 

Of course, interviewers are great at keeping their opinions private and not giving any hints as to whether they think you fit well with the company. 

But when they really see you as a good candidate for this role, they will never let you go that easily. Because you’re the one for why they are conducting the interview. 

It’s true that you can be not only good but also the perfect candidate for this position. 

And if so, they never hesitate to openly say that you’re the right match for this job based on your experience and skills.

Because that’s what they wanted. 

Such are clear signs that you will get the job after the interview because they see a good potential in you and actually admit it to you. 

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3. When your interview is no longer professional.

It doesn’t mean that it should look like a first date after all. Absolutely not. 

Obviously, It’s important for job interviews to look and actually sound professional. 

As there comes a time when the interviewer stops asking questions about your expertise and tech skills…

But, start asking questions about your personality and personal choices in life.

These questions can be about the experience you have had so far, your long-term plans, the way you found your passion, or your backstory. 

In other words, your interviewer is truly impressed with your technical skills and is now interested in knowing more about you personally. 

Any efforts to get to know the candidate out of this job qualification is itself a good sign that they are now convinced with your expertise and believe that you’re able to perform this job.

Nevertheless, they want to know about you as a person before letting you in as an valuable employee.  

Check have you also asked such questions outside of your job role, have they taken interest in learning about your journey? 

If so then congrats, because these are signs that the interviewer has an interest in keeping you on the final list, and who knows you might receive a job offer after that.

4. When the interviewer asked about your expectations. (For both, work and salary)

No matter whether the company follows one straight interview process or second or third interview to finalize the candidate…

There are the same stages of an interview they follow to learn about the candidates. 

From an early introduction to your professional expertise, personal story, and then your expectation as a potential employee such are enough to know whether you’ve cleared the required interview stages for getting a job or not. 

After the detailed conversation, when your interviewer asks about your expectation from salary, work needs, and all, that means they want to check if they are also ready for that or not. 

A move from job interview discussion to your salary expectation are such clear signs that you will get the job after the interview. 

Because they see you as a good match and are interested in offering you what you expect.

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5. When the interviewer provides their number for follow-up.

If the company is big and interviewers have to come across multiple candidates to screen the right one, they often forget about that right candidate who is waiting to hear back. 

After all, interviewers still can’t remember everything and everyone. 

And if so, the interviewer provides their contact number himself, saying to contact them after two-three days as a follow-up which means you obviously have good chances to get selected for this job. 

Indeed, such are clear signs that your job interview went well and they don’t want to forget about you during their busy schedule or other projects. 

So, they give you a responsibility to remind them, to call up for the next or final round interview.  

6. When the interviewer asked about your joining date.

If you’re already working somewhere and seeking the next job…

The interviewers may ask you about the resignation process to follow to be released from the present job,

Or, how many days of the notice period you have to serve there. 

And if you’re a fresher, they simply ask you: “When you will be able to join this company”

This is all because they consider you to be a potential hire for this role. And, they want to know your availability or willingness to join.

Moreover, they also have to make such necessary adjustments before you join the company.

Any discussion from asking your joining date to informing about the company work hours and related basic office norms are signs that you will get the job after the interview. 

Or, if you do not, the matter will not be discussed with you.

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7. When your interview lasts longer than the others.

At least you are not that candidate who just goes in and gets out within a minute. 

The interviewer seriously takes interest in your interview process and has a deep conversation with you.

Like you feel that… you’re interviewed properly. 

Because they found that you are worthy enough for their time and most likely an ideal candidate for this role. 

If you see that your interview was a bit longer than the average, that is one of the signs that your interview went well and hopefully you will get the job after the interview. 

But hey, a long interview doesn’t always mean you will be finalized or selected.

It simply means that the interviewer collected some pretty good information than other candidates in the same process. 

Which information might work in positive or negative remarks for you, eventually. 

8. When the interviewer cares enough to show you the office space.

In fact, this is the best indication that you have made a good impression on the interviewers and they are interested in offering you this job position. 

If you are taken on an office tour or if you have an introductory meeting with office employees…

Especially with possible team members, this is a great sign you will receive a job offer after the interview.

By doing so, they make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible since you have the skills and experience they have been looking for. 

An office tour won’t be given to all candidates, but only to those who are going to work at this company. Yes, just like you.

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9. When the interviewer discusses more about their expectations.

Throughout the interview and due to your resume they get to know that you got everything which they are looking for.

But this is still on the paper. 

And to check whether you’re confident like it seems or not, they clearly discuss their expectations from the potential employee of the same role.

Usually, when a position is due to an upcoming project or regarding business expansion, they ask for your opinion or suggestion on the same. 

In that way, they are trying to know how ready you are for this role.

Well, discussing ultimate job expectations and future goals with you during the first interview, is one of the good signs that you will get the job after interview. 

10. When they inform you about their selection process.

If you have performed really well in the interview and succeeded to impress them with your skills, they will never let you go that easily. 

The interview may also take more than one interview or the positions are for multiple roles…

But before you leave they inform you that they will get back to you shortly. 

Furthermore, you may see that your interviewers also discussed with you the detailed selection process regarding how they screen candidates. Along with, How many days it takes to finalize the candidates. 

It clearly means they want you to wait for their next call, because they’re going to make it. 

When your interviewer provides a clear plan over which day they are going to call you and how long their interview process lasts and such are good signs that you will get the job. 

To be safe, they inform you till a certain date so you do not feel left out or apply elsewhere. 

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11. When you are invited for the next round of interviews.

It appears you cleared your first interview and are now being called up for the next round. 

Of course, not every successful interview can be done in the first one, alone.

It may sometimes take more than two interviews to actually find the right candidate for the role. 

If you are recently informed about the next interview schedule that is a possible sign that you have good potential to get selected for this job. 

Well, you really performed well on the first interview and so it’s your time to shine at the next one, too. So, All the best. 

But, this won’t feel like an interview as later you’re also advised to bring your document along for the next interview round. 

Because you already got selected for this job and the company wants to join them as soon as possible. 

12. There was a formal goodbye, handshake.

Well, this one is not the ultimate sign, but can be one of the good signs that your interview went well. 

If the interviewer cares enough to move forwards and shake hands. That means you left a good impression on them and they are really impressed with your interview performance. 

Not having a proper goodbye or handshakes are clear signs that your interview went bad. And you won’t hear anything from them. 

On the other hand, a positive handshake and a proper way of closing the interview are indeed great signs that you will get the job after the interview. 

Overall, it’s their behavior towards you showing that you’re going to meet each other sooner. 

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Trust yourself, you will receive a job offer sooner.

Find yourself more connected to these signs you will get the job after the interview? 

Well, that’s great. It seems that you really did great at your interview there. 

But, don’t worry if you are not related to the majority of points on the list.

These are just a few signs and there are many more, and we should not ignore them either.

The interview is really a long process for both candidates and for selectors. 

After all, this is for the long-term mutual connection and that requires a good amount of harmony, patience, and time. 

Simply relying on your feelings or signs that your interview went well and you will get the job after the interview… is good, but that’s not enough. 


Sometimes, it’s okay to have a follow-up after an interview at least to know how you performed and something you better consider for your next interview to make it successful in landing a job.