10 Signs You Have a Purpose In Life Now

Last updated on October 27th, 2022 at 12:28 pm

YES, you have a purpose in life, you have your reason to live every day. Overall, you are living your life by your choice and not by chance. And, these are your signs to prove that. 


Even if it seems that ‘my life has no any means‘, but there’s a purpose for everyone who comes into this world. 

Maybe you are feeling stuck and seeing no further hope in life. But, your life has a purpose, too.

And, whatever happens to you, is just an opportunity for you to find your purpose.

No matter what, but first, you have to go through different options, life phases, and challenges to uncover your true self. 

Such events help you to figure out what you want from life, precisely.

You never have a purpose in life instantly.

You’ve to make some wrong choices first, to realize the right ones. Going through such trial and error phase, and when you find your purpose, you feel like you start to feel like: Living your life to the fullest. So,

  • How to know that you have a purpose in life? Plus,
  • How to figure out that you’re about to find your life purpose? Or, 
  • Is it something that you want to live for?

Well, all questions are answered, via noticing those signs that you show from your daily approach and personal choices.  These are your signs you’ve found your purpose in life. And, If not feeling so, then you will get it nearly soon.

TOP 10 Signs You Have a Purpose In Life, Finally Now.

1. You realize, what you want from life. 

You have tried many fields and tested multiple experiences till today.

You explore every opportunity that you notice around.

But, you finally figure out what you want in life. You know what works for you and what’s not.

You have some good lessons and experiences to remember in life. Now you can make a solid choice, based on past learnings.

Now, you know what exactly you want in life. And where you want to go. 

Overall, inside you feel like you have a purpose in life, now.

2. You feel great desires and interest in a particular subject or field.

This new work that you started last week, appears very exciting and enjoyable to you.

It feels like something inside for the first time… that no earlier work has ever felt so.

You enjoy doing this task. You are excited to learn more and more about this new work.

You’ve been bored and unmotivated since, But this work does not feel the same.

Inside, you have the desire to do it every day.

You just can’t wait for morning to wake up and start doing this new task.

When you feel so…then are signs you have found the purpose of your life.

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3. You start getting support from the universe. 

You are working on your passion and things you care about.

The more you enjoy your work, the more you get to have the reason to stay committed to it.

You have been working so long, all alone, by yourself. But, now you suddenly get to meet other people with the same passion.

In your daily life, you regularly meet someone of the same field and feel like they are here to help you, to learn something.

Indeed, when you put a genuine work and stay true by heart, the universal itself help you to achieve something.

Such are signs you are finding your purpose slowly and gradually. 

4. You focus more on updating yourself when you have a purpose in life. 

You found something interesting in life now, it feels great while working on it.

Now you’re not complaining about anything in life.

Because you found yourself so connected with his work, You have your passion now.

You found your purpose in life, to live every single day.

Ultimately, that makes you serious about your work and future.

Not because of frustration, But due to excitement here.

You set some high goals for yourself and get ready to do anything, to achieve that.

Because you know this is the first thing that inspires you positively, indeed. 

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5. You are now confident about your future. 

Your dedicated efforts to the work, you are passionate about, itself feels great about yourself.

Now you are not confused and tensed anymore.

You have what to answer when someone asks, “what do you do for a living?” Because, you feel confident and proud about yourself, more now.

As now, you are working on your passion… your every day is more enthusiastic and inspiring indeed.

You put in your best efforts every day, and you start believing in yourself, too.

You confidently say, what your future will be… especially when you find your purpose of life.

Furthermore, you’re creating your life, on your terms.

When you put in the right efforts, and when most things start looking interesting, are your signs you have a purpose in life.

6. You feel relaxed and energetic, even after working so long.

When you love your job, and really feel the passion due to it, you work too hard, without any external motivation or pressure.

And, because you have found your purpose, your regrets, failures, and tensions are now replaced with excitement and happiness to work.

You found yourself very connected to this work.

You are working too hard and too long, every day…But, still, you’re not feeling tired even a bit.

Because you’re into this work, and forget about time and everything else.

Even further, before going to sleep, you feel satisfied and relaxed.

Your day goes great, you learn new things and fall asleep faster than before.

If you’re experiencing so, then are your signs that you have your purpose in life.

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7. You inspire others in their life, too. 

Your work ethic is seriously crazy.

You work hard, so hard that it either confuses some, While it makes other excited who knows your journey.

Knowing that you’re passionate about it, people around you feel inspired, though.

Your family, your friends, and close ones get motivation from you. Because they never saw you working that dedicatedly. You’re not complaining anymore.

The way you work, ultimately inspires your people, too.

And that are great signs you are finding your purpose… when others around you get inspired to find the purpose in their life, too.

8. You don’t believe in luck or in chance, anymore.

Earlier when you’ve no purpose in life, you believed that everything is about luck only.

You were blaming your luck because you were not seeing any remarkable signs of success.

Why, because you weren’t working hard due to motivation. You worked there with just frustrations and fears.

But now when you have your passion, and everything starts feeling great inside you.

Now you open more for the new challenges in life.

You are driven by your passion and confidence, alone.

You don’t believe in luck anymore.

You have a purpose in life and so you live every day fully, as you should.

Here you live life as your choice, and not by a chance.

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9. You do something that makes you feel happy about yourself. 

When you are following your passion, you start feeling great about yourself, as it hits inside uniquely.

You stop chasing money, because whatever you do ultimately fills your heart with happiness.

You don’t care about how much money you make. Because all you know is, it makes you feel alive within.

You feel confident about yourself, that your dedication and passion will reach you to the top, in the future.

Because you believe in YOU and the work you do… and not in others.

If you can make a hard choice between money vs happiness, then are signs that you have a purpose in life. 

10. When you’ve your purpose, You just feel it. 

Who else better than you, knows that: Is it really your purpose or not?

Who can confirm, Are you really into this work or not?

Only you, Right.

The moment when you find your purpose in life, it’s you are the first to get notified.

You start seeing every day as a special one.

Your everyday looks great and energetic indeed.

You now have a passion and excitement to start your day. And your day ends with the satisfaction of working on your purpose.

You feel great about yourself, for everyone, and for everything in life.

When you are noticing these great signs that means you have a purpose in your life, now.

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Are you living by your purpose or still relying on chances to happen anyway?

Knowing own purpose in life is a must for everyone. Because everyone has that one, Goal to live-by.

Not everyone is destined to live equally and not everyone gets happiness in everything. The difference lies due to the choices they make at every stage of life. 

You won’t get the purpose of life anyway, you make some mistakes, take a wrong route, realize by yourself, and then get back on the right track in life.

Of course, you will get on the right track, that’s meant for you.

But first, it demands some action and desires from you, to find a purpose in life. 

If you are relating to most given signs then you have found the purpose of your life or about to find the one. 

Turn back to you…

  • What you’re feeling in life right now: Are you feeling excited in life or not? 
  • Do you have a solid reason to set the morning alarm?

If YES, then we are sending our best wishes for you, we hope you get all your dreams and desires, nearly soon.