16 Signs Of Flirting At Work (And, How To React To It)

Last updated on November 10th, 2022 at 05:13 pm

Surely there are some hints to look for when you suspect that one coworker is flirty with you. What if they want to create a relaxed work environment… or maybe they seriously want to impress you?

Well, the common signs of flirting at work can help you figure out whether your coworker is just too friendly or romantically interested in you.

This will help you understand their perception of you and what you can do next.

Besides, it helps you resolve a confusing situation and make a wise move while maintaining professional boundaries at work.


16 Signs Of Flirting At Work

Checking their behavior around you, at you, you have a sense they’re up to something.

But how can you reliably tell if your coworker is flirting with you? 

To decide your next move, all you need to do is look for some signs of flirtation at the workplace that you notice from your colleague.

1. That coworker shows up more often outside the office.

Surprisingly, you two are meeting quite often lately.

Either they show up from behind when you wait for the elevator going to the office.

You might run into each other on the way home from work. All at a particular time.

Well, if it happens regularly, it can’t be a coincidence.

Maybe that coworker is aware of your schedule to come and leave the office and adjusts theirs accordingly. 

The reason for this is that they want to see you and establish a connection with you.

2. That coworker gives you compliments secretly.

Taking the time to praise you for your best performance is fine. Nothing flirty in that.

But, this coworker that you suspect is flirting with you, always talks about how awesome a person you’re or how perfect you look, like every day.

Maybe your coworker has a crush on you or is just a nice person to everyone.

While you also notice that this coworker is not known for giving such compliments to anyone but you.

Clearly, this is a sure sign that your coworker is flirting with you.

3. That coworker never misses the chance to be with you at work.

It’s obvious you’re both busy at work, but they make a working case for being near you.

Whether they ask you for some help or have lunch with you, make sure that they’re with you when there’s a chance for it.

They aim to make you laugh and never take your attention away from the conversation.

These are signs that your coworker is interested in you and enjoys talking with you. 

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4. That coworker’s look at you is enough to say so.

The way someone looks at you tells you a lot about their perspective.

The way they maintain eye contact with you itself provides you with the common signs of flirting at work.

Indeed, it’s eye contact that helps you decide if someone looks up on you or down. 

When you look at each other, they don’t move away but maintain eye contact while smiling. It’s because they like you inside.

5. That coworker always makes sure you notice them.

Is there a colleague who stays close to you in meetings or office events?

In the meeting, it seems that they want to be close to you and adjust their seat accordingly. It seems that they want you to notice them.

While in the virtual meeting, they talk to you but don’t engage in the ongoing conversation.

Which indicates your coworkers are paying attention to you and also expect the same.

6. That coworker never fails to greet you in the morning.

The way this coworker meets and greets you is different from how they are to others. 

You can tell that they are trying to stay connected to you and have some feelings for you.

Even if your desk is not on the same floor, they come to greet you there. They attempt to have active interaction with you, especially.

Plus, when your convo is mostly casual and not work-related such are signs that your coworker likes talking with you and in-between they are trying to flirt with you.

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7. That coworker playfully teases you at work or outside.

As you spend so much time with your teammates, you eventually become friends.

However, since this colleague is attracted to you, he or she ends up sharing some flirty jokes, one-liners, and teasing you without crossing limits. 

Of course, they know you are only connected with the work.

Even so, the way they behave playfully to you is a sign that your coworker is flirting with you

8. That coworker shares some personal information with you.

The two of you have a long conversation during lunchtime or after work in the parking lot. 

Otherwise, you probably chit-chat about life and yourselves on weekends.

The fact that a coworker feels comfortable speaking such private information to you is a sign that he or she trusts you. 

Additionally, by letting you know about their life, they are also wanting to spend more time with you, since your coworker sees you as more than just an office friend.

9. That coworker stays in touch outside of work as well.

They seem interested in you more than just working with you.

To stay in touch, colleagues may ask for your phone number and social media profiles.

If they hesitate to ask, they may keep chatting with you on Slack or office chat.

The first interaction may be about something work-related, but later the conversation may turn into a friendly and flirty chat.

All are possible signs of flirting at work that is hard to ignore.

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10. That coworker only attends office functions when you are there.

Perhaps they don’t like office gatherings and parties outside. They just hate it.

However, if the coworker is seriously interested in you, he or she might ask you if you’re going.

Only ‘you’ are the reason why they take part in such office events or parties.

They show this as an opportunity to be with you the most and get to know you more.

11. That coworker always has something to discuss with you.

They’re not the talkative colleague who loves gossiping, here they’re interested in you.

In addition, this person doesn’t talk much with anyone in the office.

However, they seem ready to talk about anything with you.

Well, their effort to keep the conversation going and ensure that you are also engaged in the conversation are signs that your coworker likes spending more time with you.

12. That coworker remembers everything you’ve shared with them.

If it’s your birthday or else, they’ll greet you first.

Moreover, they organize the party and make it a big day with no notice to you.

While everyone is unaware of it, your coworker plans what suits you best.

Their attention is always on you and they don’t miss a chance to make you feel special.

Surely they’re friends with everyone at work. 

But how they make you feel about yourself is a sign of flirting at work, because they pay attention to you like to no one else.

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13. That coworker takes extra care of you at work.

This colleague comes up to help you anyway, trying to catch your attention.

Maybe he/she is a supportive team player.

Occasionally, it seems like they are more interested in your work than theirs.

Because they want to impress you.

Helping you when you make mistakes or by being on your side when someone complains about you and all, are enough signs that your coworker is into you.

14. That coworker starts asking you about your life and relationship.

You might be friends by now, but they want to move this connection forward.

Since they are so into you, they ask a few personal questions to get to know you better.

Typically, their questions to you focus on your life, goals, relationships, and all.

This way, they’re trying to figure out whether you two are compatible or not. Or, if you’re still available or not. 

Such are signs that your coworker has feelings for you and maybe they use this info to flirt with you later on.

15. That coworker is more focused on you than anyone at work.

When your colleague starts to like you, you find them around.

When they frequently visit your desk, for whatever reason, this proves that they have been thinking about you.

These attempts indicate that they’re trying to be with you more.

They could be with someone else in the office, but they prefer to be with you, which are proven signs that your coworker is interested in you more than anyone else.

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16. Well, that’s you who feel that.

In your gut, you know someone is flirting at work, not just friends with you.

There must be for some reason that you feel this way.

Maybe that coworker is a little friendlier to you or takes you more seriously.

It’s essential to pay attention to their behavior more often since you’ll notice more signs that your coworker sees you more than a colleague or office friend.


What to do when your coworker is flirting with you at work?

It is not always the case that when you get signs of flirting at work from your coworker, they are in love with you and planning a future together.

It could be that they find you attractive or like you more than any of your colleagues.

This coworker might be friendly toward everyone to keep the work pressure low.

Alternatively, they may be more likely to form strong connections at the workplace.

For you, the most important thing is to find out whether the coworker is being friendly with you or purely flirting with you.

Also, how you feel about them, whether you like them back or not.

Based on your feelings, these are some ways to handle your coworker’s flirting at work.

When you also have feelings for your coworker:

Since both of you are single and are attracted to each other, you are ready to take the next step. 

Who knows this could be the start of a lifelong strong relationship?

People might find their soulmate at work if there’s a mutual attraction there. 

If you are equally interested in that person, it is better to speak with them to establish a personal connection. 

However, without compromising your professional limits. And without hurting anyone’s career. 

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When you feel that they’re crossing their limits:

In cases where you are already in a relationship or that person is married and still flirting at the workplace, it is wise to avoid any risk.

You must let them know to watch thier behavior… when you don’t like how that person reacts and talks to you.

Possible that they behave unprofessionally while flirting you over. And, it’s something that makes you feel uncomfortable at work.

And if still, they don’t stop, you better speak with your superior and management about it. 

If it’s your boss who flirts with you and not your coworker, inform HR immediately. The earlier you take such action, the better.


Workplaces are for working, not flirting. Whenever your coworker is friendly with you or flirting with you, it is important to consider your feelings first. 

Most importantly, this shouldn’t affect your professional career or personal image in any way.