13 Signs of a Selfish Friend To Prove You’re The One of Them

Are you often being treated like a selfish friend or team member? Do you have a list of broken friendships just because of your self-centered behavior? Then, signs you are a selfish friend in your group. Consider the presented signs to check, Are you a greedy person or not?  


What are the characteristics of a selfish person?

No matter how negative and biased a selfish person can be…

But, the worst thing about egoistic behavior is, a person himself, not even realize that they are actually selfish to their people or for a group. 

The first and foremost signs of a selfish friend show that they behave so naturally and act so nicely. Which of course really that hard to others to see their true image.

Even a person himself doesn’t actually feel like they are being selfish to others.

For them, it’s just about caring for their own self. But they simply forget that their happiness comes in exchange for other’s peace and contribution.   

They don’t bother about feelings, presence, and role of others, because a selfish person only knows to take care of themselves alone. 

Overall, it’s kind of hard to find such traits of a selfish person. Because they are great at keeping it secret and manipulating others with their nicest gestures.

But, How to find that person is selfish for you? Or it can be you who prefers ‘own’ than any others. 

Well, consider these signs of selfish behavior that are commonly found in the same people.

And if you are relating with such signs, then… it’s you who is a selfish person in the group, who is just there for your purpose alone. 


13 Signs you’re a selfish friend and Don’t even know about it

1. A self-centered person who thinks he/she is the only one on earth. 

As the most common traits of a selfish person, they care literally for no one. They have zero interest, and no respect for others.

They think they are the only ones on earth, and others mean nothing to them.

Being better and growing is nothing wrong, there.

But when you do everything just to look better than others, then are signs you are a selfish person.

Indeed, when you plan and strategize merely to put others down, that means you’re self-centered only. 

2. A narcissist who doesn’t know how to contribute to a connection. 

The relationship is more about giving rather than taking from it.

Whether it’s a personal or professional relationship, a selfish person never takes a serious interest in contributing.

Greedy people are there just to obtaining something and taking advantage of the friendship or relationship or from teammates. 

Even in professional connections, when any unsupportive team member,  competitive colleague, or even a bad manager doesn’t want to help others or do something to support others, showing they are being selfish nature there.

It can be anything from smallest favor to guide you or others on difficult talks or to invite on the important celebrations, are combined signs of a selfish person. 

3. A greedy person, who is completely self-centered. 

Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish, at least you care for yourself and concern for yourself more than others.

But, when you’re self-centered, that means you only have concern for ‘you’ and yourself alone. Others mean nothing at all, from your greedy eyes.

Such behavior may affect the relationship too negatively, and make your partner, friends, and teammates simply taken it for granted.

Maybe you are that selfish partner in a relationship when your every decision is around you, and your choices entirely.

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4. A complainer who masters criticizing everything and everyone. 

Of course, narrow-minded hate to give anything to others around.

But, when it comes to giving negative reviews or even saying something to degrade someone, they never stop anyhow.

They are more interested in looking better than others. And never wast such opportunity to demoralize others. 

Well, it can be you… if you are habitual only to find errors, mistakes, and faults of your teams and people around. Rather than encouraging others for something, when you only come up to display their errors then you’re being selfish there.

Indeed, you are a selfish person when you are more interested in making others feel down than appraise them on their success. 

6. A control freak who thinks they can control everything. 

As the common traits or signs of a selfish person, they are mostly control freaks.

They want to control everything around them. Even in the worse case, a selfish boss or manager makes a regular work or simple task look a major challenge for their teammates. 

Because all they want is perfect things, no matter what. They think everything they decide is final. Plus, everything they believe is perfect.

Furthermore, they expect their team to follow that, without any excuses.

A selfish boss is more like a profit collector and not a good leader. Because they completely ignore the contribution of their team all the time.

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7. A scared person who lives with insecurities. 

Selfish people always have fear of losing their identity and importance in their environment.

Their selfish behavior directly reflects their insecurity and self-doubts within.

Due to feeling scared of losing power and authority, they start playing blame games and create political issues there.

Corporate culture’s competitive environment is the best example of it, where such selfish people are easily found in the forms of an intimidated coworker, manager or even boss.

An insecure manager shows his biased behavior when his role seems in trouble. Because personal with a similar role or even their team member delivering exceptional performance in the company.

Such self-doubt and selfishness are the most common reasons behind competitive and unfavorable work environments.

Ask yourself, as a manager of skilled teams, you feel confident about yourself or feeling scared of losing your importance?

8. A egoist who can’t work in a team, because it’s too hard.

No surprise at this, but a selfish person hates working in a team.

Well, they don’t only hate, but also don’t know how to contribute as a team member.

They are so much for themselves own self, and can’t support others, as required. For a selfish person working in a team and contributing to their combined growth are all a waste of their efforts and time.

Instead of co-growth, they are more interested in working only for their own advantage.

They let others keep struggling, even after having the simplest and easiest option to do the same job.

Why, because they don’t want to share anything with anyone.

No matter how important or inferior it can be for others, they keep everything secret within and never share even if it helps others. 

And if you do the same to your friends, like not helping them enough or be with them when they need you and such clear signs you are a selfish friend for others. 

9. A narrow-minded person who runs away from responsibilities.

Selfish people hate to work for their teams, they don’t know how to contribute and also never take the required responsibilities.

They don’t think that they can be wrong in any situation.

They attempt to look perfect and actually act the same without others knowing.

When it comes to problematic situations, they often blame others and never show interest to solve the problems.

And as the most common signs of a selfish friend, they master the art of manipulation and easily trick others.

In case of losing they getting too emotional or do something that eventually produces troubles for others.

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10. A selfish person whose ego and feelings are easily hurt. 

Generally, selfish people have no courage to accept their limitations and mistakes.

Instead of taking other’s suggestions as room for improvement, they take it as an attack on their emotions and feelings. Greedy people’s egos always come in between anything others do for them, even if there is a positive cause.

Such an egoistic approach leads them to make wrong judgments and assumptions and leads them to loneliness and regrets alone.

If you are taking criticism too personally and afraid to ask for other’s help, then signs you are a selfish person who only thinks of ownself.  

11. A greedy person who makes instant judgments and spreads rumors. 

Selfish people are masters at gossiping and rumors about anyone else.

Indeed, they are so confident at presenting their opinions about anything, that others often take it as a fact.

Selfish people think no more, they are never interested to know the actual efforts of someone. But are better at making comments at someone with minor details.

Talk only about negative things about someone in their absence, and do anything to make demote others’ image, are some early signs of a selfish friend.

Beware of such negative people, because if they talk behind other’s back, they can do it to you, as well.

12. A careless person who knows to talk only rather than listening to others. 

Self-centered, narcissist, or selfish person they all have the one trait in common and that is… they can talk about themselves countlessly.

Indeed, they love to talk about anything, especially about themselves.

Conversation with a selfish and narcissistic person is a one-way communication only.

If you have a narcissist friend, then your role in communication is just limited to listeners only.

Your opinions and words are not given equal attention there. And if you’re like to talk about yourself, then signs that you are a selfish friend.

Simply ask yourself, Are you eager to speak about yourself or listen to others actively?

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13. A two-faced person who is a friend of no one.

 They are insecure and constantly criticize others who are doing well. 

It’s best to stay away from such two-faced people, for they will bring you down to their level and could distract you from your goals. 

As long as you follow their instructions, they remain your friends. 

But when you start making any progress or following positive changes in life, you find them trying to stop you from growing and criticizing your every move. 

Ask yourself, Do you feel insecure seeing someone growing in life and you don’t. 

If you feel insecure and worried then such are signs that you’re a selfish friend that mostly ignored and found alone. 


How do you know if you’re selfish?

Being selfish a little bit, or caring for your feelings and respect… and there is nothing wrong.

In some cases, it’s better to think about yourself and be selfish, rather than being taken for granted due to being too nice

But, when others have to sacrifice their own respect, to keep your attitudes, then signs you are a selfish person there. 

Of course, it’s good to practice self-love and care for yourself. Because no one will do it for you. But it’s never okay when someone else has to sacrifice their respect and feelings, just to keep your attitude. 

The discussed signs of a selfish friend are most common that you find in your group, team, and connections.

But, if you relate with the most presented signs here, then my friend… it’s you’re a selfish person.

Believe it or not, but due to your greed, your people have to suffer which you probably have no idea about.  

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