11 Signs Your Boss Sees You As a Leader

Feeling like your management or boss is impressed by your work progress? Really, they believe in you and your ability to bring the company to the next level. And these signs your boss sees you as a leader are all due to your impressive track record and dedication to the job. 


How do you tell if your boss values you or not?

Your contribution to the company is truly noteworthy. 

Your manager, boss, or superior trust your ability and takes you as a ‘valuable employee’ of the company. 

Furthermore, they want you to stay in the company. Because management or boss sees you as a good option for the potential growth of the company. 

At first, these all seem like a dream to you. But, you can confirm this from his extra efforts and investments in you like training sessions, appraisals, and development programs, and all.

When your boss sees potential in you, and he will do anything to make you feel appreciated, guided, and valued in the company.  

Check the following signs to see if your boss trusts you as a future leader or not, plus that further answers whether your boss wants you to stay or leave. 


11 Signs Your Boss Sees You As a Leader

1. You’re given more challenging and important work to test your abilities. 

Your boss or manager has been noticing your work performance so far. 

And what they found is that your abilities and energies can be invested for a better cause.

They see you as a confident and responsible person to include in the important strategies. Suddenly, you’re given the most important and challenging task outside of your profile and job description.

By doing so, they are eventually testing your potentials also preparing you for better roles and responsibilities which they’re planning to give you. 

Well, this is your opportunity to level up your work profile. 

So rather than overthinking it, take this opportunity to level up your profile.

Believe that, your superior or boss see you as a leader and as the right match for a particular role. 

2. Your name is often recommended to get advice from.

You carry some special abilities and unique nature that many people found impressive.

Most employees in your company outside your team, come to you for regular support. 

Indeed, that can be normal because when people find that you’re good at something, they prefer you based on your expertise. But, when they’re suggested to take your help, then it is actually a good sign for you. 

Because not only your manager or boss but many people in your company sees you as a leader to seek guidance from.

Plus, this way your boss tests your ability to manage people, Before assigning you a team. 

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3. Your boss informs people to contact you, over him. 

Whenever your teammates or someone in a company needs important support, they’re sent to you by your boss or manager. 

Not only because your boss is busy with something, but also because your boss trusts you and sees you as a better option to guide them. 

Well, these are quite definite signs that you are your boss’s favorite employee. 

Even further, your boss recommended people to contact you rather than directly contacting him, then are signs your boss sees you as a leader.

Because you’re capable of handling team and guide others, same as your boss does. 

4. Your opinions and advice are counted as important votes.

Your boss is impressed by your work ethic and the suggestions you bring to the table. 

In very important meetings your opinions and viewpoints are taken seriously, then it proves that your boss values your presence in the company. 

Your contribution is truly noticeable and your strategies are worth a chance.

When your boss chooses you over others and makes sure you’re in every important meeting, then are such signs your boss trusts you as a valuable employee and probably sees you as a future leader. 

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5. Your boss trusts you as a person, as a leader. 

Your boss wants you to become successful in your career and life.

Also because you’re eligible plus a loyal employee to rely on.  Your boss wants you to stay because you’re contributing to your job greatly. 

Not only limited to professional success, but your boss is also training you the growing as a better person, too. 

It’s possible that your boss is impressed by your professional achievements. And so, he encourages you to bring the best out of you that either benefits both, you and the company, itself.

Moreover, those important tasks and assignments are there to boost your confidence, expertise, and personal skills.

Combining, such signs showing that your boss trusts you and sees you as a leader in making. 

6. Your boss never wants you to leave the company. 

Your boss truly is a great boss who knows how to encourage his employees and teammates. 

Such good bosses never let their employees leave the company anyway, they know how to make other people feel encouraged and appreciated. 

When you express your decision to leave the company, and the boss wants to stop you then it’s clear signs that your boss sees you as a valuable employee. 

You’re capable, a true asset of the company. 

And of course, no company ever lets such productive employees leave the company so easily. 

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7. Your boss gives you more freedom. 

As one of the most common signs that your boss trusts you, he gives you more freedom compared to any other person in the company. 

Such freedom in the sense of making the decision on your own, scheduling your time and other resources, or crafting important strategies without any pressure or deadlines. 

Indeed, that’s great if your boss or manager does not micromanage there.

Overall, that shows you’re seen as a responsible employee who knows their responsibility, the best.

Such confidence and trust are signs your boss sees you as a leader in making.

These all due to the value your boss has for you and cares about your presence in the company. 

8. Your boss praises you in public. But, criticizes in private.

Your boss has great expectations from you. 

You’re one of his favorite employees and the nearest person in the company to trust upon.

Especially, when your boss is happy and impressed by you, he will appreciate you in front of other employees in the company. 

Doing so, he wants to make you feel inspired, as well as encouraging other people.

You often found that your boss advised others to learn from you. He often uses your name as an example of an exceptional employee.  

Similarly, when you make some mistakes, your boss will not overreact at all. He trusts your abilities and so guides you over what is supposed to follow there. 

Such thoughtful behavior towards you is a clear sign your boss sees you as a leader in the future.

Because he gives you recognition in the company, plus never do something that ground your confidence down a bit.

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9. Your boss encourages you to handle a team. 

After working so long with you and observing you as a dedicated employee to the company, your boss really trusts your ability to handle more responsibility. 

Your boss knows you’re capable now and ready to manage a team. 

Because you have completed a learning phase and set your unique impression with your work in the environment plus in the mind of your boss, you are given a small team to start with. 

Really, your boss sees you as a leader and is very impressed by your work so far.

And believe, this is the first step of your leadership foundation session under the guidance of your boss. 

10. Your boss closely examines your performance and behavior. 

Well, not in terms of micromanaging but to make sure that you’re going in the right direction or not. 

In routine work, you are assigned the new challenging work that tests your ability and performance. Your boss really has some great expectations from you and so he chooses you to work along. 

Your boss is training you to handle a team or prepares you for a challenging role that he plans to assign in the future. 

Whatsoever, your boss tests you and wants to ensure that you get the proper supervision. 

You have been directly reporting to your boss, you get instant feedback and reviews that are fair enough and something that you better have to improve yourself. 

Take this as a good sign that your boss sees you as a valuable employee to invest in.

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11. When your boss treats you as a partner and not as an employee anymore.

When you have a boss who encourages you to update yourself, then you are a really blessed person.

Because such great bosses are hard to find. 

The boss with the right leadership skills treats their employees fairly and encourages them to become a better version of themselves. 

Not every boss has that ability to see this way. 

Really, your boss or manager is a true leader who creates other leaders rather than seeing them as a threat to his position.

And because you have proven your worth with work expertise, your boss is impressed by your skills and takes interest in your growth, too.

Especially, when your boss asks for your advice on something or encourages you by giving decision-making ability then they are signs that your boss sees you as a leader. 

After all, he also needs someone, not as an employee… But, as a partner to support him in the company.


How Does a Good Boss Develop Future Leaders?

Remember, your boss will never come and tell you directly that, “You will be promoted soon” or “You’re being trained for a leadership role.” or any of his potential plans regarding you. 

Because your boss also cares for what if he’s just expecting too much from you.

Plus, he also has a fear that you might feel pressured which may influence your work adversely, too. 

Of course, your track record has proven your excellence and creates a distinct image in your boss’s mind. The boss will test you only if he values you. 

But again he is a businessman and never lets you feel under pressure nor take decisions irrationally. 

Knowing such proud signs your boss sees you as a leader, you can contribute to the plan and expectations, greatly. Rather than taking it as a challenge alone, take it as an opportunity to level up your profile.

So, don’t overthink anything. And just, Be ready for the leveling up of your professional career.

As, you’re lucky to have such a great and great boss who sees potential in you, trusts your abilities, and most importantly cares about you.   

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