9 Signs Of Being Dead Inside

Once in a while, there comes a time in life when everything seems meaningless and dull. That situation can be due to many reasons. But, here are sharing the signs of being dead inside to prove that someone or it’s you become completely lost, hopeless and isolated, temporarily.   


What does it mean to be dead on the inside?

It feels like you wake up, you breathe, you eat, you sleep and you work but with that lost and empty feeling inside. 

Like, there is nothing you feel excited about.  

Your passion for working on something you love, to enjoying time with friends… are all gone. 

You have no clues what happens, but for you everything suddenly looks drab, not working out, or just empty. That’s most probably after the traumatic event or experience you faced recently. 

Of course, it takes time to get over such down moments in life, but it takes some internal-external support to get back the life on track and feel like living, again.

So if you want to know that your friend or someone in connection is losing hope in themselves or life, then such signs will help to provide/seek the required emotional support in such a difficult life phase. 


9 Signs of Being Dead Inside

1. A person feels empty and sad most of the time.

Despite working on something the person is passionate about, the person does not feel inspired. 

It’s because recent unfortunate events have left a devastating impact on his thoughts and emotions. Which further results in getting defocused on life and career goals. 

The energy to make an exciting and liveable life has completely disappeared. Many of these issues are caused by complicated life circumstances or unrealistic expectations.

Feeling emptied or clueless like what to do with life, is also a possible sign that someone is dead inside. 

2. A person stops caring for themselves.

Whether it’s to get busy helping others or pressure to be likeable to the group, a person gets too involved in such things that he forgets that he also needs to take care of own needs, too. 

Having a desire to impress others or comparing oneself too much, are clear signs that a person doesn’t care for ownself like he should. 

Being hard on oneself and self-doubts or self-blaming for everything that is out of control, are signs of being dead inside. 

A possible reason is that the person is carrying too much burden of life than required. 

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3. A person gets too busy or does nothing at all.

Getting too busy with the work as a distraction to the pain he has inside or working at the job that he hates are signs of that person being hard on oneself.

On the other hand, not working at all or feel like sleeping even in the daytime are symptoms of feeling dead and empty inside. 

The person has much interest in living life with active interest and excitement. 

He wants to punish himself due to regrets of failures, and choose the hard path that he knows he’s not able to take anymore. 

4. A person no longer feels excited about anything, anymore.

When a person is really in pain and feeling empty inside, nothing seems exciting to him. 

From his favorite TV shows to pass-time activities, a person quits everything that made him feel good about himself before, because he no longer enjoys it now. 

Indeed, it takes time to get out of the traumatic situation, but when a person is in emotional pain the other relationship in life also shows the negative influence. 

If you see your friend, colleague or partner no longer feel excited at things they like to talk about, that can be signs of being dead inside. 

And if so, then they need some emotional support there. 

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5. A person gets busy with their phone when people are around.

When a person is really in pain, he withdraws himself from social interaction and connections that can change his life in a much better way. 

At a party or social gathering, a person keeps himself busy on the phone to avoid any connection with others. Well, that clearly seems rude and disrespectful to many, who are not aware of that empty feeling or pain that person has inside. 

Getting addicted to youtube, social media, or surfing anything at all is his way to disconnect from the real world around him. 

When a person gets inspiration from the virtual world and ignores the real-life connection that makes him feel alive and presents the real color of life, are signs that the person is dead inside. 

6. A person who worries too much, about everything.

Worries and overthinking at everything never solve anything. Instead, it ultimately brings more problems to the individual’s life. 

No matter whatever the case may be, worrying too much always makes the person defocus from something very important. 

Planning and thinking about something is good until we actually do something later on.

But, when our habit of thinking or talking too much costs our time to actually work, there comes a problem. 

If you see someone in your group or connection who worries literally about everything that can be the sign that person is dead and empty inside. 

It could be a result of a past failure or experience that left a negative mark on a person. 

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7. A person goes into isolation.

Probably, he wants to stay alone after feeling broken from a relationship or ending a lifelong friendship with someone he trusts a lot. 

If so, he is more likely to stay away from making a healthy connection with others, or welcoming the new person in his life. It’s clear signs that he hasn’t gotten over the past. 

Moreover, he requires some time to get that trust and hope in life back. 

Spending too much time alone, not taking an interest to have healthy connections with new or existing people in life are signs of being dead inside. 

It’s more like a person has lost his trust and hope in present or potential connections. 

8. A person doesn’t know what he’s doing with life.

Agree that, our life is always going and running at its pace. 

However, there is a time when you become detached from reality and the life that you’ve been living so long and start to feel empty inside. 

Nothing seems right or wrong, it’s your ‘senses’ to feel the good or bad things are gone. 

And anytime you feel that your life has no purpose or you’re living in a fantasy, your every day in real life is full of such empty and lost feelings. 

When you feel a little defocus from your life goals and not feeling passionate anymore are signs that you are feeling dead inside. 

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9. A person who can’t see that their life can get better any further.

No matter what we feel and what we think right now, there is hope for everything. Always.

When a person gives up on himself plus on the idea to keep going and working on the dream that he set, that means a person losing hope in ownself. 

It’s definitely surprising to know that a few days ago a person looked so active and focused on the goal.  

But, now his motivation is no longer there to keep him going. 

Many things are there to lead a person to such a situation, but in the end, it leaves him feeling empty, hopeless, and negative nonetheless. 

If you see yourself in the same situation like you have no interest in keeping on your lifelong dreams or something you loved doing, are signs that you are feeling dead and empty inside.


When you’re dead inside…

Even though you relate with the most presented signs of being dead inside, that doesn’t mean you will stay the same, dead and empty forever. 

If you want, there is always something that you can do to make yourself better and live a life with all the great desires, interests, and emotions, just like you had before.

First, make yourself open to new connections rather than being isolated for more. Be with like-minded people around you, and have a good time together. 

Learn to let go of the past and prefer to stay focused on future goals. Try to reconnect with your life and start doing something you feel passionate about.

And most importantly, give yourself time and patience. 


Generally, most signs of being dead inside are temporary and it eventually gets solved after some time and you get back to regular life anyway. But, if you see yourself or someone in your connection in the same situation even after a week or more, it’s wiser to visit the doctor. 

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