19 Signs You’re Dating Someone Out Of Your League

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 06:16 am

When you feel like you’re dating someone out of your league, confirm it with the apparent signs.

Don’t leave in on assumption, but be sure about it.

Just because you think you’re not good enough for someone, doesn’t mean they see you the same way.


The last time you went on a date with someone, everything went well. 

Still, something is amiss. The thought of whether you’re the right match for them concerns you. 

Indeed, your date seems like a nice guy or a wonderful girl to you. 

As you got to know them, you discovered something that makes you doubt your future with them.

And guess what, you’re dating someone who is out of your league. You feel so, already. 

The feeling is more like, you don’t believe you’re good enough for your date, while he/she is a lot better and ahead of you in many areas.


19 Signs You’re Dating Someone Out Of Your League

Well, it’s not like you don’t like them. You just feel that you’re not in their circle.

Due to the vast differences between you two, it seems impossible to reach a consensus.

Let’s take a look at the apparent signs why you believe your date is out of the league. 

1. You feel too uncomfortable around them.

Although they try to comfort you, it’s just not possible for you to be you. 

You feel already that you and your date are not compatible.

You take everything personally and cannot be frank with them. 

As on every date, you’re embarrassing yourself due to insecurity. 

2. You two have different kinds of personalities.

You and your date have vastly different personalities. 

One is too open and the other is too reserved when it comes to many things. Same for hobbies and personal interests. 

signs of dating someone out of your league

There could be awkward situations between you two and you can’t connect.

3. You’re not sure where to lead this relationship.

In a good relationship, you have dreams and desires to do something great together. 

With this person, you cannot see your future or determine where this connection will go. 

You don’t even know if will there be a second date or not.

4. Your lifestyles are complete opposites of each other.

You two have unique ways of living, making it difficult to imagine living together. 

It’s obvious that either your date won’t sacrifice the lifestyle they live or you can’t afford it.

Such signs are so clear to make you believe that you’re dating someone out of your league.

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5. You earn average, while your date is rich already.

Even though you earn the best in your field, you still earn less than your date’s monthly costs. 

Alternatively, you might be very focused on your career while your date is a rich guy who spends his parents’ money.

You’re a money-saver while your date wastes his or her parents’ money.

6. You two have a great age difference.

In comparison to you, she’s a mature lady while you’re still a college-going guy. 

It may feel like a romantic date to you, but the age gap could be a factor to know if someone is out of your league or not. 

That almost looks like you are just a son or daughter to your date.

7. Your date already has so many past relationships while it’s your first.

This is nothing wrong, but you already sense that it may not be their last. However, you want it to be your first and last. 

Possibly, your date will get so many date invitations… because they are attractive and hot. 

The idea may make you believe that your date is out of your league. 

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8. Your date is way too much for you to handle.

The way she speaks and the way she dresses make you feel like she’s too cocky

She’s open while you’re still a reserved individual and don’t accept behavior like that from her. 

signs someone is out of your league

You look for someone who is dependable. But this is too out of control which makes you insecure. 

9. You two have separate mentalities and levels of thinking.

A relationship must not only match the feelings in the heart, but also the thinking in the mind. 

The two of you are thinking completely opposite, and there’s no chance for you to be together. 

In simple terms, one is so positive and driven while the other has an average approach.

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10. You notice your date is bigger and better at everything but you.

You may feel insecure when you realize that your date is great at something and not you. 

After the first few meetings, you realize that your date is a high-value woman and you feel somewhat intimidated around her.

While your date may be happy with your relationship, you feel like you’re not good enough for him/her.

If it’s not just about assets, but also achievements and all, the difference is obvious. 

11. Your date seems ambitious but not you are.

Being ambitious in life is a good thing.

Here, it seems like you don’t have any ambition or goal in life. 

Your date appears to have a higher goal and feel more confident about achieving it.

But you think averagely and cannot think beyond a certain point.

12. Your friends keep asking you if you two are dating.

Because your friends know you well. 

It’s hard for your friends to believe that your date is so cooler and hotter than you.

signs your date is out of your league

When your friend doesn’t take it easy but wants you to prove your relationship with them.

That is a clear sign that you’re dating someone out of your league. 

13. Your date has a greater social connection than you.

Although you still hang out with your colony friends, they have a large community.

You might not be jealous of them, but you are self-conscious about yourself.

Attending parties and functions with them already makes you feel as if you aren’t in their circle yet.

They have a social life, while you’re still spending most of your time at home.

14. You think you two are not looking good together.

You consider yourself an average-looking guy/girl, but your date is way beyond. 

Both of you do not seem to have any issues with looks so far. 

There’s still a little bit of insecurity that reminds you that you’re not as attractive as your date.

15. You see you two have no match.

Your crush’s looks and magnetic personality make you fall in love. 

The more you learn about them, the more obvious it becomes that you are incompatible.

You might enjoy fantasizing about your crush, but you know this can never happen. 

You’re just not sure you’ll ever get together.

16. Your parents disapprove of your choice and warn you about it.

When you introduce your girlfriend or boyfriend to your parents and they question your relationship, something isn’t right. 

Additionally, they tend to worry more about societal standards and family norms. 

It is likely that your parents will tell you that your date is out of your league when his/her first impression is a little off from yours. 

17. You feel too intimidated to ask them anything.

You want to ask this person some questions, but you feel nervous. 

It is okay to feel hesitant when approaching your crush. 

The crush already gives you a hint that he/she has feelings for you, but you can’t say a word., still. 

Well, you’re insecure for another reason.

18. You always have to do something for them to have their attention.

A date or a match asks you to do something for them, but only the best. 

It could be a surprise or a dinner date, they just expect the perfect things from you. 

How do you know when someone is out of your league

Because you’re not naturally into it, it takes you a long time to come up with what to do next time. 

The small efforts don’t interest your date. 

19. You get weird looks when you two show up together.

When you are in love, you don’t care about each other’s differences. Others do, however. 

You often get odd stares and comments on your relationship, when you two appear publicly. 

Even though you want to ignore such things, you can’t.

The look on their face already signals that you’re dating someone out of your league.

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When Your Date Is Out Of Your League…

Well, so you have a clear idea from the signs above that you’re dating someone out of your league and maybe you already sense that on your first date with them. 

So now, what are your next steps? Would you like to be with them or should you leave now? 

Before you make any sudden moves, ask your date how they feel about you.

Does your date really remind you most of the time that you’re out of their league or is it only you that sees that way? 

Usually, it is just a matter of thinking that you are not worthy of love or good enough for a date.

Although your crush or date may not care about it, all they care about is your feelings and love you truly.

Everyone has their level of thinking, lifestyle, and insecurity to deal with. 

As long as you two are comfortable with each other there’s no need to look for signs if someone is out of your league or not. 


There is no more ‘league’ when each of you knows how to make the other feel loved and cared for, despite the huge differences between you two.