12 Signs You Are Valued At Work (By Your Boss And Company)

Last updated on December 31st, 2022 at 06:24 pm

Despite your best efforts, you still need to ask for a promotion like everyone. 

When this happens, it’s easy to claim that your company doesn’t value you.

But, it’s also important to know if you added ‘any value’ to their business. Does your boss realize how valuable you are to the company?

And, this ‘value’ can’t be counted merely by yearly promotions. 

Consider some hidden signals to figure out how much your boss values you.

Once they know your worth, you don’t have to ask for a promotion, anymore.


12 Signs You Are Valued At Work

You might not realize how much your company values you, unless you show interest in leaving.

No matter what, your boss tries to keep you in the company, which already means they value you.

But here, you don’t have to fake your leaving to know if you’re valued at work or not.

Take note of some noticeable signs that your boss or company is well-aware of your contribution and already sees your ‘worth’. 

1. Your track record already proved your worth to the company.

It is enough to know how seriously you take your job by the way you work. 

You are committed to the success of this company.

When things aren’t going well in your team, you do your best to find a solution and get things back on track.

Everyone is quite familiar with what you offer as a team member and as an employee of the company.

It shows how highly valued you are at work.

signs your boss values you

2. Your boss and management take your advice seriously.

In team meetings, your boss makes sure that you get a chance to share your opinion. 

When meeting with management, they ask you what you think of the new strategies and implementations. 

That’s only possible when you have proven your value through your work so far. 

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3. You notice that your teammates and boss look up to you.

When your team faces a work-related issue, they ask for your help. 

In the same way, when your boss is planning for the next month, he involves you in the process. 

Of course, you could be your boss’s favorite employee

But, taking you in decision-making and considering you above everyone else, are clear signs that you’re valued at work.

4. You keep the work environment sound and suited to success.

You might be great at your work, but you also contribute to a positive working environment.

Instead of involving in office politics and competition, you know how to work together for the overall team’s success.

And if you’re a manager or team leader, you successfully keep every teammate to stay motivated to give their best.

You certainly add value to the company.

5. You are the most trustworthy employee (means, valuable here).

Due to your honest nature, it seems that everyone wants to work with you. 

You don’t make your fellow coworkers feel threatened by you with your experience or position.

Instead, you stay honest with everyone and genuinely help them.

You’re not competing with anyone. 

Thus, you enjoy helping teammates to play their roles and also offer support when needed.

6. Your boss lets you handle important accounts or clients.

Firstly, that’s all about your expertise in handling critical projects. 

However, you could also consider it to be a sign that your manager trusts you along with having confidence in your ability.

Well, when this happens it is certainly a form of respect.

Because of your skills, responsibility, and reliability, you prove your value at work.

7. You always have something new or valuable to offer.

Having been in the company for a long time, you know the insights. 

But when you’re valued at work, your presence in the company matters more than anyone else’s.

The advice you provide, whether it’s for an internal or external decision, is of the highest quality.

It provides a unique solution or is the most productive alternative.

signs your company values you

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8. Your boss often mentions your name in meetings.

If it’s just your internal team meeting, your boss tells everyone on the team to follow your lead when he’s not available. 

Because your boss sees you as better and more trustworthy. 

Maybe by doing so, your boss trains you to be a leader, who knows?

While during the meeting with management, the boss frequently praises you on your performance and abilities. 

All are signs that you’re valued at work because your contribution is noticed. 

9. You get timely promotions plus extra employee benefits.

Your boss never lets you wait or makes you ask for anything. He provides.

Because you’re already doing your best, your boss just did his part right to promote you. 

That means your boss knows your value.

Luckily, your boss knows how to keep such valuable employees.

Promotions are normal for employees who perform well.

When your boss values you, he makes sure to take care of any need you may have at work. 

10. Your boss lets you handle a team or train others.

Because your boss already knows that you are the best at what you do.

His goal is to teach other teammates how to do the same.

You’re more likely to receive an upgrade if you proved you’re an expert and earned the respect of the management.

Maybe they give you a team of people to handle. And, never limit yourself to one task.

Because your company knows you’re a valuable employee and how to make the best use of your skills.

11. Your boss never has to double-check on you.

It’s no surprise that you’re a hardworking employee and makes a significant contribution.

Even if you think no one noticed your passion and dedication at work, you’re wrong.

Your boss already knows you’re not wasting your time, and giving in what best you can.

Your boss no longer needs to watch over you because you’re motivated to work harder

The no micromanaging and keeping an eye on you are signs that you’re valued at work, already. 

signs of a valuable employee

12. You work for yourself, the team, and for the company.

You might wonder if your boss is aware of your contribution.

Better still, you should ask yourself what is your ultimate goal for working there. 

Are you only concerned with getting promoted and increasing your salary? Or, are you interested in adding value to this company?

If your goals go beyond your personal and professional ones and affect the overall team and company’s performance, that means you’re a valuable employee every company wants.

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How Do You Know You Are Valued At Work?

It’s no longer limited to positive feedback and recognition. 

It’s more about if your boss does care if you are available in the team or if you are still treated like other employees of the company.

Being valuable at work doesn’t mean being great in your team or only appearing ‘the best’.

In order to create your worth, you must contribute to the team and business growth, rather than just strive to look good among others.

how to be a valuable employee

You’ve to make sure that your hard work and dedication to your role count.

If you want to be a valuable employee at work, focus on giving your best, and start thinking about the company’s growth along with your personal growth.

You’re already in good hands if you can identify with the above signs which prove that you are valued at work, this means your company needs you. 


Now it’s your turn to contribute to business growth and take the company to the next level, by continually excelling in your field.

You do all this to improve your value within the company and the industry in general.