13 Signs of An Immature Person (Spot A Childish Adult)

Last updated on August 13th, 2022 at 02:38 pm

In our earlier post, we have discussed the top characteristics of a mature person. Now, let’s take a look at some signs of an immature person who acts childish despite being an adult.

Whether that someone is from your family, friend or at work, being with them actually makes you uncomfortable.

Also, you’re worried about them, because you don’t know what they do or what they’ll say. 

Before you give them the right direction, you need to look at the signs that childish people’s behavior show.

Knowing so then, you will also find some corrective tips on how to deal with a man child, and to help them act their age. 


What Are Signs Of Emotional Immaturity?

Maturity is more about learning through experiences and adjusting own self with the present situation, overall.

And there’s nothing like social standards or set expectations to prove someone’s maturity level.

It’s more about flexible nature.

Whereas being childish is the complete opposite… where such people become problematic, unclear, or constantly silly in almost every situation.

Remember, the level of maturity has nothing to deal with the age of the person.

Want to know… Is your friend, partner, or colleague mature enough or not?

Then, take a look at these signs of an emotionally immature person to prove they’re one of them.


13 Signs Of An Immature Person

1. They think they are a mature person.

An indisputable truth.

Most emotionally immature people think that they’re intelligent and mature enough.

Inner self, they think they’re the best and quite better than most of the others around.

As a result, they constantly comment on others and never leave a single opportunity to pull others down.

For them, everyone has something lacking in their personality, ability, and lifestyle.

But, an immature person himself, doesn’t have any idea about what lacks in themselves, overall.

Moreover, when someone points out their limitations or informs about behavioral improvement, an immature never admits, nor accepts that they relate to any of these.

2. They never take responsibility.

Well, childish people are great at running away from responsibilities.

They never feel responsible for the things which they ought to do.

Constantly blaming people around, and taking advantage of others, and such are the most common signs of an immature person in the group.

When someone lacks self-respect or feels they’re not perfect… they prefer to be with those who are not good enough.

Doing so, they want to be supreme and dominate others’ thinking plus their actions.

Whether it’s a relationship or work, immature people stay away from any responsibility, just because they’re not confident in themselves.

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3. They think no one is good as they are.

Believing that you’re different and special to this world, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But, when such an idea of being different ultimately keeps you away from the close connection and your nearest people, then that’s not a good thing at all.

Such childish people act like they’re the only ones in this world and often treat other people for granted.

Whether it’s about appearance, abilities, skills, personalities, or standards, the same person thinks that he/she is superior.

And, such signs prove they are an emotionally immature person.

Because any wise and mature person never crosses their limits. As they know the difference between confidence and overconfidence.

Moreover, they know there’s always someone more capable and unique than they’re.

4. They take everything personally.

No matter whatever happens around, no matter what someone says to that corner, an immature person thinks that it’s about them alone, entirely.

Really, a weak-minded and immature person is too conscious about how others perceive them.

Yes, you have to be extra careful around them. Because, they’re easily offended, even when something it’s not about them.

They’re so much about themselves, and can’t see anything else beyond themselves.

Inside, they have a fear, informing them that the whole world is team-up against them.

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5. They aren’t able to differentiate Needs vs Desires.

Have that one friend in your group, who always brings something branded and expensive just to show off? Is your partner constantly want you to surprise them with costly gifts?

Well, these are some behavioral signs of an immature person, who prefer things over someone’s feelings and time.

Especially when a person isn’t able to make the right choice in life and doesn’t know where to invest their time and energies in and such are proven signs that someone is immature there.

Whereas a mature person looks at the price plus the ultimate value out of it, a childish person picks inner desires.

As this is a way to improve their self-image.

Even when reaching a certain age level, when a person can’t decide the difference between needs and desires it’s confirmed that a person is emotionally immature, overall.

6. They compare with everyone around.

Rather than thinking that everyone is unique and special on their own, an immature thinks that everyone is their rival whether it’s in the office team or the family.

They never contribute to their group equally. Because they are more focused on self-image than the collective team wins.

Immature can never appreciate others, nor genuinely support others to become successful.

They just compare themselves with everyone around and try hard to look better than others.

The fear of falling behind is always there in their mind, controlling them to support someone when a person really needs their help.

Moreover, they never say anything nice to someone, as they’re better at making people feel negative and doubtful about their own abilities.

Why?? Because they’re immature people. Simple.

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7. They just talk and never listen to others.

Found someone in your group who has a habit of talking too much about self? Or someone who never gives required attention to others’ words?

Well, that’s what an immature and childish adult normally does.

All they want is more attention and respect than they are giving to others.

Further, they want everyone to listen to every word of them, but never care what someone is saying or advising them on something important.

This is because they are not emotionally mature enough to value others’ presence or opinions.

A person can be poor at listening skills, but when someone ignores giving respect to others, even realizing that they are wrong, then such are sure signs of an immature personality.

8. They are not mature enough to accept rejections.

Instead of knowing the purpose and what’s lacking in themselves, when a person takes rejection personally and ignores others’ viewpoints then, it’s enough to sign to prove he/she is an immature person.

They never look at themselves and understand others’ opinions.

They never feel like they are incapable or not ready yet.

Well, such childish adult fails to level up themselves just because they never realize that they need to change.

Being too conscious about self-image and ego, and they want to look the best and perfect.

Taking things personally, not listening to others, and being too much conscious about self-image, etc are something that you can expect from someone having an immature personality.

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9. They never learn from their mistakes.

Yes, they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Because they never listen to others, nor want to put their ego aside, they keep following the wrong path.

No matter how many times others advise them or suggest them a better option, they never listen to others. And just keep doing what they think, that works the best.

There is nothing about persistence or self-confidence, it’s all about pride and is perfect for an childish adult.

Immature personalities can’t admit that they can be wrong and make a mistake.

Whereas emotionally stronger people and mature tend to learn the lesson from such situations, immature stay the same and never adjust themselves, as required.

Such signs of an immature person collectively show that they want to figure it out all alone, without seeking support from others.

10. They have no regard for others’ time or priorities.

If you think that you can change the limited thinking of the immature person, you will wish that you’d better not try. 

Instead of respecting your words and effort for them, they undermine you, wasting your time and energy in return. 

They care little and have no respect for their own time in life, so they do the same for others, too.

Even having small talk with an immature person, you feel drained and injected with negativity.

People really want to stay away from such a negative and childish person as much as possible. 

Because people have respect for their time which they can do for some good cause.

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11. They keep avoiding challenges in life.

Above all, they are too comfortable with the life they’ve been living for a long time.

They hate changing their life situation and anything that feels like a little bit of extra work to them.

Exactly, immatures are not only less confident, but also lazy enough to improve their life level.

When your brother/sister, friend, or any friend who just spends so much time alone, never interacts with others openly plus avoids leaving their comfort zone, then these are some of the early signs of immaturity in adults.

Innerself, they don’t think that they can do something impressive in life.

Just like an overconfident person never listens to others, a weak personality with immaturity never believes in themselves over making a great impact in life, too.

Their inability to change according to the situation and never step out of their comfort zone, keep them in the same life stage, forever.

12. They over-analyze everything and judge everyone.

The problem with childish adult people is that they think too much and work so little. 

Such people who are not confident by themselves, can not make the decisions on their own.

They always want someone to support and guide them. 

Nevertheless, when someone around is doing well, some people tend to talk negatively in order to hurt their feelings or erode their confidence.

They compare themselves with everyone around them, whether at work or in their friends’ circle.

The most common signs of immature people tell that they analyze everything from their standpoint and want to look ‘Perfect’.

They neither can do anything by themselves, nor they let others do their jobs.

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13. They go after things that they don’t deserve or are not ready for.

Either they set their goals too high or too low, but they aim for goals that make no sense. 

Their limited thinking affects their behavior and approach to any given situation.

Maybe they are not learning about themselves, or they are blindly following others. 

It happens in the social media culture, where people are influenced by what they see online.

However, they have no understanding of the logic differences.

By constantly comparing themselves with others, they put an increasing amount of pressure on themselves.

Overall, signs of immaturity say such people do not know what’s possible and what’s not, nor do they like listening to anyone who tells the truth.


How To Deal With A Childish Adult Behaviour?

We often are told to keep our inner child alive in ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we need to act childish in every situation that we face.

Being a childish adult just to make someone laugh and having timeless fun with friends… is all good.

But, when a person is not adjustable to every major-minor situation in life, that proves that someone is immature.

Here are some best things that you can do to help a person who hasn’t grown up as per their age.

A. Have an open discussion with a man-child.

When you notice such signs of an immature person in your partner, friend, siblings, or colleagues, then you better sit with them and have some one-to-one conversation about it.

Probably the person is not aware of it.

And so, as a true friend or well-wisher, you better draw their attention to such a situation.

You need to let them be aware of how their childish behavior impacts your connection and the environment around them.

Don’t compare them with others, things might get worse. 

So, relax and give them hints enough to let them think seriously from their side. 

But, before you speak frankly with them about it, make sure the person is ready enough to listen to you and change their behavior. 

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B. Respect yourself and temporary distance from them.

You try your best to change their childish behavior and bring them out of their shell.

That’s okay, but don’t believe that you’ve failed, they’re not just ready to change yet.

Even after sharing trust in them, if they disrespect your time and words then you better not panic yourself.

Definitely, they need more time to just realize their flaws on their own. 

So instead of keep reminding them what’s wrong with their nature, you better keep the healthy boundary and distance yourself from them. 

A sudden change in your behavior and unavailability will surely make them to think that there’s something wrong with their behavior. 

Give them space and Respect your time, too. 

And if you see any positive change or willingness to change then be with the person, inform them that you’re with them. 


Remember, it’s not about making them perfect or forcing a change. An adult must have some degree of responsibility and maturity.

When it’s not, they usually behave childish despite being an adult.

It’s about making them aware of the required change as per the age.

If they’re around in your family or around, show them… you’re not complaining about their natures or behaviors. Whatever you do is for their good because… you do care for them.