15 Subtle Signs Someone Is Attracted To You

Last updated on October 15th, 2022 at 06:32 pm

When someone familiar finds you attractive, you easily get compliments on your looks.

But, when any new connection or stranger shows excitement or nervousness around you it may be one of those signs that someone is attracted to you.

Keep reading to find more signs of unspoken attractions to know, if they’re just curious or really feel attracted towards you. 


How can you tell if someone finds you attractive?

When someone likes you or is attracted to your nature or look, not necessarily they will compliment you or let you know about it every time. 

The change in their behavior to you and towards others is enough signs to find that. 

There are also possibilities that this person is shy and isn’t comfortable saying it, or that it doesn’t seem appropriate because you’re still strangers.

Or that they’re simply jealous of you for any good things about you.  

And in such cases, noticing some unspoken signs of attraction comes into play. 

These indications are enough to speak a lot about a person straight to their heart about what knowns or even stranger feel, think, and believe about you. 

Not sure, Are you an attractive person or not?

Then, pay attention to these signs from people in your group, at work, new environment, or strangers that indirectly show that… you are an attractive person. 


15 Subtle signs someone is attracted to YOU

Lets’ take a look at some behavioral signs that someone finds you attractive…

And they want to know more about you, plus attempt to develop a good connection possible.

If you’re recently shifted to a new place or a new job, these signs will help you to know whether that stranger is attracted to you or their behavior is just due to curiosity.

1. They compliment you on almost everything.

You should not be shocked, because that’s simply the truth. 

When you receive too many compliments from the same gender, like your close friends and connections, it’s indeed a sign that you are attractive and looking good. 

But, when you also notice that the opposite gender feels shy away from complimenting you or controlling himself to praise you are subtle signs that you’re extremely attractive. 

That is not only because the person might be shy or not confident enough. 

But, the ultimate reason is, they fear that their normal praises will be treated as a special feeling, or it may reveal their inner affection for you, too. 

2. They forget to blink after seeing you.

Well, you will definitely feel insecure if a stranger or someone who is not very familiar is checking you out for the last five to ten minutes. 

But, wait, this is also one of the top signs that a stranger finds you attractive. 

This is normal and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. 

Our brain and heart instantly connect with something that we genuinely like. 

It’s human nature to keep noticing something interesting or someone who has an attractive personality or shows friendly behavior. 

And yes, they forget to blink too because they don’t want to miss out on witnessing such an attraction or beauty even while blinking their eyes.

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3. They act a bit nervous around you.

From fumbling to not being able to speak in front of you are enough signs to prove that someone feels nervous about you. 

Uncomfortable and nervous behavior around someone attractive is a normal thing. 

And so, when you want to know whether someone finds you attractive, then consider the behavioral signs that person shows. 

Having difficulty maintaining eye contact, playing with their fingers or stuff in the hand or anything are clear signs that a person feels attracted towards you. 

Furthermore, you can easily distinguish the difference in their normal behavior and interaction with others… and the same with you.

If they always hesitate to approach you for some help or ask others to do the same is enough signs that someone finds you attractive. 

4. They are trying to lower their voice when talking with you.

You do not know what someone’s original voice sounds like, especially someone that you just met. 

But, after talking with them for a few minutes you can sense that they’re trying to change their voice tone.

Not only that, they try hard to keep it as low as possible. 

You can hear a little of their original voice at any exciting moment when they lose control. 

This is probably one of the best signs that a stranger finds you attractive. 

You can observe this unspoken hint of secret attraction from time to time.

Especially, when you’ve built some sort of connection with them, enough to talk with each other or exchange pleasant good-day wishes. 

Refer to the communication approach they have with others versus one they have with you. 

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5. They start mirroring you and every action of yours.

If you catch someone at the new place, especially with someone you’re building a connection with, is copying your style or using the catchphrase that you normally use.

Which is enough to know that they might notice you for a while.

Such a sense of attraction and friendliness are acceptable that come out of the regular interaction. 

Because as you start to know each other you get to discover more about yourself. 

By the time you get attracted to that person due to their unique personality aspects more than just looks. 

The same applies to crush matters, as well. 

Especially, when someone has a crush on you, they start mirroring you. 

Besides that, they knowingly or unknowingly do something that they discovered from the person they are secretly crushing on.

Essentially, if you notice that someone behaves the same way as you, around or with you, it is a sign that someone is attracted to you. 

Perhaps they are doing this to establish a connection with you. 

Or, they’re doing or saying something unintentionally because they find you attractive. 

6. They can’t focus on work, because you’re around.

Well, it’s not a person’s only fault that he can’t focus on something enough. 

Oftentimes, someone around makes a person forget about their routine process, or shifts their focus due to an intense attraction towards ‘that someone’. 

In those situations, in which people want to impress someone they have a great deal of affection for…

They’re more likely to try hard to look perfect in every aspect. 

As a result, they are not able to focus on regular things.

Because now, they get too conscious about whether they also look attractive and what ‘someone’ is thinking of them. 

Such self-doubts or reflexive nature leads a person to awkwardness around someone they feel attracted to. 

If there is someone who can’t focus on important things or is often found doing something they wouldn’t normally do, these are signs of unspoken attraction towards you. 

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7. They become too comfortable around you now.

It was a bit uncomfortable for them to be around you earlier, but now there seems to be a mutual understanding and connection. 

Their behavior earlier vs now is a good indication that you both are getting closure and developing chemistry.

When they feel comfortable with you and give you a confident look, they find you even more attractive. 

From trying hard to adjust ownself in the chair to sit in a relaxed position, enjoying open discussions with you, are unspoken signs of attraction from someone. 

You can say that a guy is attracted to you when he tries to make you smile more often. 

When she’s a random girl, she checks you out and drops hints for you.

Or when you see that girl smiles even on the lamest joke of yours, then signs that girl is attracted to you. 

8. They express the most common crush signs.

Yes, you can count that blush feeling or dilated pupils in this manner. 

Our facial gestures and expressions are the ultimate mode to reveal what we are trying to hide in ourselves. 

When a person has a crush on you, you see that they treat you quite specially than the rest of others. 

You can see it in their behavior, their availability, and the way they try to make you comfortable with yourself. 

Well, she might give some clues that she wants you to talk to her and make a move.

They have deep feelings for you but are trying hard to control it from getting out.

The same applies to unspoken signs of attraction, when someone finds you attractive they may not say it to you, but their behavior and expressions do. 

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9. They ask you a lot of questions about you and your life.

Anytime you see that someone is taking more interest in your life and ask questions, then it is actually a good sign, especially when you also want to know more about them. 

It’s a common sign of mutual attraction to each other. 

They ask personal questions because they’re equally interested to learn more about you.

Plus, they want to find similar things that you both can relate to. 

The most common signs of attraction say it starts with the physical attractions and as time goes on it covers the emotional and spiritual attraction of the person.  

Especially getting the same excitement from a crush are one of the perfect signs that your crush finds you are attractive, as well. 

10. They remember every detail about you.

Indeed, they may not know everything about you. But like the most, they know. 

They found that you are an attractive and inspiring person from the way you come, talk, work, and leave the place. 

For them, you’re either a leader, friend, crush or fashion icon from whom they have something to learn from.

Hence, they pay attention to whatever you say or advise.

Slowly you notice that they become a fan of your lifestyle, thoughts, ideas along with your personality and fashion. 

Regardless of whether or not you are actively communicating with them, they notice every aspect of you which makes them feel attracted to you. 

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11. They also try to appear attractive in your eyes.

When attracted to someone, the person normally tries to get inspiration and ideas to make themselves even better or more attractive.

Indeed, it’s a good sign that someone finds something appealing and is learning from you. 

Similarly, you also catch someone trying to look great around you.

And now have enough confidence to enable further communications. 

They go through such transformation only because… they try to catch your attention. 

The struggle or attempt to look perfect in your eyes are such unspoken signs that someone is attracted to you and wants you to admire them the way they admire you and your personality. 

12. You are not seeking attention.

When you don’t ask for it, you get more appreciation and attention eventually. 

Being true to your own self is something that makes you an attractive person in the eye of others. 

People who seek appreciation usually end up doing something uncomfortable, unbelievable, or unexpected. 

Attractiveness is a result of showing up as a genuine self.

Moroever, you attract others being mysterious and a little less available than required. 

Your emotional control is excellent, and you tend to treat those around you with respect. 

It is because you don’t go after people to like you, they love your honest nature. 

That’s right overall it’s your simplicity and self-respect for yourself, which are unspoken signs that make people get attracted towards you. 

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13. They want to make the conversation a little bit longer, every time.

Anytime when you talk with each other either via call, in person or in texting, you can see that person stay invested in the conversation. 

They pay attention to your words when you share something.

They put the phone on silent mode because you’re talking about something important at the moment. 

Moreover, a person would like the conversation to continue.

Because of this, they ask frequent questions or discuss topics that you’re interested in. 

Anytime when you see that guy or girl who feels excited talking to you and tries to keep this conversation longer, those are good signs of unspoken attraction towards you. 

14. They start to flirt with you, when you two are alone.

A girl flirts by looking good and being approachable around a guy she finds attractive. 

A guy flirts by talking funny and being more available around a girl he finds attractive. 

You may notice in your group that a girl or guy acts differently around you than they do to anyone else, which indicates that they’re seeing you as completely a different person. 

You will find their approach to you very different. As your coworker is flirting with you, make you smile more often.

All they do is to impress you and develop a connection with you.

When a girl sees you as an attractive guy, she leaves some hints for you, her intention is to notice her and make a move

When a guy feels attracted to you, he will try to catch your feelings to find out what you think of him before he expresses his feelings to you. 

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15. They want to develop the connection with you or to update it to the next level.

Although you may not try hard to look attractive to others, when they find you attractive, they will do anything to seem attractive to you as well. 

That is to let you know that they are in the same group, team, company, or colony. 

With crush feelings, some people feel uncomfortable being with you, while some feel more confident and positive when they see you. 

Moreover, those initial conversions are also good signs that a stranger finds you attractive when they approach you but feel some kind of hesitation. 

Or they end up revealing too much about them, in the first meeting. 

These are hidden signs that a stranger likes you and wants to develop a connection with you. 


How do you tell if you are attractive than you think?

Don’t think that people can only be attracted to physical appearance.

Everyone here is different. Moreover, they see beauty in everything or everyone uniquely. 

The most discussed unspoken signs of attraction are centered around what makes a person visually appealing to others. 

Further, there are several other ways for a person to become attracted to someone. 

When you believe in yourself, express your true self without any pressure, and also accept others as they are, people will eventually get attracted to you. 

Because this makes you unique and different from others

Especially when make them feel respected, the same ways you respect yourself, even strangers find you attractive because of your kind nature.

Accept others as they are, the same way you accept yourself and such are enough signs that you are attractive than you think. 


After all, people like you for who you are and not for what you try to show them.