13 Signs Your Child Doesn’t Respect You (And, What To Do Next?)

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 06:10 am

Do you have a hard time handling your children?

A possible reason might be… their behavior gets so manipulative, demanding, and disrespectful to you or anyone in the family.

Well, in such a case you better go through the red signs telling that your child doesn’t respect you and disregards your feelings.

Following that, there are some tips on what to do when your son or daughter disrespects you.

But first, it’s also your role not to treat them like a black sheep of the family… your kids deserve to be respected, too


When You Have A Disrespectful Child…

It’s an alarming for parents to see the disrespect and careless behavior of their kids. 

Disobeying, shouting, counter-arguing, acting out, or cursing are all bad behaviors of kids that no parent wants to see. 

While you have been always busy working and earning money, you overlook investing in your kids-parent relationship.

Like most kids, they get money without considering their actual needs.

That is- your time and attention. 

If you’re unavailable for them when they need you, they develop the habit of living without you.

Additionally, they’ll become independent over time, and start to ignore and disrespect you when you offer to help them.

In addition, your kids have also been learning a lot from your behavior with your parents,  partner, or other friends, colleagues, and others. 

If that becomes routine, it is no wonder that your kids will also exhibit the same behavior toward others, elders, and you as well. 

Such disrespectful behavior may surprise you, but it could be your fault or not.

But, the point is, this isn’t how you want your children to grow up. Neither do any parents. 

Now, let’s take a look at some early signs of disrespectful behavior from kids, so you can spot it as early as possible and can do something to correct it from now on.


13 Signs Your Child Doesn’t Respect You

Found your child doesn’t care for anyone but themselves?

Do you have to always give them something to get them to do anything?

If so, you’re raising a brat, actually. 

There are several signs that your child doesn’t love you and has no respect for whatever you provided them so far. 

1. Your children become demanding and mean to you.

As a parent, you naturally have to cater to your children’s every need and desire.

However, once they become accustomed to getting what they want and need without much waiting, they are more likely to demand more.

When they get everything fairly easily, they think they can get them whenever they want it.

Later, you might have to deal with the brat kid’s unexpected wants and unreasonable demands. 

signs of a disrespectful child

2. If you don’t give them what they ask for, they become disrespectful to you.

You have to deal with their anger and frustration when it’s not possible to do something for them at the moment.

When your child was never taught to differentiate between needs and desires, they become a needy spoiled child.

They are more likely to express disappointment when their needs aren’t met as demanded.

Since you have been giving them everything they ask for and they never learn to be patient, it might be a sign that your child doesn’t respect you.

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3. Your child acts as if they’re the only one in the world.

Are they expecting special treatment every time and acting as if they’re the king of the house?

There may be the possibility that your children are self-centered and can’t see that other people are as wonderful or as perfect as they are.

It’s mostly since they have acquired so much comfort and desire.

It could be a problem when instead of feeling grateful for these needs, they start to take pride in them and look down on those who are less fortunate.

Due to that, they might offend other kids who are not getting the same treatment at home. 

Additionally, your relationship with children becomes conditional, they only love you when you do what they want.

When you do not, your child will become mean and rude to you.

4. Your children don’t respect or care about family rules.

They don’t care about family rules or traditions. Those home rules don’t work for them. 

We are not talking about strict rules here, but about the healthy rules your parents taught you and which you believe are right. 

Most of it concerns taking care of personal chores, everyday tasks, and how to behave when in front of parents and other elders.

Breaking such family or house rules actually satisfies their ego.

They become mean to other people in the family, as well as to other kids in the colony.

Which are signs of a disrespectful child, who have no concern for anyone. 

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5. Your child is more interested in receiving than in something.

Basically, they don’t believe in sharing help or things.

Whether it’s sharing food with siblings or toys with other kids, your child doesn’t believe in ‘sharing is caring’ at all.

They become possessive of whatever they have.

At some level, not being able to share something with others is fine.

As Those behaviors are normal in children as well as in childish adults

But when they’re more interested in snatching something from someone than sharing, that’s a sign you’re raising a spoiled child.

6. Your child never shows care or sympathy for anyone.

Like they don’t share anything with anyone, they show no care or feelings for anyone either.

If you show them you will buy them something later, rather than now, they cannot accept that at all.

Your feelings, your concerns, your time, or your budget is not important to them, which are signs your child doesn’t love you.

What they want, they want it right now, anyhow. 

This might make them grow into a bully kid who enjoys seeing and hurting others.

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7. Your child simply can’t accept rejection or NO.

It’s in their nature to become overly upset when they hear no for anything.

Simply because they have no clear understanding of why they are rejected.

Despite your best efforts, they force you to get something they want anyway, even if you promised to do it later or do something even better.

Perhaps, now you blame yourself for offering them everything on-demand.

Gradually, this is how they got into the habit of getting everything on first order.

Such challenging behavior is a clear sign that your child doesn’t respect you, no matter what you did for them.

Signs your child has no respect for you

8. Your child doesn’t get along well with their siblings or other children.

Sibling rivalry becomes common at home when you have a spoiled child. 

Their behavior at home is completely unexpected and hard to handle.

They are always fighting with their sister and brother over toys and anything else.

Plus, they are constantly asking for extra treats that their siblings receive to prove they are special.

Moreover, such kids might end up fighting and bullying other kids in the colony or school. 

Getting constant complaints regarding your child’s behavior at school or around the neighborhood is a sign that your child is a spoiled brat.

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9. Your kid never does anything by themselves.

Not heavy work or anything that they aren’t ready for yet, but things that they should be doing after a certain age.

You provide them with everything, that’s fine only up to a certain age.

That’s what responsible and great parents do.

So your kids should be respectful of this.

As they grow older, they should begin doing things for themselves. That’s impossible for your children.

Instead, they expect you to do something for them all the time, whatever it may be.

The fact that your teenager refuses to help you with simple tasks, such as doing their chores, coming with you to the grocery store, or even helping you with something around the house, are overall signs that your child does not respect you.

10. No matter what they have, your kids are never happy or grateful.

There is simply no end to their needs and desires. They want something all the time.

Providing them as part of showing love as a parent is fine.

But they never stop there. Almost always, they need more.

Not only that, but spoiled kids have little regard or concern for what you’ve given them.

They never express their gratitude for such things in life nor are they satisfied with them.  

When your kids always want something, but never thank you for it, are signs of disrespectful children who do not know how grateful they are.

signs your child doesnt love you

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11. Your kids always have to win.

That means your children will never accept defeat or limitations.

Since your kids have been living in such a comfortable and relaxed environment so far, they have never learned to adjust to the outer world. 

They expect their life to treat them the same everywhere outside, as they live at the home.

It’s hard for your kid to remain patient and calm when things don’t go their way.

Moreover, they don’t want to let go of anything, because it’s something they’ve never done before.

12. Your child’s tantrums at home become a routine.

Because their parents provide everything without much delay, they become impatient.

When you’re in a better stage in your life and you can provide them with what they want, that’s great. 

The problem is, when you don’t buy something because you think it’s a waste of money, your kids don’t understand that.

As a result, your kids are more likely to show you mean, ignorant and uncontrollable behavior which is hard to handle.

It is common for them to lash out at other things with tantrums and frustration.

Such are signs that your child is mean and rude, as their immediate reactions to rejections are nothing but completely negative or dramatic.

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13. You haven’t treated your child with respect nor taught them anything.

Initially, your children will learn more from you than anyone else.

Since you never thank your parents, grandchildren, wife, husband, siblings, or siblings’ spouse, your kids will never learn it from you.

Their actions are heavily influenced by you, that’s a fact.

You may be being that toxic parent who doesn’t love their children.

And as they get older, they do the same thing to you, since that’s what they’ve been seeing and learning from your behavior.

If you constantly fight with your partner or don’t respect your parents, your children won’t learn any right things.

Kids raised by bad parents and being in a toxic environment are more likely to show behavioral signs of disrespectful kids… Because they believe it’s how you behave toward others.


What To Do If Your Child Doesn’t Respect You?

Based on the above signs, what you feel right now is that you have a spoiled kid who does not respect you, not anyone in the family, or even the world outside.

It’s certainly hard to see that your cute baby is now turning into a little devil of the home.

Yet, that’s what they are right now.

As a parent, you can do something to communicate to them that their behavior is neither acceptable nor positive at all.

Below are some tips for handling disrespectful kids.

A. Have patience and calm first.

When your kids argue or become disrespectful to you, you usually retaliate with anger. 

Still, it’s a good idea to keep your cool.

It is better to respond calmly to a situation if you want to solve it. 

Overall, you simply cannot convince kids to stay cool, when you are unable to manage your own emotions.

B. Punishing them won’t solve the problem.

You don’t want to teach them a lesson the hard way, but rather in an understandable way, letting them know why something isn’t right. 

The discipline needs to be followed and learned with a clear mind, not under any pressure.

That’s why punishments aren’t an option here, even for spoiled kids. 

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C. Teach them. Don’t just expect them to know.

Kids are never going to learn anyhow, by themselves.

Especially at the beginning, it is important to give your child the attention and time they need to raise them well. 

Learn about their needs, desires wants, and whatever is going on in their minds. 

Be there to provide them the right support with love and care and not just with things.

D. Provide them with more opportunities to learn the right things.

Poor guidance and no parental training often result in kids’ toxic behavior.

During a game, let them accept defeats normally. 

While you’re with your children, no matter how angry you may be at someone, be careful they’re watching you.

Begin by doing a simple task by yourself and let them learn with such examples to do their chores and normal things by themselves. 

Show them that It’s fun doing such things, and there is nothing to feel ashamed of.

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E. Encourage them to express their gratitude.

When teaching your children anything, you don’t need a strict plan. 

You just need to watch how you behave around your parents.

You should create a family environment where you express your thanks even for the smallest things. 

Teach them to be more supportive, respectful, and kind to others, including elders and kids of their age.

F. Don’t forget to appreciate kids when they do something good.

Whether they got better grades or shared their toys with someone for the first time, appreciate them. 

Same as when you don’t stop disciplining them when they misbehave, be sure to encourage them when they do something good.

Encouragement and motivation for kids do make them do more good work.

That way, kids feel appreciated, recognized, and valued in the end.

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G. Respect your child, love them, and spend time with them.

In general, your kids take their first inspiration from you.

Whatever you do, they will also copy that. Show your kids that you’re there for them when they want to play in their free time. 

Provide them with parental support and love. And, your responsibility isn’t limited to buying them things. 

Don’t let your parental ego get in the way of taking care of spoiled kids, it will only make things worse.

Therefore, you need to first respect your child and understand that he listens instead of screaming or tantrum back.

You should schedule a time to spend with your kids each day, talking and listening to them.

Make them feel loved, heard, and morally supported so they can stay on the right track.

what to do if your child doesn't respect you


Your role as a parent is to make your kid strong, independent, and respectful to others.

As you notice the signs clearly saying that your child doesn’t respect you, you should also be aware that it could be you who aren’t teaching them the right things.

It’s fine to provide them with what they demand.

What’s better is to teach them to become more patient and flexible with their feelings. with their desires.