15 Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking of You Right Now

Last updated on November 25th, 2022 at 05:29 pm

Believe it or not but these signs prove that your soulmate is thinking of you.

Yes, at the same exact moment when you just have thought of them.

Not sure about it, then check out these signs and you will know the reasons why that’s true. 


Ask yourself, How many times you went into deep thinking about your soulmate and traveled to many places in mind?

You have daydreamed of everything you want to do with your soulmate, before you do it together. Right??

But, more than travel spots and all such loving imaginations… you may desire to know, Is your soulmate also thinking about you or not? 

So, in this post, we are sharing some proven signs to inform you that your loved one is thinking about you, the same as you care for her. 


15 Universal Signs your soulmate is thinking of you, too.

1. You can’t stop yourself from thinking of them.

There’s no surprise that when you love someone, you tend to think of the person more than anyone else.

You constantly think of your soulmate most of the time. You find them every time in your mind and in everything you do or see with open eyes. 

When you’re working on something important and suddenly you clicked with the thoughts of your soulmate, without any reason and no connected hints. 

All of sudden, in mind you get to see those memories of your last weekend date, and the time you both enjoyed together. 

The following smile on your face, due to thinking of your soulmate, are your sure signs that your soulmate is thinking of you, in return, also. 

2. You just saw them in your dreams.

This one is the most common, but sure signs that your soulmate is thinking about you.

And that is… you saw them in your dream, recently. 

When you love someone truly, there are built emotional connections between the persons.

When one thinks of another, then another gets the instant idea or pinch eventually. 

Due to that powerful connection, they feel each other’s presence and feel them within. 

You just get pinged in your mind, that your soulmate thinks of you, and you have sudden desires to call them. 

So, next time… whenever you have that desire to talk to them, then don’t stop. Just dial their number and you get to know that they are thinking of you. 

And, that’s the confirmed signs, as we know.

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3. You suddenly get incurable hiccups.

Take the science behind hiccups on the side, for some time… 

and think from the romantic aspects, and start believing it as sign of someone is thinking of you.

When after applying all instant remedies for hiccups, and still you can’t stop it, then these are the best signs your loved one, a partner is thinking about you. 

Well, just think logically and remind who else has time to think of you for more than two minutes, other than your loved one.

Maybe they are at someplace where they need you or something that reminds them about you, and the possibilities are many. 

So, stop overthinking and believe it’s just your soulmate who thought of you.

4. You start smiling for no reason, at all. 

No talking about the regular smile that you carry for every same person you meet and greet every day. 

These smiles are not regular ones, there’s something special about this smile. 

Because this one is due to someone, special to your heart… your soulmate. 

Even after you’re busy with something, you suddenly start smiling for no immediate reason. 

Maybe you read something and your loved ones, names come in or you get cute emojis from your soulmate, whatever case maybe but you smile due to that special impression on your loving partner. 

When you smile and get happy without any near physical things, then believe such are your signs your soulmate is thinking of you.

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5. You wish to be with that person.

Love someone and you’ll forget everything.

All you just want there is to be with the person, every time. And, that’s the most common love sign. 

Whether you just met this person or have known them for a long time, all of sudden you experience a great desire to go and meet someone, in person.

When you specifically think of that one person and got a call from them before you call them… then signs they are thinking of you, in the same manner. 

6. You feel their presence around you. 

You love someone, you want to be with them every time. That happens regularly.

But, do you know… When you sense someone around you and hear their voice in your mind, are the strong signs that you love someone truly.  

But, the question here is: How to know ‘that someone’ is thinking of you or not?

Well, they are also thinking about you the same way, especially when you hear their voice in your mind. 

Whether to have the desire to call them or to feel them around you, you are turned to talk to them, only by your gut feelings. 

Don’t hold it still, because these are solid signs your soulmate is thinking about you.

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7. Your mood and interest change suddenly, after thinking of them. 

Probably that it happens many times with you, when discussing or even arguing in your worst mood, suddenly you stopped for no reason and prefer to do nothing at all.  

You just stop overreacting to it and control yourself now. 

You get back to your normal mood and take things as lightly as possible. Yes, something magical happened there, as others assume there. 

That may happen because of that someone you love. You picture that one person with you, and your mood plus emotions get changed suddenly. 

You just connected with your loved ones and they left a positive impression on you. Such signs your soulmate is thinking of you. 

8. You feel like someone is touching you. 

Not limited to building an emotional connection, but you are so much into someone, that even you feel their presence around you. 

While thinking about them, you feel like your soulmate just touched you. 

Of course, you both are connected. Very well.

But, when you can imagine their presence with open eyes, then believe these signs that your soulmate is thinking of you.

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9. You just sneezed three times, in a row. 

As one popular belief in the Asian region… when you sneeze three times at once, that means someone is thinking of you. 

Well, we don’t have to forget about the other scientific reasons, behind sneezing.

But, it kinda feels good to know that someone very special is thinking of you, Right now. 

Believe it or not, accept it or not, but just take it as a romantic sign that your soulmate is thinking of you.  

But, if your sneezing isn’t stopped after the third one, then stop thinking anything further and visit the doctor. Maybe it’s cold, there.

10. You get goosebumps, after thinking about your soulmate. 

There can be several reasons for goosebumps. Maybe you’re cold, frightened, or excited to the extreme level or listening to your favorite songs at high volume. 

And one more is: When you think of someone you loved truly. 

Indeed, when you think of someone you build an emotional connection there.

You feel like you are connected to that person. 

Moreover, when your soulmate is also thinking of you at the same time, you get goosebumps.

You are thinking of someone, and when you feel like connecting with them, then believe these signs your soulmate is thinking of you.

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11. You get inspired to do something.

Love has the power to let something be done, by someone. That’s an undeniable fact. 

You love someone and can do anything for them, that’s acceptable. 

But, when you get the inner feeling and motivation to do something, without their asking, that means you are connected with them. 

While going back home, after finishing your work and all of a sudden you have that idea to bring flowers, gifts, or their favorite perfume, then believe that these are your signs that your soulmate is thinking of you. 

After surprising them, you get to know that they thought the same of you. 

Whenever someone wishes something from you and you do the same without their asking, then believe somewhere at some point, you both have connected in mind.

You just feel their energy and get hints to do something, that they want. Such are strong signs that you are aware of each other very well. 

12. You just feel it, that your soulmate is thinking about you.

And, this one is the greatest sign and that is… you just feel it, in that way.

Forget about anything and anyone around for a moment, the inner self you just think that you are not here but in someone’s mind. 

You don’t feel like you are present at the place, at where you’re now. You are not here and you are sure about it. 

You are somewhere else, with someone you love. 

As you know you two are very much connected, you can sense each other’s presence, simply by thinking about each other. 

More than anything, your feelings for that person at the moment, are signs your soulmate is thinking of you, at the same time.

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13. You want to change yourself, in a positive aspect. 

Your every day is the same as it used to be. But, when you meet your soulmate for the first time, your life starts to change, then after.  

And, it all starts with your thinking, first. 

All of a sudden you get a desire to change yourself a bit. You want to be with that someone and to match their level and inspired to do anything for that.

Now you become more sincere, mature, and confident just because of that new person you welcome in your life. 

When you get inspired to change your life and yourself for the better, that is also because the energies and environment of that someone motivate you to do so. 

You do anything and everything for yourself or for your partner, Because that person is always in your mind, and that can be your signs your soulmate is thinking of you.

14. You start singing ‘the song’, that reminds you of that person. 

Whether you both expressed love for each other or not, whether they still are your crush or not, there’s always one song that reminds you of your soulmate or future partner. 

You feel connected to that person and fantasize about them while listening to that specific song. 

No matter which relationship stage you are in, but when you start singing that song anyway, then probably your soulmate is thinking of you, also.

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15. Your eyes start twitching suddenly. 

Many positive-negative conceptions and beliefs are there regarding random eye twitches. Moreover, it also can be the symptom of some health-related issues, like lack of sleep and all. 

Taking all superstition and scientific reason asides, it is also one of the common signs someone is thinking of you. 

Forget about right and left eye twitching for a moment, and see…

  • Were you just thinking of someone, recently?
  • Have you just wished someone to be with you here?

Then, such signs your soulmate is thinking of you, at the same moment. 


How to know that your soulmate is also thinking of you?

Being with a loved one or soulmate is indeed one of the greatest experiences of life.

But, not every time your soulmate and you both have to be around you physically, to support, to talk, to cheer up, and to enjoy something in life, at the moment. 

There come times when you both are at separate places, with no direct connection and physical presence, indeed.

But, as another magical thing about love is… you still can feel each other’s presence around. 

You just feel like that person is with you, and you experience their energies within you… while thinking about your partner, soulmate, or loved ones.

But, you probably have that wish to know: Is that soulmate also thinking of you in the same way or not? 

At that time, consider these discussed signs your soulmate is thinking of you. Because this is proof that they are thinking the same about you. Why?


You both have built a strong connection, that helps you to connect with each other, at any time, anywhere… and without any medium.