14 Signs A Guy Never Had a Girlfriend (Yes, You’re The First!!)

Last updated on July 19th, 2022 at 05:40 pm

If you ever feel like this he acts strange, isn’t sure what to do next, or never behaves like a responsible boyfriend, then it may be some of the possible signs that a guy never had a girlfriend before. And yes, you’re the first one. 


How do you know if a guy has never had a girlfriend?

Obviously, someone who is not experienced or confident about something ends up leaving clues that show they are inexperienced in the subject. 

Similarly, if a guy is not familiar with how things work in the relationship or what’s his role in that…

He will appear lost and clueless from the very first date to further meet-ups. 

And that’s not a big deal!!

The great thing here is… you are his first girlfriend. 

He shows you trust like he has never shown to anyone else before.

As a reward, you can give him love, like he never has got from anyone else before. 

So, it’s your role to support him (especially, he is a genuine guy), relaxing how things work in the relationship. 

You really don’t want to be the typical girlfriend he has seen in the movies or in real life.

And, you want to make it special for him, So for you, Right?

But first, you need to be clear on this before taking any action, regarding…

Is it true that he never had a girlfriend, or Does he still lack the confidence to open up like in a relationship? And, you can refer to these signs as a surety check. 


14 Signs a Guy Never Had a Girlfriend, Before You

1. A guy feels so uncomfortable or awkward with you.

Well, this is quite possibly the first sign that he has never had a girlfriend before. 

Anytime when we are into a new environment or something we are not used to, we fumble a lot and somewhat express our insecurities anyways. 

When you two are surrounded by the people like your group, everything seems easygoing.

But as you two are left alone with each other, he is feeling a bit awkward, checking around or fiddling with things. 

That’s not something to worry about, no. 

Maybe, he’s shy.

He just seems not comfortable anymore, even if you’re his girlfriend. 

There is nothing wrong with him, he just doesn’t know how to act like a boyfriend, also whatever is happening is actually the first time experience for him. 

2. A guy who feels insecure most of the time.

No matter how hard we try to cover our fear or insecurity, we simply can’t. 

When a guy feels somewhat insecure about being in a relationship with you, you just feel that anyways.

Overall, it’s his gestures and behavior that is saying so.  

And this is not something that you want to use against him.

See it as a chance to be a responsible partner that he can rely on and feel free to share his feelings. 

Definitely, it’s the first time that he’s in a relationship with someone.

And, his insecurities keep him from being the cool, calm, and connected boyfriend anyway. 

Like a guy who is too much about your relationship and never hesitates to do random crazy things…

Not taking the initiative to do something special, are also one of the signs that a guy never had a girlfriend.

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3. A guy who rushes at everything in a relationship.

That will happen more often if you are with an extremely excited guy. 

Feeling like he’s texting too much, or not giving you enough time to think about his plan or any of your plans?  

It seems like he’s in such a hurry to figure it out all of a sudden. 

A guy can’t really be blamed for reacting this way, after all, he’s just overjoyed, knowing that finally… he has a girlfriend. 

This is like a dream he had of ‘being in a relationship’ coming true. 

Putting it all together, these are signs that a guy has never had a girlfriend, either because he doesn’t know how the process works or is simply impatient. 

4. A guy who can’t connect with your feelings or words.

The dynamics of your relationship get so messed up when you are with a guy who isn’t experienced or aware of how to deal with a partner’s feelings. 

Whether it is about expressing love or observing a partner’s needs, this guy doesn’t seem to know what to do or how to react. 

It may look to you that a guy is a player.

But, it’s his inexperience in dating that is leading to his lack of attention and time. 

Likewise, when your emoji are interpreted with different meanings. Also possible that a guy you date is a bad communicator

Or something like, he texted something that was either inappropriate to the situation or just confusing like he is. 

Indeed, he doesn’t ignore you and your priorities, he just has no clue about it… which are the further signs that a guy never had a girlfriend.

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5. A guy has no idea how dating works.

Is he taking too much time even to arrange a date for you? Is he too picky about what to wear or what to order when you’re having dinner?

That’s probably because he has no experience dating or being in a relationship. 

Over-thinking about a perfect date or overplanning all are enough to know that these all are new for him. 

It may be frustrating to be asked too many questions or to take too long…

But this can be one perspective you should consider. 

If he shows constant nervous behavior, then he probably hasn’t had a girlfriend or a date in the past. 

You should make him aware of the art of dating also developing chemistry on the first date.

After all, if he is not on the date for the first time, he simply arranges everything, from reservations to special dishes to any surprise elements without any further research or confused looks. 

6. A guy’s behavior on the first few dates is totally unexpected or just bizarre.

Was your first date completely an unforgettable experience for you?

Perhaps not as a special case, but because of something odd there?

Yes, you can count all those fumbles that a guy made, from asking too many questions or behaving strangely and letting everyone around know that you’re meeting for the first time. 

Having a disaster date even when it’s your first one, is enough indication that he lacks experience from dating. 

Well, guys are hilarious and like to make their girls laugh. 

But if he ends up behaving so unexpectedly, and seems like he’s not in control of himself, those are clear signs that a guy never had a girlfriend and never went on a perfect date before. 

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7. A guy who overreacts even on the smallest things.

Believe it or not, but everything is new to this guy and he may end up thinking everything that happens after is too important or too serious at all. 

When you prefer to spend your weekend with your family or friends instead of him, it makes him realize he’s not good enough. 

Every small thing like that has a big impact on that insecure guy.

Most of the time you find yourself explaining to a guy that there is nothing wrong with your relationship.

Nothing is wrong with him nor are you trying to make him calm down.

It’s because he’s not used to such small routine relationship things and it’s one of the signs that a guy has never been with a girlfriend before. 

8. A guy is not careless, just not aware of your needs.

Definitely, you have some expectations set for this relationship. 

But, if he has never had one before, he won’t get them. 

This doesn’t mean a guy is purely selfish and doesn’t respect you enough. He just has no idea of such an important relationship thing. 

When you have to remind him what to do and what not to do, this is one of the signs that a guy never had a girlfriend before. 

It is important not to panic – just communicate your priorities and other needs to him…

And he will get the ideas and not disappoint you from next time, hopefully

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9. A guy never has his own opinion.

Does he seem to just say yes to everything you ask? Or does he shares his personal choices, opinion or suggestion with you? 

Whatever you ask him or suggest to do certain things in a relationship or life…

He just agrees with you without any further explanation or sharing his honest views. 

This is another thing that comes out of the insecurity that guys have from this relationship.

This means that he’s insecure about your relationship and simply does not want to lose you.

Moreover, he may not want to appear disrespectful to you by sharing what he feels is right or wrong on anything that you say or ask. 

So, reassure him that being his true self will not put an end to your relationship. 

10. A guy who is too much or nothing at all.

An inexperienced guy never knows what to do and what not to even around the partner. 

Well, of course, you can’t teach them everything all about…

But if something it’s first for them, you better stay patient, for sure. 

Everything is good till it’s well-balanced and tolerable. 

Overall, the problem is created by anything that goes too far or is not in control of anyone. 

Even if your guy spends more time with you, on the other hand…

That could be the same possibility of giving no time to you even on the weekend.

And these are sure signs that a guy never had a girlfriend and never experienced such a thing as what to do and how much time to give his pattern, when in the relationship. 

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11. A guy is not experienced enough to get the clues.

Really, this guy is truly amateur in this matter. 

He is clueless and not sure how many actual relationships work out of the movies and all. 

When a guy doesn’t understand the hidden clues such as, you show that you want him to talk to you or you have a crush on him, already.  

He may give confused looks or ask you for clarification.

You might be frustrated knowing that a guy doesn’t quite get what you are saying, but it’s not the right time for that. 

Well, you also have to know that he’s a learner. 

Such things that you are trying to make him realize probably won’t be part of his syllabus earlier. 

Showing clueless gestures or not catching your feelings are signs that a guy has never had a girlfriend or what’s partner trying to do for them or together. 

12. A guy who has no idea where to take this relationship to.

Out of all the signs, this one can be the most important one that you better take a look at.

Have you ever asked your guy about your plans? Or did he share anything like what he’s thinking of this relationship?

If a guy never gives a genuine answer to it or is unable to answer the same, these are quite signs that a guy doesn’t know what he wants from the relationship

He’s either busy too much in other things like career, his personal goals other than getting married, or something.

And which could be clear reasons that he has somewhat no idea about this relationship.

Probably he wants to be friends with benefits, before planning next.

On the other hand, the guy who is unable to share his future plan with the relationship are such clear signs that a guy never had a girlfriend and this is the first time that he is in a relationship with someone. 

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13. A guy is just a nice guy and not a jerk.

Really, they’re jerks who are great at playing with other’s feelings and having a list of partners they played well with. 

Possible that a guy who looks insecure and shy being in a relationship is a nice guy who has never had a girlfriend…

Because he never approached the girl he liked or just being friend-zoned by most other girls. 

Yeah, that’s what this world does to genuinely a nice guy. 

Is this guy too shy around you? Does he care too much about your feelings? Does he apologize too much? 

When he cares for other feelings so much, all of these follow. 

If there is a jerk who never cares for your love or feelings for them…

Whereas a nice guy will never withdraw their feelings and care for you from every aspect. 

Well, showing too much care and being available all the time, making a partner priority over everything, are combined signs that this nice guy has never had a girlfriend before. 

14. A guy ends up giving up on you multiple times.

Well, it does not mean that he doesn’t care about you or doesn’t love you at all. 

It’s just he goes clueless on how to handle such things in a relationship because he’s never been in something like this. 

Anytime you both face some difficulties in between your relationship or have a communication gap…

He seems very clueless, not knowing what to do next. 

Often, you see him giving up on your relationship or the trust you have built so far. 

And due to his pessimist approach, this is probably the reason why he never had a serious relationship or a girlfriend earlier. 

Of course, he loves you and just doesn’t know how to solve the problems or fill the gaps that arise in your relationship.

And because he doesn’t want you to be under pressure, he simply gives up on you most of the time. 

If a guy gets confused even on the smallest or routine things that means he needs some emotional support from you…

Let him realize that giving up is not the only option.

His inability to tackle such routine challenges in a relationship are the ultimate signs that a guy never had a girlfriend or if he had then, he would know how to handle it.

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When dating a guy who never had a girlfriend…

Understandably, dating a guy who did not have a girlfriend can be frustrating. 

But, think this way, you are the first girl in his life that he somewhat tries to get closure. 

At least he’s just got out of that circle. But still has some insecurity in him. 

Whether you have that past relationship experience or his internal struggles…

It’s also your chance to make him confident about himself when you notice the most common signs that a guy never had a girlfriend, that we just discussed here. 

Not every person has good knowledge and experience of dating or being in relationships. 

If you really care about this guy, as he’s a nice person at heart, you must put further effort to make the relationship work. 

This way, he can be himself around you rather than trying to be someone he thinks he needs to be in a relationship. 


And who knows… when your effort as a responsible girlfriend finally succeeds to boost his confidence, you get to see the most lovable person that matches you, like no one else before.