9 Signs You Will Be Single Forever (Happily, Of Course)

Last updated on May 31st, 2022 at 05:37 pm

It doesn’t matter if your decisions to stay single are due to your failed relationship or your personal choices, but these are the signs that you will be single forever. And it will work out for you in the end… because you’re meant to be single. (Perhaps God wants the same.)


Am I meant to be single?

Although you might not be lucky enough to get the partner of your dreams, that does not mean your life has to be miserable forever.  

Of course, you can ‘be single and be happy in life… If you want to. 

But, first, let’s take a look at the most common reason why you want to be single…

Plus, what causes you to conclude that your life is meant to be lived alone. 

These are some common reasons and let’s see what your reason or motive for staying single is. 

  • You are too much into your career-making or other priorities in life. 
  • You have no time for the relationship and all. 
  • You have no desire to be with someone else. 
  • You don’t see the relationship as the priority of your life journey. 
  • You were constantly looking for a partner but unable to find one. 
  • You tried everything you can, but now you have no hope for yourself. 
  • You still aren’t getting over the relationship or person that left you way before. 
  • You lack the self-confidence to be with someone else. 
  • You accept that you’re meant to be single, and feel that you’ll be happier, being alone. 

Well, whatever the case may be, when you prefer to be single…

You can have an awesome life, especially when it’s your own decision and not a pressured one. 

But, if you decide to stay single just because of your past toxic relationship, being fooled by someone you love, or constantly failing to find the perfect partner, you will be miserable and lost forever. 

You may come across many articles that clearly hit you with the list that these are the causes which is why you’re single or why your relationship doesn’t last and all. 

But that’s not what we’re going to do. 

With this article, we hope to motivate those who prefer to be single by personal choice. 

If you truly believe that being single is in your fate then your life has some purpose for it, and these signs will prove that.  

So let’s check the further signs to know: Are you meant to be single or not? Or, that’s what God planned for you?


9 Signs you will be single forever

With these signs we are not going to advise you to do this or that to get into the relationship, but making you aware of the fact that you’re meant to be single forever. 

And that’s a godly sign that the single life is perfect for the people who are self-sufficient, confident, and special to the god, just like you. 

1. You believe that you can live alone.

No matter how many times you have heard that “Be yourself ”, or “… the right one will accept you as you are.” 

That looks good only on paper. 

Because you always have to lose some of yourself according to someone’s requirements and needs, if you want to be in a relationship. 

When you’ve determined that you will never change, never let go of your freedom or keep being the person you are… You end up being single forever. 

Here, you rather be single than be with someone who is trying to change you. 

If you feel so, that overall shows your confidence signs in you, that you’re better to be single forever, whether someone is by your side or not. 

2. You may not find ‘the love’ of your life, but ‘the passion’ to live by.

It’s not something that you simply hate being in a relationship or the idea of sharing your life with someone makes you feel anxious. 

But, you have something more interesting than the relationship or all those romantic desires that normal people have. 

You have found your passion, a purpose in your life.

And so, you most of the time get busy doing something that makes you feel complete, inspired, and involved yourself fully in. 

You know that being in a relationship may cost you time and energy…

That you can also invest in working on your life purpose or something to make your life better anyway. 

When you’ve found that purpose of your life, before the love of your life, and when you have no time or desire to be in a relationship or get married, are possible signs that you will be single forever.

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3. You are happy living life on your terms.

No matter what life throws your way or how things turn out, you’re happy. 

Whether you believe in such signs that God wants you to stay single or not, you’re fine with the way you live right now.

There is nothing you complain or regret about in life. 

Every day, you do something that makes you excited for the day ahead. There is no loneliness or emptiness or lost feelings there anyway. 

Basically, you are just happy to be single by yourself. 

If you don’t want anyone to interfere over how to live your life and what you should do to live an exciting life… 

That means you already have an exciting life in front of you. 

Being adjustable to the life situation and not having fear of staying single the entire life are possible signs that you are meant to be single forever. 

4. You have so many things on your bucket list and marriage is not the one.

You have a whole set plan of your life ahead of you. 

There is room for everything, what to do, how to, and at which age to accomplish that. 

From building a home of your choice to solo travel to the world, altogether you have the whole chart of your life in front of you. 

It doesn’t mean that you have kept the marriage or relationship out of the list on purpose.

But it’s possible that you just forget about that because you already have many more exciting things to do for the first time than that. 

After all, you also believe that falling in love and meeting that soulmate is not in your control. 

But, when you decide to dictate the time of your life, fulfilling the most other dreams that intentionally keep you away from the relationship are proven signs that you will be single forever.

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5. You find your true self being alone.

Exactly, you enjoy your company more than anyone else. 

You love what you do and actually enjoy being alone by yourself without getting bored or feeling isolated.  

It doesn’t matter whether you got a chance to enjoy single life after a break-up or by your choice…

You eventually get to experience more positive things out of it. 

Whereas most people feel depressed due to being too much alone, you have no such negative outcomes from that. 

You enjoy single life more than anyone else. 

If you get to know more about yourself being single than with someone else previously, then your decision to stay single will work for sure. 

That proves, you finally know how to stay happily single, without being isolated. 

6. You have no apparent reason to be with someone else.

Like everything else in life, emotional support from someone is also very important. But,  not for you. 

You don’t know why everyone gets married and why you should, too. 

Well, you’re so much in your life goals and other aspects, that you have no clear reason to get married or be with someone. 

You are simply living an easygoing life and everything now seems perfectly fine to you. 

Also, it’s possible that your family or friends are worried about your marriage…

But you don’t feel like there is anything wrong

It’s like, you enjoy your life anyway, working on something you love and being with friends whenever you want. 

But, in the end, if you have no idea or active desire to be with someone is actually a sign that God wants you to be single forever.

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7. You have created a group for single people.

Count that facebook group or Whatsapp group that you created as part of being connected with other single and happy people together…

Having the same thoughts about marriage or relationship. 

Yes, if you have created or are already a part of such a group that mostly shares the inspiring contents for a proud single, then these are signs that you have decided to stay single forever. 

Since you’re so busy with other things in your life, that…

You almost forget or ignore the idea of getting married or being with someone else. 

Including all that, you can literally come up with thirty reasons why someone must remain single. 

This shows you’re prepared to be single your whole life. 

8. You choose the lifestyle that keeps you single.

To represent, you are in a career or life-stage that allows you minimal to zero social interaction without getting in touch with new people. 

Similar to this, if you knowingly choose a lifestyle like traveling or working in your space without external connection…

It is possible that you’re kind of happy being alone. 

Well, you don’t have a problem if you don’t have a girlfriend or won’t get the chance to find one.  

In addition to that, you don’t mind working alone, aren’t seeking any opportunity to be with someone, nor do you make yourself approachable for love or relationships… 

And, they are signs that it’s you who wants you to be single forever and have no desire to be in a relationship.

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9. You decided that you will be single forever.

And here are the ultimate signs which are the confirmation that your life is meant to be forever single. Why?

Because it’s you who decided to stay single. 

Plus, there is no pressure, frustration, or negativity involved. 

You are ready to live your single life happily forever, and you may have some sort of plan for that in advance, too. 

From what to do for the next five years to where to spend your retirement age are all set unlike the people in the relationship…

Which are overall signs that your decisions regarding you will be single forever, is confident and accurate.

There is no good reason to put pressure on yourself to be in a relationship when you don’t feel ready for it. 

Well, you also may have a hard time convincing your caring parents, family or friends who are worried about you. 

But, it is worthwhile to live alone if you are also well-aware and prepared for the challenges that come with it.


Are you happy to be single?

If you ever feel like, “Am I meant to be single forever?” then don’t stop trying or get upset. 

Who knows, God wants you to be single forever because you’re capable of living your life on your own and your life might have some special purpose behind it. 

And if you relate with the most discussed signs here that means you will be single forever, and that clearly shows that’s it truly your choice only. 

If so, then you’re most likely to become happily single. 

But, on the other hand, if your decision to be alone is due to some negative causes like a trust issue, toxic relationship, having a desire to be with a ‘perfect partner’ or not being able to adjust with anyone…

Then you better not force yourself to stay single anyhow. 

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You can be happy alone and enjoy your life the same as being in a relationship with a loving partner. But anything you choose, make sure it’s your plan, and you’ve decided to follow that or not.