15 Signs You Will Never Find Love (Maybe, You’re Not Worthy Or Ready For It!)

Last updated on February 9th, 2023 at 04:29 pm

You can’t find ‘true love’ that easily… but when you have it, you should know to keep it.

Whether you are not ready for love or you aren’t giving respect to that special person, you’re going to lose them anyway.

And there are a few signs that you will never find love in life… mostly because you’re not searching enough or have completely lost faith in ‘a true love’.

Undoubtedly, there is love for everyone.

However, one must wait for the right moment and the right person to have that true love.

But, if you haven’t done your part to find them or aren’t ready still for the right person it proves that… you’re not worthy for ‘love’. 


How Do You Know You Will Never Find Love?

It’s fact that…

You’ll find true love at the most unexpected time and from the unexpected person.

But, the problem is when you don’t care about that special person or you lose hope in love…

Then you definitely never going to find the love, even if that’s already there around you. 

Whether you are desperately looking for someone or wants FWB and nothing else, you may have that thought in mind like…

Why you’re single or why you’re not able to find the love of your life??

Well, there can be many reasons for that. 

And we’re sure it’s not limited to you only. So, stop feeling down for yourself.

Maybe you’re expecting love from the wrong person.

Or, the right person is there, but you are not ready to see them.

But the questions are many:

  • What’s stopping you from finding true love?
  • Why does your life seem so alone and loveless?
  • Will you ever find the love of your life, ever?

Well, keep reading to know the ultimate reasons and direct signs that keep you away from love in life.


15 Signs You Will Never Find Love In Life

1. You are too desperate to be in a relationship.

Really, you expect love from the one who isn’t compatible with you.

Because all you want is to be in a relationship anyhow. 

No matter how many relationships you’ve had, if you or that person is not compatible with each other, it’s hard for true love to survive there. 

Indeed, your definition of love is quite different from others.

Probably you have no idea of how to love. And/or you don’t want to sacrifice a bit. 

When you don’t know how to adjust according to your partner’s needs, then the relationship will remain a mess. 

It literally feels like you force your partner to accept you, but don’t want to change yourself, first. 

And finding true love will definitely become hard for you, if you see the relationship from your side only. 

2. You prefer yourself, more than anyone else.

Having your own choices and expectation is absolutely fine. 

But, when you only think of yourself, then problems start to happen to both in friendship or relationship. 

Your self-centered approach ultimately leads to a disappointing relationship. 

No matter whatever it may be, you put your ego first than that caring person.

You show no respect or interest to share and even sacrifice in your relationship. 

And that are strong signs you will never find love in life.

Because relationships are more about accepting each other, rather than just expecting from others. 

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3. You’re not ready for the relationship.

Really, you’re impatient when it comes to having love in your life. 

Your too eagerness to be in a relationship ultimately tends to make your relationship troublesome and boring in a very short span. 

Overall, it’s you who are not ready for the relationship, nor in a position to take care of someone in your life. 

When you’re not ready and force yourself to be in a romantic connection, that ultimately leads you to nowhere, but into unhealthy relationships, only.

Which in the end, only feels like pressure and nothing else.

It’s also because you know to take care of yourself, but not the other person. 

4. You have many priorities. And, Love is not the one.

Maybe you’re emotionally broken from the past relationship or lose the faith in true love.

And if not, then you’re too focused on another aspect of your life, also to save yourself from the relationship. 

Of course, love is one of the most important things in life.

But, you don’t feel that. 

You’ve been avoiding being in the relationship so far.

By turning off every opportunity of the same.

As you know how to shift your attention to something else like work and career, family, or passion projects. 

Really glad to know that you have a focus on your self-growth and career advancements. 

But, if you follow this approach by thinking that you’ll find true love in life anyway and overlooking every opportunity to fall in love, then these are confirmed signs you will never find love again. 

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5. You’re living a too-busy life and have no time for love.

Yes, relationships demand time.

That someone needs attention and care from your end. 

But, the way you are too busy creating a life better, you have no time to actually live as it is in the present. 

There’s no room for someone to fit in your schedule or life.

No, you’re not careless or tend to hate people, it’s just your busy schedule that doesn’t leave any room for a relationship or for someone. 

Well, you definitely have other preferences, but when you don’t know how to balance and set the priorities in life, then definitely you will have a hard time keeping (or starting) a relationship. 

You also don’t have enough time for yourself, too.

If your tight schedule and inability to take time for loved ones remain unchanged for a longer period, then such are the signs that you will never find true love. 

Because you are very busy loving someone and feeling loved. 

6. You just want a perfect partner and no one else.

No relationship is perfect, nor a single person is perfect as well. 

But, you can’t accept ‘that one person’, as they are.

You have a set of criteria and expectations to be followed by a life partner.

Even when someone approaches you for a relationship, you match their profile with your expectations, rather than valuing the differences. 

Really, you judge every such person with the checklist, because you want just ‘the perfect partner’ in life. 

If you adhere to such a higher level of expectations, then it’ll remain hard for you to find true love in life. 

Remember nobody is perfect.

And there’s nothing like a perfect relationship.

It’s all about regular adjustments and feeling each other respect by accepting as they are.

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7. You are expecting too much or completely different.

Not only your expectations are different, but they are too high, overall. 

You expect something that is hard to find or even does not exist.

You want something specific, you look for a certain personality and qualities to be fulfilled by a future partner. 

It’s perfectly okay to have certain standards in life. 

But, rather than accepting others as they are… when you force them to change as you desire, then you really need to stay single forever.

You probably have no idea over how many love opportunities you’ve missed…

And that’s all because you are too concerned about your ‘perfect partner checklist’. 

Having too high expectations or not being flexible with someone are clear signs you will never find love in life. 

8. You’ve been witnessing problematic relationships, so far.

Those struggling relationships, negative vibes, ignorance, and separations ultimately lead you to the point that you see no hope and interest in the relationship.

You start accepting like being in a relationship is hard.

And you’re not a fit for it, even if you have or have not been in the relationship. 

You’ve been witnessing broken relationships in family or your surroundings, and you start feeling insecure about your relationship, too. 

Rather than seeing it as one negative side, you think like it’s the entire picture. 

You want to save yourself from such a harsh relationship reality.

Indeed, you’re in constant fear of what if your relationship goes wrong and what if your person leaves you anyway. 

And such are the most common signs you will never find love because all you want is to play safe and stay away from a toxic relationship. 

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9. You’ve decided to live your life alone.

It’s absolutely fine that you want to spend time alone and kind of enjoy your company. 

Really, that’s a great approach when you know what you want in life. Moreover, you also know where to invest your time and energy in.  

Your patience and dedication to staying focused on your personal life goals are all appreciated to a certain limit only. 

But, here you spend too much time alone or actually force yourself to be alone.

Possibly, you might be only seeing the darker side of a relationship, which still keeps away you from getting into any relationships.

Maybe past relationships are a disaster or your thoughts for a relationship are discouraging…

hence, being single is the only right option left for you, as you think so.

Not having enough time is acceptable, but when you hate being in a relationship and prefer to live alone, and are those signs that you will never find true love.

Here, you’re driven by negative emotions, and that forces you to stay single forever. 

10. You can’t forget it or let it go, easily.

We all make mistakes at some point in life. 

Some count regrets there… whereas some take the important life lesson from it.

And if you see your past relationship as a failure in life, then you choose to live a regretful life. 

Indeed, life never stays the same. There is always a chance to try again and succeed. 

Rather than learning a lesson, you choose to feel depressed.

That is proof that you don’t know how to let something go in life. 

Really, you need to move on in life and take the important things along. 

Inability to accept reality plus not to easily get over a past and hurt feelings are sure signs you’ll never going to find love in life. 

Stop judging every person as your Ex’s, they are not the same. 

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11. You simply give up on finding true love.

Just because your previous relationships have all failed, doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of love.

Maybe these are just the learning experience that you’re destined to have. But, you can’t take such events as opportunities to improve yourself.

The more you think about past relationships, the more you feel depressed, rejected, and not worthy overall. 

Losing hope in the relationship and accepting you’re not worthy of love are the most common signs that you will never find love ever. 

You have no faith and confidence in true love.

Even you have stopped searching for the one that truly accepts you the way you are.

You stopped dreaming of spending time with someone else happy… Because now you’re convinced that it isn’t possible. 

You are emotionally and mentally weak and feel like… you’re not fit for any relationship

Well, you need to learn from every experience in life, adjust yourself, and get yourself ready for new opportunities. 

Believe that, it’s not the end, yet.

12. You’re passing up every opportunity to fall in love.

You really have high standards or your expectations are damn too high or it’s you who decided to stay single forever, and there can be multiple reasons behind why you’re not worthy of true love.

But, the ultimate reason is… you never take such an opportunity of falling in love, is there for you. 

Even after your knowing, that someone carries that special feeling for you, you prefer to completely bypass that.  

Maybe you think that person is not good enough, or you will get the better person or you simply hate being in a relationship…

Which are possible reasons that keep you away from having a healthy relationship

You show zero interest in expressing your feeling for them because for you that person or either you are not enough, as you think. 

Really, life has given so many chances to have that one person in life, but you let it go eventually.

Such overconfidence and treating someone’s feelings for you as granted are signs you will never find love, because you’re not worthy enough.

You’re not in the mood to settle your feelings for someone who is waiting there for you. 

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13. Your overly tough nature keeps your crushes away.

There’s nothing wrong with being confident about who you are. 

Being overly independent and confident can sometimes make it difficult for either to connect with you.

Such an attitude leaves people feeling insecure around you. 

Whether you’re proud of your looks or success, any way you appear as an intimidating personality.

That makes your crush think you’re way too much or out of your league. 

Agreed, you don’t want to lose such a love interest in your life. 

Although, you have a lot of self-confidence and intense character, which are signs that you will never be loved unless you lower your attitude.

14. You are hoping that love will come into your life, anyway.

Possibly, you believe that true love is never something that you have to go after or that you never have to search for it.

Since it arrives in your life, at the perfect time when you least expect it. 

Certainly, that’s the case for some.

However, that does not mean that eventually love will happen to everyone. 

You really need to make some efforts like making yourself more approachable, showing interest that you’re ready for the relationship…

And most importantly, you need to improve yourself. So that, you feel good about yourself.

And, when you feel good, you eventually look good to everyone. 

If you have decided to not do anything to find love or even keep ignoring such hints that are already in front of you, such are signs you will never find love. 

Because, all you do there is, waiting that this love to come to you, while you do nothing for it.

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15. You are convinced that God hasn’t made ‘the one’ for you.

Well, that can’t be true, it is only your belief. 

It reveals your disappointment due to having a hard time finding love in life.

Possible that you were looking for the one in the wrong direction and expecting it from the wrong people.

As a result of countless failed relationships, you now lose faith in love.

There’s no doubt in your mind that it’s what God wants. Deep down, you feel that God wants you to live your life alone. 

Well, yes, that can be true at some point, especially if you feel it is due to the purpose of your life and not out of frustration. 


Is it OK to never find love?

Indeed, there are many cases where people are not able to find true love in life.

And still, they are able to live life happily and with full confidence, overall. 

Just like being in a relationship has its magic in life, being alone without friends or a partner is also fine. 

Be it a relationship or single life, each one has its own ups and downsides.

You can’t simply say that you’re destined to live alone and you’ll never find true love, without any experience.  

If you want to stay single forever, then make sure you have some good reason to do so.

And if you want to be in a relationship, then you better learn how to adjust and be flexible with your choices.

Even if you relate with most signs of you will never find love in life, there is still hope for you. 

Be more approachable, learn to let go and get free from those broken feelings quickly as you can…

That way you make yourself ready for a new chapter of your life.

And believe us, you’ll never have to find true love anymore. Because when you get ready for it and true love will find you anyway.


Never give up on your hope to find ‘that one’ person.

Because who knows that person is also searching for you somewhere and you may be cross each other during this quest. 

So, All The Best!!