23 Signs He’s A Keeper (And, Not A Player)

Last updated on December 16th, 2022 at 06:06 pm

Wondering if your boyfriend or a guy you started dating recently is a keeper or not? 

It’s fine… when you’re being aware than get worried. 

Here, you want to ensure that you spend your time or feelings on the right guy, and not on another player. 

Especially when a guy played you earlier. 


23 Signs He’s A Keeper Guy

Spending time together and going out on exciting dates are all great fun.

But, you also want to know if this guy is serious about your relationship. Or do you have a future together not? 

And, here are some signs that will help you to confirm he’s a keeper and not a player. 

1. He compliments you as no one has ever.

When a guy is attracted to your body alone. His compliments are the same. 

But, this guy praises you beyond your physical appearance.

As the right one can see your uniqueness and praise for the person you’re.

2. He makes sure your parents know about your connection.

Certainly, he introduces you to his family, (her mom, first), when he’s serious about you.

Plus, he also wants to meet your parents, too.

His plans are for the long-term and that’s why he involves your family and parents, too. 

3. He is the one you want to share anything with first.

Even if that’s anything from your office or else, he’s the first person to hear about it. 

All because he comforts you, celebrate your success, supports you right when you’re not feeling well, and so on.

That’s an early sign he is a keeper, for sure. 

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4. He takes care of you, already.

When a guy is a keeper, you don’t have to ask for anything, he delivers. 

Simply with your voice or being around you, he finds how you feel inside.

If you doubt that your best friend has a crush on your boyfriend, your keeper boyfriend keeps your trust in a relationship.

With him, you feel well-supported and encouraged.

Because he takes care of you, perfectly. 

5. He introduces you to his friend circle.

Well, he’s really happy that you’re now his part of life. 

Whether it’s introducing you to his close friends or bringing you to the parties, he presents you with confidence in his connection. 

6. He shares his excitement to meet you.

If your long-distance boyfriend is truly in love, he can’t stop talking about your next meeting. 

Every day he reminds you of how many days it left for your next meeting. 

You can feel how excited he is to meet you on a date and after a long time.

This proves you’re with a keeper guy.

7. He never forgets to text you or call you.

A keeper won’t call you at a certain time, but they call you for sure, every day. 

Because this guy is truly into you, he wants to know more about you and your day at work.

He asks about your weekend plans and if you’re bored, he plans something special for you.

8. He considers every small detail about you.

Because he loves you, every small thing about you intrigues him. 

Whatever you share, he remembers everything.

You don’t have to remind him of anything, when it’s regarding you and your relationship, he overdoes it. 

Indeed, he’s a keeper, because all he wants from you is a smile. 

9. He takes interest in what you are passionate about.

The guy might not be a fan of swimming or yoga, but for you, he’s willing to join you.  

Moreover, he also asks you about your work or takes an active interest in your likes and dislikes.

If your date is a keeper, he connects with you through your passion/hobbies.   

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10. He expresses willingness to adjust in a relationship.

You two might not be perfect together, but he finds a way to embrace the imperfection. 

He won’t force you to change or adjust, but do it himself, first.

When he notices some habits that irritate you, he cares to stop that. 

Well, his efforts to adjust in a relationship are perfect signs that he’s a keeper, certainly. 

11. He never hesitates to share morning and night wishes.

A keeper guy never leaves the smallest chance to treat you special, anyway. 

Whether it’s to share cute good morning messages or good night wishes, he makes sure he’s your first and last thought.

It’s just how he sees you. 

With such regular gestures like these, he shows how much you mean to him. 

12. He treats you like a priority.

The player treats you like an option and treats you like a doormat person.

While the keeper gives you space and preference in his life. 

No matter how busy he is for the entire day and bad his day at work, with you… he forgets about everything else going on.  

13. He listens to you actively.

When you speak, he pays attention and tries to understand what you mean.

He might be too excited to talk about so many things with you. Rather than talking alone, he carefully listens to you.

He doesn’t force you to listen to him.

Overall, a keeper guy makes you feel heard and is there for you when you need him. 

14. He makes you feel better about yourself.

The right guy will help you to be aware of your true self or accept you for that. 

He is the one who brings positive change in your life.

He’s the one who makes you feel loved like you never before.  

Everything he does for you, eventually makes you feel special about yourself. 

When you notice, your life gets better every day from the day he arrives, that means you’re dating a keeper guy.

15. He has no problem meeting your father, especially.

If you fear that you’re not dating a player, this one is the right sign to focus on.

While players show an excuse to meet your father, keepers don’t mind.

Even, he wants you to introduce him to your father because he wants to be a part of your family one day. 

Possible that your father and family support your relationship because they consider your boyfriend a keeper. 

16. He is already fulfilling his responsibilities as a man for you.

Maybe you two are just dating, but he’s being a man and treats his woman- you, right? 

Well, your boyfriend may have a quirky personality, but also knows how to manage his feelings and emotions. 

He shows his responsible behavior and makes you feel special every day, which are signs he’s a keeper. 

17. He never asks you for more.

As your future partner, your boyfriend does his part in the relationship. 

He won’t force you to do anything, nor does he pressure you to do something when you’re not ready for it.

When you’re with a keeper, he makes sure that you be yourself. 

You’re with him, that’s enough for him, he’s not seeking anything special or extra. 

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18. He has surprises and good things to talk about you.

He never forgets to impress you with his surprises and new compliments. 

There’s always something for you, keeping you excited and loved in a relationship. He just never fails to make you feel admired

A keeper’s boyfriend’s mind is constantly on something, to keep the partner happy always.

19. He apologizes when he’s wrong (And, when he isn’t).

You two might have differences and often start arguing about anything. 

But, you two never let such things spoil your relationship, ever.

At that point, he apologizes to you for his mistakes and tries to understand you.  

He truly respects you and can easily forget-forgive and move on, that’s a sign he’s a keeper. 

20. He cares for your feelings and respects you.

He’s not being a controlling freak to you. But, have you had your space? 

When he notices you’re not happy with his behavior, he cares to change.

He avoids doing anything that damages your relationship and your self-respect. 

It’s a keeper guy who values you and improves your self-worth. 

21. He is patient and never pressurizes you.

Only the right guy who is into you, be patient. While players want it now.

If he never argues or complains over minor things, or gets angry if you disagree with his plans, that means your date is a keeper. 

Because your happiness is more important to him than what he wants from you. 

22. He’s your friend, boyfriend, and ‘future partner’.

You two enjoy each other’s company like friends and behave like married couples. 

Being together so far, there’s an emotional connection within. 

You may have had an argument half an hour before, but he doesn’t run away, which shows he’s a keeper boyfriend.

23. He is equally excited when planning for the future.

Well, you may already know that he comes into your life with long-term goals. 

He shows a willingness to improve and change. 

He pays attention to you when you talk about your future plans, your relationship, and life together. 

Such seriousness gives you confidence that he’s someone you can trust.

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Noticed More Signs Of A Keeper In Your Date Or Boyfriend?

Well, you’re lucky, because he’s a keeper and not a player. 

He already shows responsible behavior, has a long-term plan, and most importantly makes sure that you feel happy and special in a relationship. 

Seeing that you’re with a keeper guy, be sure to adjust from your end, as well.

Because… not every guy is the same.