9 Signs You Are An Expert At Something (Still, Not Confident!)

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023 at 05:57 pm

You’ve been working day in and day out.

This job is your passion. So, you don’t mind working extra hours and also at the average wages.

In the midst of all this, you just forget that you are also becoming an expert in the field.

Indeed, you are an expert at something even though you think there’s a lot to achieve.

Want some proof?

Well, it’s just a matter of confidence that keeps you from considering yourself an expert. But these signs will help in such a case. 


9 Signs You Are An Expert At Something

Even though you’ve not achieved anything great or got recognition, your expertise is indeed growing.

You might not feel it, but your company or boss values you, if you are becoming an asset.

No matter what field you’re in, to feel like an expert check if these signs are apparent or not. 

1. You’ve been ACTIVE in the field for so long.

We know that simply spending certain years such as 5 or 7 years isn’t guaranteeing the expertise.

We used the word ‘Active’, which makes the difference.

You’ve given your best efforts in doing something and have been actively researching, working, and growing along.

If you really feel that your participation in the field has been active, you can say you’re being an expert at something.

How to know if you are an expert

2. You still aren’t done with learning something new.

Simply being active and working in the field for so long isn’t enough.

The expert person is the one who knows that market is always changing.

And so, they have to keep updated too.

You’re really an expert because you keep yourself prepared for new challenges and never fall behind in leveling up your knowledge.  

3. You can work alone and independently.

One of the best signs to prove someone is an expert in the field or not is by checking how able they can work along with no support.

You’re being unstoppable, even if not enough support is provided.

Because you’re aware of how things work and which steps to take when.

4. Others come to you for help in things you are an expert in.

There’s no doubt that when others believe in your expertise, they turn to you for advice in such matters.

You might be helping them out as part of your job.

By serving various clients’ needs, you’re also known to handle unique requests.

When others call you an expert in it, that’s a clear sign.

Also, the way they consider your advice and opinion on something, also proves the same. 

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5. You often get the suggestion of starting your own business.

Because you’re really good at what you do and your coworkers are well-aware of your skills and expertise.

You might not feel confident about your expertise, but others can clearly see that you’re talented at something.

It’s not a point to start doing your business, just because others say so.

But it’s more to start believing that you are really an expert. And, you can think of your business now. 

6. You’re the one who comes up with creative methods and solutions.

Being an expert in something, you’re the first choice for others.

It just seems like normal matters to you, but for someone, it’s a tough call.

They can’t think as creatively or confidently as you’re.

Being in the field for a long time and working on major-minor aspects you have developed expertise in it.  

7. You start getting higher job offers from other companies.

This is enough to prove that most other companies and clients have realized your worth.

They might be ready to pay you extra. But, you prefer to turn down that job offer.

Probably, you’re being loyal or just don’t see yourself as an expert.

However, you can prove it, by checking if your boss wants to keep you in the company.

Such as, paying you more and taking care of your needs personally. 

8. You no longer have to search for info; you’re guided by your experience.

Lately, you no longer have to search for any information related to your field.

Because you’ve great experience of what to do under certain conditions.

While others have to rely on sources to get understanding, you use your ideas and experience to fix something.

Which shows your expertise in this subject. 

Signs you become an expert

9. Your mind thinks about things in a certain way that others never do.

All the above signs might be there.

But this one is the ultimate reason to believe that you’re such an expert in what you do.

You’ve been researching and trying different things.

Due to that, you find new ways of doing the same things not just differently, but more effectively. 

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How To Know If You Are An Expert?

If there are people who call you an expert at something, you should believe them.

They really appreciate your services and your expertise helped others a lot. There’s no need to be shy away from accepting that.

In doubt, you can consider the signs that we shared here.


The reason to share the signs is not just to prove that you are an expert at something, but to gain the confidence to admit that.

Believe in your abilities and never stop improving your expertise.