15 Tough Signs You Are Being Hard On Yourself

Last updated on July 20th, 2021 at 06:59 pm

Are you putting so much pressure on yourself? If you want to be sure then read on as we are going to share proven signs that you are being too hard on yourself and creating a lot of issues just by yourself alone. 


Ask yourself, how many times that negative self-talks pressurize you, to do something hard to yourself.

Remind those restrictions, you set after failure… to limit yourself.

Challenges and failures are part of the process.

But it’s your mind trying to restrict/force yourself, to do something that you can’t or you don’t like really.

If that’s exact in your case, then is a clear sign that you’re being hard on yourself.

Further, here are the top signs you are really being so hard on yourself, and you better to do something about it.

For your better, you require to overcome this situation as soon as possible.


15 Tough Signs you are being hard on yourself

1. You are encouraged by your inner demon.

Thinking negatively and seeing the worst side of anything, is the first signs of a pessimist.

Moreover, they are the ones who don’t attract any positive things in life.

If you are being hard on yourself, is the result of those negative thoughts is in your mind.

You are directed by negative emotions that give you mental stress in any situation, only.

2. You set unrealistic goals.

Setting high goals isn’t a sign of being hard to ownself.

Pushing to own limit, is actually required to stay committed, when you are excited about the goals.

But, when you set goals as part of certain self-punishment or intense frustrations, then signs are you’re being hard on yourself.

Here you are not essentially aiming to improve yourself, but your decision is due to that pressure of lacking some skills.

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3. You expect too much from yourself.

Just like unrealistic goals, your expectation from yourself is also damn too high.

Rather than knowing your own specialties and limitations, you expect too much and try to achieve multiple goals at once.

And, of course, you fail to meet that expectation in your given time frame, you become too hard and punish yourself, a lot.

4. You are your worst critic.

You can find that you are being too hard on yourself…. when failure keeps you tense, but you can’t celebrate your success purely.

That means, you can be your critic, But not a true supporter.

Most of your ideas are there more to demotivate and frustrate you, ONLY.

Rather than having ideas that inspire you, you have more negative thoughts that stopping you.

Yes, no one else, but it’s you who are enough to feel you down, for yourself.

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5. You compare with others, a lot.

Every time you get to know that someone ahead of you… inside you feel low about yourself.

Instead of learning from others, you are always trying to beat others and working hard to match their level.

You’re pushing hard to your own limits, just to be like someone else.

That, itself a sign to prove that you being hard on yourself.

6. You seek others’ attention, anyway.

What they think and how they react…is something there’s always in your mind.

You really work hard to seek attention and to show-off.

You aim for acceptance, you seek the approvals from someone and the groups.

When if ‘other’s opinion’ influence you greatly, then you are being too hard because you are following someone’s expectations.

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7. You like nothing about yourself.

You always have that feeling like… you are not worthy and you’re useless.

Every failed attempt to impress others and to reach your unexpected desires puts you in those low moments alone.

And because you’re failed and rejected, you accept that you’re not good enough.

Simply, you ignore your self-value and every good thing about you.

8. You don’t take care of yourself.

Like you are too focused on becoming great at one aspect of life, you completely ignore other important areas, too.

While achieving career goals and putting in hard work, you fail to take care of yourself, too.

Similarly, by giving too much into a relationship, and to the person who doesn’t care for you, you may lose respect for yourself, too.

Similarly, being too much into achieving professional goals you may lose focus from yourself, too.

And such cases, create issues for your mental health, too.

When you focus deeply on one side of life, you end up being hard on yourself and ignore your self-care, anyway.

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9. You are losing self-confidence.

After failing several times at your own projected plans, you are starting to lose confidence in yourself.

Especially when you are going after unmatched desires, that hurts your confidence to a greater extent.

Instead of accepting that your desires are too high, you consider yourself as second-rate and useless. Instead of revising your own plan, you prefer to give up too soon.

Slowly and gradually, that lack of confidence over your mind, and you expect very less or nothing at all.

That failures keep you anxious and force you to be too hard on yourself.

10. You are a perfectionist.

Perfectionists are the ones, who become hard to ownself, the most.

If you are following your own imposed quality standards, that are signs you are being too hard on yourself.

You always feel frustrated over not meeting a certain level.

You can’t be satisfied easily and that makes it tough for people around you as well.

As a perfectionist, you always have some higher-level challenges and tough things for you to follow.

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11. You think you’re the reason for every wrong thing, around.

No matter what, you link yourself to every negative situation around you.

You do not believe that you can make a positive impact, too.

You are so insecure about yourself, that you blame yourself for every adverse situation there.

You think you’re responsible when someone ignores you or they failed at some.

Rather than moving away or accepting own limitation, when you prefer to regret of being you, then are close signs you are being hard on yourself.

12. You can’t forgive yourself.

While everyone is forgetting about your past mistakes and failures, you are the ones who only spot that forever.

You tend to hold your grudges and failures, for long.

If you keep following the past, then you are being too hard on yourself. You can easily forgive others, but you can’t do it to yourself.

Even your smallest mistakes, you label them as your lifetime regrets.

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13. You are more scared than excited.

Of course, taking on new challenges and pushing to your own limits is really your favorite thing to do.

But, more on that, you are highly frustrated to take challenges and less excited about new things.

You don’t take challenges as ways to grow, but to prove your own worth.

And like you’re making judgments about your own self, you always feel like, ‘what if I’ll lose….’

14. You are always thinking. Negative, of course.

Your ideas are unstoppable. You take unnecessary tension and worries, due to your negative approach to every situation.

Your mind produces more doubts than dreams.

It keeps you more frustrating than exciting to make something great.

Ultimately that influences you negatively and you become too hard on yourself.

15. You appreciate less and regret more.

It’s okay to feel low for a moment after failure.

But if you prefer to feel stuck, you are being hard on yourself.

You just can’t accept your limitations, you regret more of your failures.

Instead of finding a better area to work, you criticize and punish yourself.

To teach yourself a lesson, you are being too hard on yourself.

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Am I really that hard on myself?

Yes, you are.

If most of the signs are relating to your present state, then my friend… you’re being hard on yourself.

Your mind is really very dynamic and powerful. It can work for you plus also can work against you.

But your end choices define, Are you using your thoughts to support you or to stop you.

If you prefer to use it for your growth, with full focus, you make the best use of it.

Whereas, if you prefer to force it to match a certain level, something that you’re not excited about… then, such are ultimate signs you are being hard on yourself, in the end.

When you know you own limitations, but still you prefer to force yourself due to frustrations only, then you are too hard on yourself.