12 Signs You Talk Too Much (And How To Stop This Habit)

Last updated on January 11th, 2023 at 05:35 pm

You may not have an idea of that, but people around you clearly know it.

And when after realizing, you want to control that, you simply have nothing to do about it. And these are signs that you talk too much and never let others speak.

Because you are habitual to dominating the conversation or you’re a bad communicator, that’s it. 

Plus before the post end, you will also learn how to stop talking too much so that you can have an interesting conversation with everyone. 


What happens if we talk too much?

When you act as if you are the only one with an opinion, then you might be accepted fakely or totally get ignored…

Because that’s the only way to stop you from taking any further.

Simply ‘talking’, is… of course makes so much sense to you. But, not for others.

When you talk too much and listen to no one, people really lose interest in having a mutual connection with you.

Like every friendship or relationship, any conversation has to be two-sided, overall.

If you make them only listen to you, do not let them speak, or do not listen actively to their words, they feel ignored or disrespected and are more likely to stay away from you.

  • Do you know if you are talking too much?
  • Do your people feel being heard or avoided while with you?
  • Do you only see blank faces while talking with others?
  • Do you always feel regretful after realizing you shared too much?
  • Do you somewhat feel like you have a bad reputation?

Such questions are better to ask yourself, that prove you keep the conversation about you and there are some good chances that you’ve got the habit of rambling without thinking or listening.

Keep reading to make yourself aware of such signs of impulsive talking.

And that’s also the first step to knowing how to stop taking or revealing too much about yourself.


12 Signs You Talk Too Much And Reveal Almost Everything About You

If you have a habit of interrupting and constantly talking without letting anyone else speak, probably your family best friend has tried to make you aware of it.

And if you haven’t given them even a chance to advise you on something like that, they eventually stopped talking about it. 

Refer to these signs to know if you talk too much, so that you can stop it.

After all, sometimes, you need to listen, to make a stronger relationship with them, and to actually connect them. 

1. Everyone knows you’ve got a habit of excessive talking.

First thing first, nothing is surprising or mysterious about you.

Everyone knows every smallest detail about you, your life, your plans, and even the dialogue to come from you.

Yes, it’s you who have talked so much about yourself, that they need to know.

Furthermore, you may not know much about them, but they know everything about you.

Because you just reveal almost everything about yourself and never care to listen to others.

When a person shares their story, you immediately catch the common thread and continue to share your own from the mid part.

This leaves them losing the conversation flow, and they have nothing left other than to listen to you.

This type of behavior clearly reflects immaturity and a lack of communication skills.

2. You think there must be a conversation anyway.

Seriously, you can’t stay still and can pause for a moment.

It literally kills you inside to be silent, and you want to say anything to anyone, anywhere.

A pause in conversation is appropriate whether it’s between two people or with a group.

But as you always have something to share, you never accept such a required pause.

You wish to have the conversation to keep going, even on the nonsense talk or person seems not interested in that.

If you see a break in conversation as useless, you end up talking recklessly about anything or anyone who wasn’t even involved in this discussion.

Furthermore, giving no time for people to think and rushing to start a new conversation are signs that you talk too much and are unable to stop and reflect.

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3. You often embarrass yourself by saying something you shouldn’t.

Indeed, you are well aware of your habit of talking too much.

In the flow of talking, you will reveal anything and everything about yourself, especially to people who don’t need to know that much about you.

At the moment, you are utterly clueless about what you are saying.

Then, when the conversation is finished…

You realize you have shared something personal you did not need to share.

Due to that most of the time, you end up regretting yourself for oversharing and revealing everything.

Whether to share something with your friends or talk to a stranger or new person…

You make yourself too open and share a lot about yourself quickly.

Feeling regretful or embarrassed after every conversation is actually a sign you talk too much.

4. You can make anyone agree with you.

This is not something you should take pride in.

If you feel that people agree with what you say, accept that you are better than them, or even sarcastically ask for your opinion, then all such things tend to turn you off.

When you just know to talk only and not to listen…

Slowly and gradually you make others feel annoyed to be with you.

If you never stop irritating people and there is no option to shut you off… and they may be inclined to accept your viewpoints, at least for now.

Because opposing you means adding two additional hours to the same boring conversation.

Whether you know it or not, but when you talk too much, people desperately look for the ending, hoping you stop talking so that they can do something about their life.

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5. You get your scheduled time for meeting or to talk.

Well, they are so desperate to see you talking that they dictate time for you.

They very well know that the shortest conversation with you is around an hour, at least.

They also know you have so many things to share and a lot of free time, too.

However, they have neither the time nor interest to discuss nonsense stuff.

And anytime when you see that people stop you even before you begin talking, informing you that “it’s not a right time to talk” or “we will talk about later” or “Next time, perhaps” and…

Such is their approach to protect their ears, before their time.

It is acceptable to set up a meeting to discuss professional or any serious matters.

But, when your friends assure you’ll have a meeting to talk (listen to you) and these are clear signs you talk too much and they know it well.

After all, they have some priority in their life, and that’s definitely not you.

6. You are cut off by everyone without hesitation.

They really don’t want to do this to you, but they have to.

Because you take too much of their time, talk about something which they really are not into, or always make them feel spoiled after every conversation.

And ultimately it’s you who makes them interrupt you or even cut the conversation with you.

Individuals who value their time and mood will definitely do this.

If you keep the conversation two-sided and make them feel heard, they will always look forward to seeing you or eager to make further connections with you.

And if not, you will never be able to see them or talk with them again.

When people do that to you without any hesitation or asking for an apology, these are signs you talk too much which doesn’t resonate with them.

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7. You literally can give a speech on anything.

And, the best thing about talkative person is they know too much. (more than is necessary)

Whether it’s about a particular topic or even a new colleague in the office, you have your personal theory and thoughts on everything.

Nothing on earth is hidden from you.

Well, that’s kind of good till you have solid proof and are willing to learn new things.

But, if you talk about everything solely based on your quick assumptions or short ideas, that means you have a habit of talking too much.

Due to that, people won’t view you as a trustworthy individual.

8. You believe speaking is the only way to survive.

Innerself everyone has that desire to be acceptable, be heard, and be admired by someone.

But, not everyone deserves to be that famous and popular anyway.

If you speak not because you have something to share but you want to be in the eye of others…

You are clearly showing, how insecure you are inside.

You want to appear perfect in others’ eyes.

On top of that, you’re also afraid of being judged or misunderstood.

That leads you to repeat the same sentences and phrases over and over again in an attempt to correct what you accidentally say.

Feeling pressured and worried about over-correcting your social image also can be one of the signs that you talk too much, particularly about yourself.

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9. You are most likely to catch others’ attention. But fail to hold it.

Of course, you like to talk about most things about your achievements so far.

After all, sharing your stories may inspire others and fill them with confidence, too.

When you talk only about yourself as a way to show how proud you are, people will immediately realize what this conversation is about.

People find it boring when a conversation revolves entirely around you.

Rambling, feeling insecure, and not paying attention to others’ words together show that you’re a trash person who cares for no one.

All you do is get other people’s attention.

Because of your enticing approach, you may succeed in attracting their attention from the outset.

But as time passes people will realize that you talk too much about yourself, and they will slowly move away from you.

As they found that there is nothing for them.

Like, one-sided relationships, the one-sided conversation holds no value at all.

10. You seem extroverted but are actually introverted.

Inner, you know what makes you feel insecure or what your motives are.

When you have a fear of being judged, misunderstood, and ignored, you end up talking too much than you should.

Because here you believe you have to be active and put out your opinion.

Your behavior implies that you are under pressure and trying to appear different from who you are.

It mostly happens to introverts, who tend to remain reserved and controlled.

But, when people around put pressure on them or a person himself feels under pressure…

They end up speaking too much about themselves, in a short time, without even checking what they’re saying.

In case, you feel that you talk too fast or that’s mostly in a disorganized manner and these are clear signs that you talk too much, and you’re nervous about something.

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11. Once you tried to stop talking, but that’s too hard.

Well, it is better if you find out on your own that you are a chatterbox rather than being told.

Seeing such blank faces all the time and showing no interest from others to talk with you, indeed make you rethink your communication approach.

In addition, you realize that you are usually the one who dominates the conversation.

It truly is not something you want to do.

Have you ever tried to remain silent for some time, but then you ended up losing control of your tongue in just three minutes?

Since you’re used to talking too much, being silent and listening to others feels awkward to you.

It’s like you breathe with your mouth, that you have to keep it moving.

Do you listen to others or do you wait for your turn to speak?

While someone is speaking, can you relate to the words or actually construct a sentence in your head?

These clear signs ultimately prove that your communication skill needs improvement.

12. You are the one who advises or corrects others, all the time.

Advising something is after all good because you want to help others.

In your case, however, you not only give advice on something but on everything as well. 

You will always have something to discuss and something to advise others upon.

Because inside you want other people to be impressed by you. 

Whether the topic or subject is within your field or not, you end up giving other people advice any way you can. 

It’s a habit of excessive talking when you constantly correct people without knowing whether they need your advice or not.

Because all you do is listen less, and talk more.

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How to stop talking so much?

As you might have noticed, most signs of you talking too much are actually the things you do at work or during social gatherings.

This indicates you’re prone to excessive talking. 

Now, what’s next? First and foremost, it’s a habit you can break if you so want.

For your help, here are some steps or tips that you can follow to stop talking too much.  

1. Silence is good, Practice that.

The routine conversation and constant talking make everything boring at the end.

So give your relationship or connection some time to relax rather than being around them and talking about anything. 

2. Don’t be in a hurry to reply. Try to think, first.

Take the time to listen to what others have to say.

You can simply listen to what they’re trying to say rather than trying to find the gaps to say something.

So, think before you speak anything 

3. Focus on when to speak and when not to.

Most people with the habit of talking too much, think they have to reply no matter what it is.

Due to that, they end up cutting the person off during the mid-conversation.

So, you better check whether it’s time to add your word here or not.  

4. Prefer asking questions to them. It certainly helps you.

Asking (logical and right) questions are the signs that you enjoy conversation and actually listen to them.

Plus, you also need to ask questions when there is space for it.

Instead of putting questions in between, you can wait until they finish their sentence.  

5. Stay away from gossiping and trash-talking.

If you enjoy talking about someone behind their back, you not only waste your time but also ruin your reputation, too.

Keep yourself out of such negative things.

Because when you do so, you tend to talk too much about anyone, most of the time. 

6. Not every time you have to talk, sometimes listen.

The conversation has to be two-sided. Simply talking about yourself won’t make a healthy discussion or a connection.

So if you want to make the conversation interesting and avoid being a talkative or boring person, then learn to give value to others’ words, in the first place.

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What causes a person to talk too much?

Ultimately, it’s all the matter of what a person believes for himself and the same for others.

Some prefer talking too much because it’s a part of their profession, while some don’t want to look good but present themselves better than anyone else.

And there are also the ones who prefer to talk since they have nothing else to do.

However, the important thing is, the earlier you get to realize such signs that you talk too much are the better for you.

Because that helps you to realize when to stop.

Remember… everyone likes to be heard and have something to share.

Just because you have exciting things to share, doesn’t mean others are living a boring life.

Show the same excitement that you want to see in others when you’re speaking.


You really don’t have to keep your conversation longer, it has to be meaningful and straight to the point. When you value others’ time and words, they are more likely to do the same to you, as well. And, there’s no doubt about it.