12 Top Signs of A Good Employee That Contributes Well

Last updated on November 30th, 2022 at 05:40 pm

Employees are the true assets of every company. But, great employees are the hidden gems of the company.

Take a look at these signs of a good employee to know, Are you ‘that’ valuable employee for the company?

Or, as employer or boss of the company, Do you recognize the value of such great employees in your company or just overlook them? 


What are the Qualities of a Good Employee?

Like, company HR has a unique set of rules and responsibilities for their employees, employees do have their own expectations and desires from the company as well. 

But only great employees who can think rationally can perfectly balance between the hiring company and their own personal goals.

As they also can look at the situation from the company’s aspect.

And yes, only they can justify their role without any external motivation or pressure.

Such valuable employees who are understandable, intelligent, responsible, and contributor are hard to find and worthwhile to be appreciated.

Because they genuinely are the hidden treasure of any company.

What do you think of your team players… Are they valuable enough or require some extra training or example to guide them. 

Well, keep reading to check more traits and signs that are enough to prove, Are your employees good enough or not?


12 Signs of a Good Employee That You Must Appreciate

1. They are professional. (Characteristic that every HR seeks). 

Even though working in a professional culture, you can’t expect that every employee to behave maturely and professionally, overall. 

You will get to realize their originality when things are not going well at the workplace or outside the office. 

But, when there is a great employee in your company, you just can’t ignore them because they come up with a quite positive approach.

They remain constant and show the top qualities that are rare. 

Working at the office is not about coming to work on time and leaving on time only. It’s actually much more than that. 

Giving their best to the assigned project, supporting others, being a team player, and showing professional behavior throughout is one of the top qualities of a good employee that you better not to ignore. 

2. They exhibit the best qualities at work, consistently. 

The qualities of good employees are not limited to the early job phase of the recruitment process alone. They are consistent in delivering the values through their work. 

Even if things are not going well, a great employee knows how to give their best. 

They bring a positive approach to the work and actually show their dedication to get something done.

Especially when something looks quite challenging to them, they show eagerness to learn and update themselves. 

Such consistent behavior more than performance are signs of a good employee that no company has to overlook by any means. 

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3. They are always ready for new challenges. 

Some employees expect the same work to be done over and over again, they are kind of habitual to this routine work. 

Because they never want to leave their comfort zone, and no matter how boring or simply work it maybe they never seek new challenges ever.

Clearly, it shows that they are the average worker. 

And there are the ones who never hesitate to take on new challenges and advance their knowledge and expertise.

Even when such work is out of their routine work, they take it as an opportunity to update themselves. 

Such employees always ready for challenging work.

For them, it’s a chance to do something out of their comfort zone. 

Because they never come to work to just leave on time, they are understandable and link their performance to their overall professional image as well.

And taking on challenging work and projects eventually adds value to their profile.

Such great employees value the company’s resources better and never let it waste, by any means. 

4. They ask questions to do things better. 

Some employees are only interested to finish their work anyhow. While some want to know the right approach to follow there. 

Absolutely, average or bad employees look for the easiest way to get something done.

On the other side excellent and great employees want to understand the concept first. 

They never hesitate to ask the right question.

They want to know more about the work and how this work will affect the project or the company entirely. 

Such information helps them to decide how to accomplish the work better and to set priorities there. 

Of course, as a manager, it kind of seems frustrating to answer such questions from employees.

But take it as important signs of a good employee who actually cares to understand how important work they’re going to perform. 

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5. They have their own opinion of something, and value to provide.

It kind of makes you feel proud when having the ‘yes’ man in your team.

But, more than self-respect, there is more that you better look for. 

The employee who has his own opinion and also has the gut to share when required is the employee who actually works for the team or company’s growth. 

A good employee expresses their opinions when it’s really worthwhile for the company. 

Of course, there are multiple ways to do one job.

And the one who regularly relates to a certain job will know how to maximize productivity and what is something that creates troubles to the routine work. 

Whether it’s about work delegation, role assignment, new branding strategy, or any important contract, a valuable employee very well knows how to achieve the desired results. 

Plus, they are confident and share their honest response, without any fear. 

6. They take suggestions, feedback seriously and not personally. 

Taking things personally and being it seriously are the two different sides. 

Whereas negative employees at the job take everything as a personal attack. Great employees take suggestions, feedbacks, and reviews as room for improvement. 

And because they’re eager to improve themselves, they constantly seek guidance from their leader, boss/manager. 

They take their work feedback after regular intervals.

Such a positive approach and enthusiasm to level up own work standards are some of the sure signs of a good employee at the work. 

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7. They truly believe in co-growth. (Indeed, a valuable employee)

Team players are the most common qualities of a good employee that makes the default point in any job description.

But, Do every employee are equally driven to team goals? Of course, not. 

Such responsible and understandable, like great employees actually do believe in teamwork.

Similarly, they’re the ones who can think about a company’s success, more than personal desires.

Their actions and words are not for themselves only, they contribute to teamwork entirely.

Before anything else, they focus more on the ultimate team or company’s goals. 

Such team players who can think from the overall team’s performance, are such valuable employees in the company.

8. They are adjustable to the situation. 

In professional life, there’s no guarantee when your department has to move to another task all of a sudden. It happens. 

At the time of sudden movement, you can definitely count on great employees who are adaptable.

They know how to adjust according to the situation demands, without any extra demands or special conditions.

In the most crucial stage, you get to know, Are your employees are liabilities or assets of the company? 

Such flexible nature and work with the same focus even on completely different tasks are proven signs that your employees are good enough. 

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9. They show some early signs of a leader. 

It’s not tough to find that exceptional employee who is a potential leader when there is one. 

Because such qualities are rare.

And, you will notice that through the unique approach they bring to the workplace. 

Indeed, such employees are great at leading the team and give the required support to their colleagues. 

Encouraging someone and support them to do something done by themselves, are such signs of a leader that only a great employee’s personality reflects.

You get to know your employee’s true quality when you put them in a situation that examines their patience and responsible behavior, overall.

10. They are optimistic in tough situations. 

When average employees become a responsibility to the company, good employees are like a partner, there.

When company management is poor or the company facing some market challenges, such employees take the charge. 

Only a valuable employee who is dedicated to the company brings the company out of the challenge phase. Because they are optimistic and know the major insights of the market. Which further they use to lead the situation in the right direction

Moreover, such signs of a good employee show that they remain confident, calm, and focused when things go beyond control. 

As they know things will be back on track because they know they can fix that. 

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11. They encourage others to work harder with their efforts. 

As a manager, you do not feel good about micromanaging your staff. 

However, when there is a good employee, your workload will be reduced.

This valuable employee guides those around him or her the right way.

And that’s not due to frustration or pressure… But, by their ability to look at things positively. 

Moreover, their positive energies and passion for the work eventually encourage others to put in their best efforts, even without sayings most of the time.  

Indeed, other employees look for such a great employee as an inspiration who is not just positive, But also hardworking, too.

12. They actually contribute to the company, than to cost it. 

A responsible and flexible nature, a team player, confidence, and leadership are all other qualities of good employees that lead them to a single goal.

And that is the company’s growth and success, overall. 

Really, they are the ones who every company needs. Because they are responsible for the company as they should. 

More than collecting pay cheques and waiting for a time to leave, they focused more on the company’s success entirely. 

Whereas average employees are actually responsible for the company, good, great and excellent employees prove their worth by supporting a company during the hard times. 

They primarily focus more on giving in to the company’s success and growth

Rather than only looking at what’s in it for them, they express their genuine interest to contribute to the company.

Because overall this way they are contributing to their professional career, too.

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Have you find ‘that valuable employee’ in your company?

We know that there can be a long list of the quality of good employees, and this are actually hard to find. 

The discussed signs and traits here, are some common traits that most HR departments are looking for in every of their present or future employees. 

With these listed signs of a good employee, we hope you got some clear idea over how to know that your employees are good enough or not. 


Feel free to share your suggestion or thoughts in the comment section below over what you think of this article. Let us know, what’s your approach to spot the great employee in your company? Have found your gems or still looking for them?