14 Signs You Are Going From ‘Best Friend to Lover’

Last updated on December 31st, 2022 at 05:49 pm

“No, no we are just friends!!!!

However, if you have a second thoughts or doubt yourself after saying that, that means you two are more than friends.

Read on to find more signs that you are going from Best friend to Lover. And yes, you can’t keep it secret any longer. 


How do you know if you’re turning from Best friend to lover?

The good thing is most long-term friendships turn into a lifetime relationships. 

But, the sad part is, the one that remains ‘friendship’ alone, either results in losing the best friend or remains buried in one person’s heart forever, without letting the other person know about it. 

And if you are feeling like being in love with your best friend, it’s a good idea to confirm before taking any step further or sealing that secret in you forever.

Let’s take a look at some most common signs of going from friends to lovers.

Knowing so, you will realize are you on the same track. 

Who knows? Your best friend could be waiting for you and is also hiding the same feeling inside of him/her. 


Signs You’re Falling in Love with Your Best friend

A friendship-to-love transition requires time and sequential events to build trust and romantic connection over time.

Seeing these signs that your friendship is becoming more, you can see that love and special feelings are developing between you two ‘best friends. 

1. When routine jokes feel more like flirting.

Well, this one is the most obvious sign that you two are more than just friends. 

Of course, friendship includes occasional fun times when together.

You both enjoy spending time with each other, making fun of each other, and having some good times in life, without hurting anyone’s feelings. 

When there are more than just friendships, your bond with your best friend is stronger than anyone else, such fun takes on a whole new level especially when no one’s around you two.

Even though you two are friend from work, you both can’t help but flirting at work without caring anything.

Such flirtiness from the friend is the best sign that your best friendship is turning into romance. 

2. When you spend more time together even though you are both in a group or with other friends.

It’s because you two are more into each other than the group combined.

Anytime when you two are surrounded by each other you talk with each other with your eyes, when sitting at a far distance. 

When you sit close to each other, you don’t know what the other people in the group are talking about.

Because you are too busy with each other, talking about something. 

There is a developing connection that is obviously more than just a friendship feeling. 

Moreover, if you and your best friend feel way too comfortable and confident about each other in comparison to everyone else in the group, then there are solid signs that your friendship turns into a relationship.

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3. When you are both friends, talk and act like lovers.

Regularly talking at night before bed and you still think, you two are “just friends”?

Even if the friendship is great, friends are not always the last person you talk to on a daily basis.

And if they are, it means there is more than just friendship. 

If you talk to each other like a lover, treat each other well, and have endless talks with equal excitement from both ends are signs that you both are becoming best friend to lover.

Although you don’t have any clue that platonic feelings are developing between you, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Therefore, take a look, is there something more you feel about that friend, when thinking about them alone, that indicates there is something deeper than mere friendship. 

4. When you become more conscious about your looks and appearance when going to meet ‘that friend’.

If they’re really your best friend, you won’t spend much time deciding what to wear. 

Friends are just friends, who know you and understand you without saying or explaining anything to them.

If you come to meet them, wearing sneakers and joggers, they won’t ask you a single question.

Because there is a great level of comfort you both shared together. 

However, when you are overly concerned about how you look, also spend significant time dressing well and looking attractive, which implies that you care about how you appear around your best friend. 

You want to impress your best friend and make a good impression on him or her. 

However, when you notice that your best friend is wearing new dresses and having a makeover even though you’re meeting, such are great signs that you both are moving from best friend to lover.

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5. When your best friend becomes the priority over other friends or people.

For you, this one cannot be placed in the same category as your other friends.  

When you prefer your best friend over your other friends or people in life, that means you have some special bonding with this friend. 

While it is not to ignore or avoid other people, you have more care and respect for them, which makes you always choose them over anyone else. 

Because she doesn’t feel well, you skip other plans. Right now, she matters to you, more than anything else. 

You instantly get back home after celebrating your birthday with your other friends, because he’s there waiting for you with a special present. 

Anytime when you prioritize your best friend over other friends or anyone else, showing you share a special bonding together, those are signs that you two are more than just friends. 

6. When you feel jealous or competitive knowing you two are not alone.

The jealousy is not in terms of you’ll be left alone, but losing that best friend you’re crushing on. 

Certainly, it’s not easy for you to express your romantic feelings to your best friend. But, the fear keeps you controlled and you lose a chance to turn this friendship into love 

You may not experience this love feeling until your friend talks about their relationship or tells you that they are in a relationship. The feeling of jealousy you feel is one of the biggest signs that you have a crush on your best friend. 

Due to inner jealousy, you get furious and choose to stay away from your friend after discovering that he is dating someone else. 

Further, when you learn about their recent breakup with a partner, you might feel like you have a chance now for building a closer relationship with your friend. 

You can tell that you are more than just friends, when your best friend also feels jealous of your partner, knowing you are with another guy or girl. 

That is a sign of going from friend to lover, and that insecurity and jealousy are the proof.  

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7. When you trust them more than just a friend.

You two are together like a lifetime partner, who is dependable and trustworthy to each other. 

It’s a person who comes to mind whenever you have anything to share about your life or the ending day. 

You let this person know that you’ve gotten your dream job, before anyone else. 

Well, you might not want to share everything with your friend, but when you feel like it, there is something more than just a friendship. 

You make sure that person knows everything about you and you share with them happily without any judgment or second thought.

Because that best friend also does the same to you and makes you feel confident about your special connection. 

Such a level of great understanding and mutual trust are great signs of friendship turning into a relationship. 

8. When you simply never feel bored of each other anyway.

Of course, there are other friends around, but you feel something special for ‘that one.’

Well, no matter how great your friendships are, you don’t really want to be surrounded by them all the time. 

But, when there is a special chemistry that you both have to each other, you simply feel excited for every meeting or opportunity to see each other again. 

After all, your meetings no longer feel like a friendly hangout. But a romantic date. 

When you can skip the plan for other friends or any of your personal plans just to be with your best friend, to see her, or be with him are great signs that you two are more than just friends. 

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9. When your texts or calls with ‘a friend’ are longer than ever.

For each other, you both are the first and last people to talk or text every single day.

Having a talk with friends is normal.

But, most discussions with friends are limited to any purpose or reason and that’s for a short duration alone.

And yeah, you might not have a night call with your friend every single day. 

Especially when there is a romantic feeling involved, you talk to your best friend like crazy. 

You talk to each other every single day before bed, you send the ‘good morning’ to ‘good night’ wishes, and even have the same excitement to talk every day, without fail. 

The desire to stay close and connected from both sides is a further sign of friendship turning to love. 

10. When you daydream about your best friend a lot.

The presence of that best friend means to you, and you can’t help but think about them. 

Even though other friends are around, you can’t stay engaged or enjoy the things like you usually do with the same group.

Because here, someone is missing. 

You feel incomplete inside when a single day goes without seeing or calling ‘that’ friend.

Feeling alone when your best friend is not today at work at college is all fine.

But, this person’s absence hits you differently. 

Especially when you simply can’t stop thinking about the friend, those are powerful signs that you are being a friend to lover, because you are into them and they mean a lot to you.

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11. When you feel something for this ‘friend’, like you never feel for anyone else.

Of course, your connection with your best friend no longer feels like friendship alone. 

There is something more going on between you two friends.

The way you feel comfortable with this person and feeling complete you have never before with anyone else in the group. 

It’s like your best friend has a special place in your heart that no one else had before. 

Moreover, when you start fantasizing about the relationship with your best friend becoming more than just a thought, you can say that a romantic feeling is developing in your friendship. 

The idea of being with that friend feels special to you, these are signs that your friendship turns into a relationship. 

12. When you start talking about future life or relationships, particularly.

Call it curiosity or insecurity, but you want to know more about their love life.

Normally, you do have not that much desire to know about your friend’s plan or relationship.

After all, all your goal here is to make the present time a good one, eventually. 

But, when such a life-related discussion goes more than simply a friendly discussion, that means you are really serious about taking this friendship to the next level. 

You want to know their thoughts about an ideal life partner.

You want to discuss your future life so that you can become more compatible with each other. 

Anytime when you feel curious to know about their future plan or feel insecure about being with another partner, these are signs that you have a crush on your best friend and expect that hoping you two lifetime best friends become lovers of life. 

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13. When your other friends treat you two like, you’re lovers in the group.

No matter how many times you can convince your friends, they know what you two are cooking. 

When you two are giving too much attention to each other, spending time with each other more than anyone else in the group… How can you forget that the other won’t notice it?

Well, those are your friends, and they’ve been noticing what you two are cooking together. 

From secretly staring at each other to asking too many questions to other common friends about each other, these are powerful signs that even your friends start to feel that there is something more than just friendship going on between you two ‘just friends’. 

Even though you two haven’t expressed your feeling to each other or ever talked about it, your common friends definitely notice the way you look at each other.

Out of all other clues, your common friends also notice the way you treat each other, which obviously no one else ever has been treated that way, either by any of you two. 

That leaves them surprised and comes to the point that, two best friends fall in love. 

14. When you feel something when your friend touches you.

It’s not only the increased amount of touch, but that feeling is a whole different experience. 

With your buddies, regular touch and hugs are normal.

But now, these things aren’t confined to formalities to your best friend. 

Anytime you feel something when that ‘best friend’ hugs you or touches you, you feel something inside, like something you never feel with anyone. 

The way you touch and look at each other continually to feel special every time. 

When you no longer take every touch and hug lightly like with every other friend, those are perfect signs that your friendship is about to turn into romantic love. 

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When you are falling in love with your best friend…

Of course, no matter how many signs of best friends turned lovers, you relate with from the list, but those scary thoughts are all will be there. 

After all, in process of turning friendship into love, you don’t want to lose a lifetime friend, just because you thought it was love. 

But, rather than seeing the one side you also want to think about what if that person is already feeling the same for you and waiting for you to make a move

With such signs of turning best friend to lover, you can check if your best friend’s behavior towards you is the same?

And if so, then possibly they also want to take this friendship to the next level. 

Overall, it’s always a good idea to sit beside, trust your best friend and share what you feel for them, rather than being a miserable friend, for a lifetime. 


The regret of something you didn’t is always worse than doing it, at least once. Remember that!