10 Signs You Are Self-Aware Soul (Who Knows What’re Your True Potentials)

Last updated on October 27th, 2022 at 12:31 pm

Do you consider yourself as a self-aware person?

Do you know what you can do and what you can’t?

Do you have the confidence to stand by yourself when no one believes in you?

Then you definitely want to check such signs that prove you are self-aware, because you know yourself better than anyone else.


How do you know if you are self-aware?

We are so busy in our life following our dreams that we forget… Are these dreams truly ours or are Inspired ones?

When we follow the goals that are purely inspired by someone that means we don’t know what we can.

But, you can say that you know your true potential when you have such goals that only you can believe while everyone just doubts it.

Remember… your dreams and goals do not necessarily have to a great one. But, it has to be ‘yours only’. 

Do we really know ourselves?? or Do we really know what exactly we are going in our life? 

Simply following the goals anyway, and sometimes we get confused over… Are we really dedicated to these goals or frustrated to have some?

Absolutely, having strong opinions about yourself is actually more important than having dreams to follow anyway.

Because, knowing your potentials… is the first requirement to set goals by yourself.

Moreover, you can also check that by noticing that in whom you trust more..in yourself or to others who don’t know more about you??

And if you want to know that do you know yourself better or not, then here are some signs to know that you are self-aware and know what are your true potentials.


10 Conscious Signs you are self-aware

1. You know yourself more than anyone else.

No one can describe you more precisely than you.

You know yourself better, about what you are capable of in life.

Others’ comments and judgment are just good to know, but they mean nothing to you.

Because you know your uniqueness and limitations.

Moreover, you never try to explain it to others.

You believe, no one understands your journey, because you’re following a different path.

You are self-aware of what you you can do and what can not.

2. You can think positively about yourself.

The best thing to learn from self-aware people is, they never stop believing in their own self.

You never found them feeling stuck too long in negative situations.

They find any way to get out of it somehow.

If you also can think good about yourself, and can’t stay lost so long, that means you are self-aware.

As you know what you can do, you seek solutions rather than focusing on the problem alone. 

You believe in yourself, more than anyone… you know what to do and how to handle yourself.

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3. You can think about others, too.

Knowing yourself, and your ability is not enough, there.

You’re a self-aware person, who knows own self and others, too.

When you can trust your people fully, that means you care for others, as expected.

Just like you support yourself, you inspire others, too.

When you can help someone to think good about themselves, such signs you are self-aware.

You have the ability to make others feel inspired and respected, because you do that to yourself, too. 

You are a leader that one needs, to follow the right path in life.

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4. You choose your environment wisely.

You are aware of the importance of being with like-minded and positive people. 

You believe… what you’re surrounded with, you become.

So, you choose your environment and people thoughtfully.

You know where to spend your time and with whom.

You understand the influence of positive people in your life.

So, you prefer to stay with someone, who has something valuable to learn from.

Because you want to grow… and being with successful people is essential for that.

5. You understand and take your responsibility fairly.

You know your responsibility to someone and the situation you’re in.

You know what you have to do there.

No one needs to remind you of that.

You not only understand it.. but also serve your roles, like expected from you.

When you realize that your contribution is worth it… then believe you’re self-aware in life. 

You believe you can make an impact. And so, you do your part right, in any relationship.

6. You never take things too personally.

You keep yourself unharmed from others’ judgments and beliefs about you.

You take their words, only if they are supporting and inspiring indeed.

You don’t take things too seriously, because you know yourself very well.

You appreciate what you are, But, you respect their opinion and don’t overreact. 

Your self-belief is above all those judgments of others, who don’t know themselves, either.

Why, because you’re self-aware. 

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7. You are not controlled by your emotions.

You don’t let your temporary mood and feelings decide… How to behave with others.

You are free from any negative thoughts and emotions.

Most people lost their control due to not knowing how to handle stress, right. 

But, you know how to differentiate your internal struggles and relationship with your loved ones.

Your nearest ones, don’t have to check your mood first, before talking to you, any time.

They can talk to you anytime.. Because they know you very well.

When you don’t mix your life aspects to one another, are your proving signs you are self-aware. 

You know your potentials and how to handle such situations.

Because.. you believe in yourself and moral support from family.

8. You regret less and learn from failures more.

You know what you are capable of.

You never give up on anything, so easily. You are always ready to start over, when required.

After having failures and wrong decisions, you never get hard on yourself and so you save yourself from any regrets.

You know you can do it and you will, anyhow.

Instead of taking it as lifetime failures only…

You think more about the important lesson this event or this person gave to you.

Thrive from hard times and stay focused on goals, with the same energies… are signs you are self-aware in life, fully. 

9. You don’t just dream…You do it anyway.

Whether you want to quit your job or have a desire to travel to a new country.

You don’t hold yourself back always.

You don’t know how to complain properly, about yourself.

All you know is to dream it and just do it.

You know you can make it happen when at least you have the self-belief to take the first step, towards. 

Saving yourself from regret, pushing yourself to goals, are signs that you are self-aware.

You hate to regret anything in life.

You make it or break it… But never regret it, anyhow. 

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10. You know you are not perfect.

You are aware of your full potentials.

Like you know the great things about yourself, you also recognize your limits.

Knowing your limitations and accepting them, is itself a sign that you have accepted yourself.

You don’t think of being perfectionists.

You know you don’t have to be perfect in everything.

Due to observing yourself every day… now, you aware of something to give your time and effort. 

You invest your time in something that actually means for you.


Are you self-aware or still follow other’s judgments… about you?

If you relate with the most common signs of self-awareness that means… you know yourself better.

You know your potentials and what things you are great at.

You have nothing to prove to others and to yourself.

You know where you are going in life. 

You put your everyday efforts with the goals in mind.

Most importantly, you are living a purposeful life… you know your WHY.  

Knowing everything about yourself from strength to weakness… are actually great signs you are self-aware about yourself. 


Accepting your limits is the same as feeling proud of your strength. At least you are not faking it. Because… you care for yourself, too.