12 Signs A Man Is Hurt Emotionally And Broken Inside (How To Deal With Him)

Last updated on October 5th, 2022 at 02:38 pm

Nope, it’s not the fault of you two, always. There’s something from his past.

His insecurity and fear of losing you are clear signs to know that a man is hurt emotionally.

Maybe, because he still hasn’t gotten over his broken feelings from the past.

Before jumping to conclusions, you want to consider telltale signs of an emotionally broken man.

So that, you can help him to deal with it with your love and support.

Possible that a damaged man loves you and can imagine your future as you do.

Unfortunately, the past is what holds him back from doing the right thing for your relationship. 


How Do You Tell If A Man Is Emotionally Damaged?

Every relationship has to grow through a difficult time.

Agree that, not every relationship is perfect and not everyone feels and thinks the same way. 

But, when you face tough times in your relationship, even after being that genuine, respectful, and true to each other, then it’s sure signs that it’s his past, that is still causing the problem in your relationship. 

Maybe your partner, a man, is broken, being hurt badly in the past, or either he is emotionally unavailable at present. 

Whatever the case may be, such broken trust stories always leave negative remarks on a person’s mind. 

It’s quite hard to date a broken man, who is cheated on, ghosted by loved ones, or he is hurt emotionally, just recently or earlier.

But, when your existing relationship has to struggle only because of the hurtful past, then such a case needs serious attention there. 

After referring to, here shared signs of a damaged man, you realize such valid reasons why your relationship is getting tougher day by day.

And, of course, that further leads you to find the right solution and to do something required.

Take a move as a caring partner in a relationship, and you can do that by knowing such signs to feel his pain within. 


12 Signs Of An Emotionally Broken Man

1. His hurtful past is still controlling his present life.

Past wounds from toxic relationships to broken trusts are the first and foremost signs a man is hurt emotionally. 

Maybe he many times explained to you that he is now emotionally free from his Ex.

But still, he has something related to that person in his mind.

Something regretful, hurtful, that only gives negative vibes only.  

It also can be a personal relationship to negative experiences from his job or childhood.

That leaves a heavy remark on his mind and ends up shown through his behavior every now and then. 

Overall, such painful situations and experiences take control over present life and so the relationship.

An emotionally broken man’s behavior often shows that hidden pain that he has been carrying for a long. 

signs that show a man is emotionally broken

2. He doesn’t contribute to your relationship like before.

A man who is unavailable emotionally and actually is hurt inside, not giving the required attention and time to the present relationship. 

He always compares the present partner with the past ones, perceiving everyone is the same. 

Of course, he wants to love someone and appreciate others’ feelings.

But, after seeing some negative signs or chances of conflict, he just becomes overprotective of himself. 

He was hurt previously and has emotionally broken memories from the past.

And, now he wants to save himself before any negative things repeat in the present relationship.

Of course, a broken man loves you but there’s something stopping him. 

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3. He can’t be himself even around you.

Even if you are a good person who shows equal care and support to him, when a man is not feeling that comfortable and open with you, then signs a man is hurt emotionally. 

Of course, it takes some time to build an emotional connection there. 

But, after a long time if he still can’t be that open around you, then he definitely lets his past control his present behavior. 

No, it’s not your fault. It’s just his experience that won’t let him free. 

He can’t be himself or simply doesn’t want to open up too much, because he isn’t free from past hurtful events that broke him emotionally. 

Maybe he was treated badly, getting played with his feelings or his secrets were used against him, there must be the nearest friend or previous partner who broke his trust. 

Such hurtful memories leave quite a negative influence, also make it hard for a person to express their feelings and be open to anyone, thereafter. 

4. He is dealing with trust issues due to his past relationship.

As the most common signs of an emotionally broken man in love with you, your relationship feels like a daily struggle to you, both.

Every day seems like a tough time to connect with each other. 

Not because you are not trustworthy or he isn’t in love with you, but it’s his inability to trust his partner purely. 

Further, it leads to many relevant cases such as… hiding an important thing from a partner, and negative thinking about the relationship and future life. 

Also, doubting the partner’s feelings towards him, and so on. 

He really wants to be with you and feel like you are the person, to share something.

But, suddenly those past events come to his mind, which drove him away from being himself around you. 

Overall, When his liability to trust creates unnecessary issues in your relationship, then signs a man is hurt emotionally.

signs a broken man loves you

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5. He constantly seeks your attention and love.

You can easily figure out that man is hurt emotionally, especially when he is striving for attention from you and actually has a fear of losing you. 

From his routine behavior towards you and you get to see that he’s quite nervous and feels down most of the time.

He carries self-doubts due to such painful pasts. 

He isn’t confident about himself. 

Also because, it’s his experience that constantly reminds him that he is not good enough. 

Insecurity in a relationship to keeping a partner’s attention, are the ultimate signs of an emotionally broken man. 

6. Your relationship is just an option to him and not a priority.

Being not serious about your relationship and taking it as just an option, are apparent signs a man is hurt emotionally from his past. 

Indeed, it feels like you both are in a good relationship, but at the crucial stage, you get to know that your relationship is an option to him. 

Either he is solely passionate about his career, worried over his future life, or maybe using work to stay safe from any negative sides of relationships. 

No matter what, but your relationship and feelings are just being treated as an option, rather than a priority. 

One side of his behavior says he is working really that hard just for you.

But, on the other side, he just avoids any emotional bondings or too much giving in a relationship, thinking that it may cause a problem for him. 

An emotionally broken man uses past events as a reference to take every decision in the present relationship. Reminding the negative events from the past are clear signs a man is emotionally hurt.

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7. He constantly fears that you will leave him.

Whether he is showing his love and respect to you every single day or being too conscious about your feelings for him, such signs are enough to figure out that he is worrying too much about your relationship. 

He is trying to be with you all the time, also never let you feel alone.

Because he is in fear that you will leave him. 

Along with trust issues, he doesn’t feel confident about your feelings of you, too.

And may he ask you to keep proving your love for him.

From doubting your loyalty to getting too conscious in a relationship and so are combined signs a man is hurt emotionally. 

How to know he's emotionally broken man

8. His behavior is totally unpredictable.

Believe that… it’s not your fault, by any means. 

Sometimes it’s also because a girl might pretend to love him, his ex has broken his trust or he has been in a relationship with the wrong person. 

And as a result, he shows the infected behavior to you, which seems completely random and shocking to you.  

Especially even on the smallest thing in a relationship when he overreacts or gets that tense without any reason, then signs a man has been hurt and is now being controlled by negative emotions from the past.

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9. He adopts new habits… The negative ones.

Sudden shifts in lifestyle and behavior negativity, are the most common and ultimate way to find an emotionally broken man.

People are often tempted to return to negative habits they previously left behind or just to adopt new ones when they’re hurt and unavailable emotionally. 

It’s obvious that he’s broken inside, has no respect for himself or anyone with him. 

Indeed, you may or may not be the reason. 

But he blames himself for everything and starts being hard on own self, as a sense of punishment or regrets. 

From smoking, and drinking alcohol to emotional eating or any negative changes in his behavior are signs a man is hurt emotionally and probably lost hope in himself.

10. He takes everything very seriously.

The good news is when you talk about your relationship and future, he’s serious about it.

But here he’s being too emotional and overly serious. 

With your jokes and pranks, he takes it as a personal attack, as if you’re making fun of him. 

He’s no longer interested in the same Funtime activities and things you’ve had earlier. Or he has a tendency to overreact to everything as if there’s no love left in your relationship.

It may be that he is dealing with some past hurtful events that he does not wish to repeat in your relationship right now.

11. He always wants to look perfect in your eyes.

There’s no doubt you love him for who he is.

You think he doesn’t need any modifications to win your love. 

But because he’s been broken and hurt in the past, he clings to you desperately. 

The way he acts around you, you can clearly see how insecure he is about your relationship.

This guy may think that he’s not good enough for you, or is afraid to lose you, even if you’re not like his ex.

signs of an emotionally damaged man

12. He shows that he loves you. But, it’s his past that keeps controlling him.

Obviously, the guy knows you’re different from the last one. 

Although, it is his thinking that is shaped by the hurtful past experience that will not allow him to live in the present. 

The guy makes a genuine effort to be with you and make you feel special. 

He knows how to control his emotions and never let you feel hurt for the same.

That indicates that he is trying to overcome the hurtful past, but still struggles with it. 

It is rare for a man to ask for help, even if they need it. 

But, if he informs you that he depends on you and actually talks to you about it, such are signs that a broken man loves you, plus sees you as a hope for the future. 

Be the one who can heal his past wound and release him from that, especially when he opens up and tells you how he feels.

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So, What Do You Do After Knowing A Man Is Hurt Emotionally?

Well, loving an emotionally broken man is not that easy.

It’s hard to find that man is in pain because they never talked about it that frankly. 

But after being with him, noticing his behavior closely, and you become aware of those signs he is in emotional pain or he’s still living in the past and it hurts him. 

Here discussed signs of an emotionally broken man, are enough to know whether your man has recovered from the past hurts or not?

Of course, it’s totally okay to be with someone who stays true to you even after struggling emotionally inside.

When you can notice his efforts for your relationship, and he meant really special to you, then a man really needs someone for moral support. 


How to deal with an emotionally broken man who loves you?

Not necessary, all the time you have to look for the signs to find that a man you love is in pain and emotionally unavailable. 

Sometimes, a nice guy will come forward and accept the struggles he is dealing with.

Because he just can’t see you in the same challenging situation.

And if you are with that guy who accepts that he is broken, then he probably expects your support to change his outlook.

Such a damaged guy loves you and wants to be on his side.

Here are some better ways to help someone who is mentally and emotionally broken and needs the right person to get back his confidence back in life or in a relationship.

  • Encourage him to regain the confidence he has lost. 
  • Have the patience to deal with a man who is emotionally unavailable.
  • Be sure not to rewind his past or anything that could hurt him. 
  • Do not force him to change. First, give him a reason and allow him time to do so. 
  • Discover what he is passionate about and work together on it. 
  • Give him the hope and trust that you’re not like his ex. 
  • Stay true to yourself and it will restore his faith in love again.
  • Keep an honest attitude throughout.

When it’s his past that creates troubles for you both, then as a loving partner, it’s your turn to do something to give him hope. 

How to deal with broken man who loves you

Notice such signs a man is hurt emotionally at the first aspect… rather than feeding negativity only. 

Indeed, the person is in pain.

And, the decision is all yours… whether to bring back his trust that he lost in the past or to leave him with the struggles he has inside.

Remember, only that person who deserves a chance… who is caring enough to listen to you plus he really wants to change, but can’t by himself.


No matter how emotionally broken man is, if he truly loves you, he will show it anyway. 

You can support him by showing hope for the future. Set him free from past regrets, failures, or hurtful events.

Help him to restore his faith and confidence in the relationship, being a supportive partner. So that, you can create the future, as you both have dreamed of.