14 Signs of a Nice Guy To Prove, He Is Genuinely a ‘Good Man’

Last updated on November 25th, 2022 at 05:49 pm

Want to know the most common traits of a nice guy?

Or probably you want to confirm, Is he really that good guy or ‘a jerk’ who just trying to look good anyway?

Then, refer to these uncommon signs of a nice guy that proves, this he is a keeper who is responsible and has genuine feelings for you. 


How do you know if he is a nice guy? (And, not a jerk)

You seem to be doubting somebody’s originality and feeling for you. 

That’s fine, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Even if he seems like a great person at first, he could be the real nasty down inside, who reveals his true self, once he lost patience. 

So it’s probably best to think about it from the very beginning. 

Even out of doubt, you mustn’t treat a genuinely good guy in a way… that makes him feel regret for being nice.

So… How can we be sure that he is genuinely nice or not? 

OK, then take a close look at these personality signs that his behavior frequently informs you something about him.

Knowing such nice guy traits and you can easily determine if he really is a good person or just the same jerk that you met earlier.


14 Signs of a Nice Guy To Prove He’s a genuine person

1. A genuinely good guy who respects you.

The first sign to spot a nice guy with genuine feelings for you is… He truly respects you. 

That’s the kind of a good person that shows respect for you and cares for you rather than frustrating you. 

A so-called nice guy might behave weirdly and show a few signs of the doubt when he approaches you…

But those who are really nice are consistent from the outset. 

He is a true gentleman, he is special, he knows how to treat others, and actually makes someone feel special inside. 

2. A great guy who views rejection as an opinion.

When you’re with a genuinely nice guy he respects your opinions, as well. 

Neither does he overreact to your “NO”, nor he takes it as a serious issue. Being with a nice guy gives you confidence since you know he understands your priorities. 

When you deny his plan, a genuine person cares to know the reason behind it.

Instead of taking it as a slight to his image, he understands the situation from your viewpoint too. 

Only a great guy never forces you to join his plan if you’re not feeling well or when you have some other plans.

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3. A mature guy who never tries to change you.

Nice guys are genuine people.

He never forces you to his plan, not expect you to be perfect in his opinion. 

Such a good guy really understands you very well and accepts the way you are.

He never pressures you to do something that you don’t want to follow. 

Along with the nice guy, he is a mature person, too. 

Such unique signs of a nice guy tell that they actually make you feel relaxed and confident while being with them. 

4. A responsible guy who focuses on solutions, rather than creating more problems.

Jerks are the master of making mistakes and then blaming others for them.

Of course, nice guys also make mistakes at times, but they don’t overreact or pass the blame to someone else. 

Good guys take responsibility and concentrate on dealing with the situation.

Rather than making it more confusing, they do something that actually should be done. 

Behaving maturely and never run away from their responsibility, are the common traits of nice guys.  

You can count on such a mature person to take responsibility and do what is necessary.

Because they are confident about themselves.

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5. A clever guy who thinks before speaking or doing anything.

Obviously, nice guys aren’t interested in showing off, nor do they aim to impress others.

While so-called nice guys do whatever it takes so they can prove their power and values. 

Good guys make mindful decisions and think of the situation from the required aspects.

Rather than reacting to anything, they take time to think critically, analyze the situation and do the right thing. 

Such guys have a concern about you, over their emotions and opinions. 

If something is also related to you as well, they start to think about it from your side, too.

Simply because they don’t want to hurt you or do anything that may put you in trouble. 

6. An honest guy who is selfless.

Nice guys are often found doing something as an act of kindness.

Such great people have the ability to brighten someone’s day and know what to do as a good human being

You want to know whether your guy is kind or not, right?

You better notice such a nice guy’s behavior around people, he doesn’t know or is not related to. 

Respect for everyone is a natural sign of a nice guy, and he doesn’t think about his personal connection or potential benefits from someone. 

Such a great guy is selfless who truly makes someone feel special and happy inside. 

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7. A respectful guy who actually listens to you.

If he actually listens to you actively and inner you feel like your words are given equal respect, then signs you’re with a nice guy. 

Whatever you’re sharing, whether it’s an important topic or your regular office stories, he always makes you feel heard

Earlier, you used to talk about such things with your besties, but after meeting him now you start discussing it with him.

Moreover, he also contributes to conversation likewise. 

The guy who never interrupts you, nor he’s eager to speak something about him, are proven signs he’s a nice guy, that’s for sure. 

8. A confident guy who is not overconfident.

Being overconfident and showing off too much is not what you expect from the good guys. 

Right guys know what they can do and what they can not. You will not find them attempting to prove that they are the perfect or better option for you.

Everything that great guys do there is, stay true to themselves and present themselves as they are.

They are emotionally intelligent and never need to fake their skills or manipulate others. 

As part of several signs of a nice guy, they don’t hide behind their egotism. And so, they are eager to learn and update own self.

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9. A good guy who takes initiative.

Whether it’s about doing something challenging in teamwork or your relationship, such great guys are the ones who take the lead. 

Having a leadership quality, they’re confident in leading others on the right path.

Nice guys prefer to stay flexible and show their unique approach to situations. 

When things aren’t going well with your career or in life, they will encourage you and be there for you to give you moral support. 

Furthermore, a genuine guy never loses hope in the relationship…

Even if there is a sudden misunderstanding between you two.

A guy who understands the situation and does something that keeps your relationship within the realm of possibility again, is truly a nice guy with a pure feeling for you. 

These combined signs showings that you’re with a good guy who is an understandable partner, too. 

10. A thoughtful guy who never takes things personally.

Nice guys are very easygoing and don’t driven by the wrong emotions. 

They value others’ opinions and respect their difference as well.

Never do they try hard to appear better than others. 

Whereas, so-called nice guys often push themselves a little hard while trying to impress others.

You can identify a genuinely nice guy by the way they accept their limitations. 

You can see he’s not hiding anything from you, he stays true to himself. Their goal is never to impress others, but to remain honest to others. 

They are just interested to help others the best way they can, without checking if anyone is watching or not.

And such are enough signs that he is a nice guy and not a jerk. 

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11. A loving guy who gives you enough space.

A jerk believes they have to be with you constantly, wherever you are. 

They don’t seem to realize that you need personal space and a little time for yourself, too.

The problem is, they either ignore it, or they do not even know of it. 

Whereas good guys never try to control your time and life. 

He doesn’t mind if you want to spend time with your friends or family over his plans.

Rather than being a controlling partner, he makes things easy for you. 

Such genuinely nice guys care for you and believe that you also have other people in your life to take care of. 

12. A genuinely nice guy never does anything to prove that, “I’m a nice guy.”

Indeed, this should be the first sign of this list, but we’ve put it as the last point with a purpose. 

This is the ultimate and clearest sign of a person with a ‘nice guy syndrome’.

Such men do anything to prove themselves as the best and the only person around.

A real nice person is an honest man. He never has to prove his sincerity by showing off that ‘He is a great guy’. 

The person who is always trying to prove something to someone is ‘a jerk’ and not a nice person.

Well, such a so-called nice guy will do anything to manipulate your thinking and your feelings toward him. 

On the other side, a genuinely nice person is more concerned with doing something than just showing you what he can do.

Knowing his job as a great person, he does it with no expectation or personal advantages.

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13. A kind guy who respects others, including strangers.

To get an idea of a guy’s character, see how he treats the person he doesn’t know. 

It’s normal for every jerk to show you anything to impress you or make you believe ‘he’s a nice guy.’ 

But, the genuinely nice guy won’t do it to impress you.

That’s who he is in reality. It’s in their nature.

Moreover, they respect the people in his circle as well as the ones with whom he has no secretive intention or benefits to gain from. 

So next time you go on a date with him, pay attention to how he treats the waiter or whether or not he cares to give a tip. 

Because that is where you will find the signs to know if he is genuinely nice or just because you’re around. 

14. A patient guy who can control his emotions and self.

The jerks are impatient and want everything now. A nice guy understands you. 

When in a relationship with a good guy, you can also refuse if you aren’t ready for it.

Because they love and respect you sincerely. 

Indeed, you’re in a relationship, but for a genuine man, it’s more responsibility than just fun. 

They behave in a respectable and thoughtful nature throughout. They accept your decision and respect your choices. 

A jerk hates waiting because he is a player.

They keep trying to find new people to play with, so they try to hurry everything along. 

A genuinely nice guy won’t pressure you into doing anything you don’t feel comfortable doing or you’re not ready for.

Everything you do in the relationship is mutual and not one-sided or forced…

He asked for your opinion and never force you for anything, and these are signs he is truly a good person.

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Signs prove that he is truly a nice guy and not a jerk.

So these are some top signs of a nice guy that you want to check to ensure that, Is the person really genuine or not? 

Of course, it’s quite hard to find someone’s true character and hidden desires.

But, noticing such personality signs will tell you not everything, but most things about someone’s true image. 

And yes, doing so, that not only saves you from wasting your time on the fake person…

But that will further save a genuinely nice guy from being treated like a jerk.


Remember that, Jerks are temporary, they come fast and leave fast.

A genuine guy stays there for you, whether you see it or not. Because their feelings for you are all ‘Real’.