16 Signs Of A Cocky Personality (Find, Is It You Or Someone Else?)

Last updated on August 5th, 2022 at 06:01 pm

Having self-confidence is crucial for finding success and happiness. But, cockiness is the result of inflated self-esteem, which is actually damaging.

Hence, one must be able to distinguish between confidence and cocky behavior.

Being aware of the signs of a cocky personality will help you recognize whether you’re dealing with someone arrogant or that person is actually ‘you’.


What’s The Meaning of ‘Being Cocky’ or ‘Confident’?

Positive self-esteem is important. It’s a common trait of successful personalities and leaders.

But, when confidence meets arrogance, cockiness emerges.

Thus, it’s crucial to keep your confidence at a reasonable level.

When it crosses its limits, other people may feel intimidated, offended, or inferior because of excessive confidence. 

Before checking the signs of a cocky person, let’s take a closer look at the differences between confidence and cockiness:

  • Self-confidence helps you feel good about yourself. A cocky attitude is a pressure to prove your superiority to others.
  • A confident person is more likely to inspire others and give them hope. A cocky person, on the other hand, tends to damage someone’s confidence, in an attempt to look better.
  • Confident people are so positive that they don’t need to prove anything. While cocky people always have to prove something and are insecure about their image.


16 Signs Of A Cocky Personality

If you’re concerned about someone’s overpowering behavior or you, yourself, want to check if you’ve crossed your limits in the name of confidence, then… refer to the common traits of a cocky person.

And, here are signs you can look for.

It’s okay to distance yourself when your friend or coworker has such arrogant nature.

Or if it’s you, be careful about how you talk or behave. 

1. That person feels pressure to be the best or perfect.

It’s hard for cocky people to admit they fail or make mistakes.

There’s always pressure on that person to be great in any situation.

The insecurity of being on the top is always there, keeping them too aggressive with their self-image.

A friend who argues a lot or a team leader who blames their team members expresses a cocky attitude.

2. That person is over-smart and sounds overconfident.

The problem with arrogant people is that they think they know and can do everything.

Sometimes, their inner self knows it’s impossible.

But, cocky people don’t always want to be average or more like others.

Due to that, they exaggerate their skills and powers, purely to prove themselves.

3. That person seems to get everyone’s attention with pressure.

Well, most people want to be likeable. But cocky people live for it.

And it’s their desire, that pressures them to always look for others’ approval and opinion.

Ask yourself… Do you worry about what others think or do you want to crave attention… Because you don’t want to look any lower?

Well, such are signs that you have a cocky personality, and the pressure to please others leads you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

4. That person always behaves rudely to weak and average people.

They believe that no one can ever achieve or do what they can.

The problem is that cocky people not only boast about their abilities but also try to put others down.

By comparing success, money, and popularity with those doing less, they feel proud.

Such arrogant behavior shows no care about others’ feelings. But enough they do so to boost their ego.

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5. That person acts as if what they do or believe is the only perfect.

This will be mostly related to the team manager or boss, who thinks he’s great.

You’re safe till you accept what they say and do what they believe.

The risk is that you will be mistreated if you show your honest opinion or challenge their arrogance.

Plus, you might be targeted now and then for damaging the ego of a cocky person.

6. That person talks more and does less or nothing at all.

It’s a common trait of a cocky person that their mouth works faster than their mind.

There’s always that interrupting employee or self-centered friends who are known for interrupting.

Their contribution to any discussion is greater than their contribution to the plan.

It seems that such people are eager to share their opinion, want to show that they’re there, or believe that their opinion matters.

Whatever their reasons may be, talking too much about themselves is a sign of cocky personality to spot them easily.

7. That person has no care for others, but own self.

The inability to connect with others is another trait of cocky people.

When it comes to their personal feelings and respect, they are quite overprotective.

But they totally disregard others’, as if they meant nothing to them.

Moreover, arrogant people are unable to respect someone’s differences and limits, this separates them from most groups.

8. An obvious trait… Bragging comes naturally to cocky people.

Whether they have achieved something great or not, they’re self-promoters.

It could be that boss who always takes credit for the team or the friend who thinks he/she’s the most charismatic personality in the group.

On and all, with their bragging nature, trying to appear better and superior to everyone are clear signs of a cocky person. 

If you’re related, watch out.

9. That person is trying to control others’ thinking and behavior.

Being with an arrogant team leader or dating a cocky partner is no different.

Both expect you to do everything for them without saying a word against them.

Both want to secure their ego and treat perfectly, but he/she plays with your feelings however they like.

They prefer them over you.

The way someone talks, smirks, looks, and behaves with you or others are clear signs to tell if he or she is cocky.

10. That person is all about ‘Me-me’ and not anyone else.

No matter what it is, arrogant people think the entire world is around them.

Narcissistic behavior is another common trait of a cocky personality.

So, if you pay close attention, you notice that most of their conversation is about them.

Such people have no concern about what others are talking about unless it’s about them.

It might be a friend, a co-worker, or a cousin who always talks about their life, things, and how awesome they look, or else… such arrogant behavior is enough to know that someone is a cocky person.

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11. That person feels insecure about their role and self-image.

It’s totally hard for arrogant people to handle criticism and honest feedback.

They are more likely to be defensive and express a controlling nature when it comes to securing their ego or weaknesses. 

When someone points out any limitation, rather than work on it, they take it as a personal attack.

A cocky person takes everything seriously, it’s in their nature.

12. That person wants to put others down to remain great.

In an attempt to be the best, they never hesitate to play dirty games with others.

Well, it’s in their cocky nature to backstab and criticize someone who is doing well.

Especially when someone surpasses them, they don’t limit it to feeling jealous but doing anything to ruin their reputation and fame.

If you have a friend who is gossiping about someone or a coworker that mocks others, such are signs of cocky personality, so you should leave them alone.

13. That person is very competitive while being cocky.

No matter if others are competing with them or not, they still feel the pressure.

An arrogant person only wants to win all the time. They can’t see others doing good as they’re.

Mostly at work when your position is getting bigger or you become more powerful, your boss starts to see you as a threat, and you’re thier target now.

For cocky people, competition is not a reason to improve, but rather to prove they are still the best.

14. That person is not confident at all.

Insecurity and pressure to remain the best never leave arrogant people’s minds.

Most leaders and confident people do believe that they’re still learning and growing.

Due to their growth mentality, they are more likely to regain success after failure.

While cocky people hope to look perfect, they mostly blame others for failure and fail again by not learning from it. 

The signs of a cocky person show they’re not confident enough to handle the situation, it reveals that their success or fame is just a fluke.

15. That person is attractive but annoying to others.

Maybe that person has an attractive personality more like, a calm and cool person at first.

And, when you know someone better, you discover that they are cheeky on the inside.

They’re arrogant, have too much self-ego, and have no respect for others.

People may draw to their appearance. However, when people encounter a cocky personality’s arrogance and toxic nature, they tend to leave more easily.

16. That person doesn’t have more connections, due to their cockiness.

It’s not like they’re meant to be single forever and have a private personality.

Of course, not. At first, most cocky people sound interesting and positive.

But, their connection gets to know their true self as they spend more time with them.

The constant criticism, irritating others, showing attitude and proving they are the best in their group or team isolates the arrogant person.

They are not known for giving much to any friendship or relationship, making people stay away from such people with high self-esteem.

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Why Being Cocky Is A Good Thing, Sometimes?

Well, we’ve discussed the above signs of a cocky personality to be aware of such people in your network. 

Also, it’s a chance for you to change your behavior when you’re cocky with common traits.

But, along with being the negative side, the cockiness nature has some perks.

There are some cases when having cockiness actually works in your favor.

Such as:

  • You are more likely to stay focused on your needs than others.
  • You start to take care of yourself and your feelings more than anyone else.
  • You feel confident about yourself and your skills and progress.
  • You are safe from those who are planning to hurt you.
  • You remain focused on something very important for you.
  • You set boundaries and limits that no one dares to cross.
  • You have very few connections in life but quality ones.
  • You stay away from unwanted people who may waste your time or mood.
  • You challenge yourself to always grow and improve.
  • You value yourself and live a life with proud feelings.

Of course, being cocky and arrogant sometimes leaves you alone.

But, if you act arrogant when required, it will benefit you. 

This doesn’t mean to be rude to everyone, but to save yourself from being used, manipulated, and pushed down by a few.


And, Why Avoid Being So cocky?

Speaking proudly of your skills and accomplishments is sometimes good.

But if you aim to look better than others and want to show off to destroy someone’s confidence, you’re being cocky.

Which you definitely should avoid.  

When you want only the best among others, you’re more likely to be taken as an arrogant person.

People may feel inferior to you if your behavior is filled with arrogance and pride.

Especially, when you want to impress or intimidate others, pull them down, or control their thinking are common cocky personality traits that make others stay away from you.


The last but important thing that completely separates the confident person from the cocky person is…

One admits own weakness, works on it, and improves as a person. While the other one, prefers to hide it from others, remain insecure, and stay the same.