10 Signs You Are an Engineer (And, This Field Is Your Passion)

Last updated on May 17th, 2022 at 04:31 pm

If you’re thinking engineering is in your vein or what to check whether you’re born to be engineers then this article is for you. Read on to check these signs that prove you are an engineer by passion and you don’t need a degree to prove that. 


Do you see engineering as your passion or just a subject?

Are you thinking of choosing engineering as a core subject or planning to make a career in this field, or you’re an engineer already, and just want to know that, ‘Do I really have something it takes to become a good engineer or not?’

Keep reading as we’re going to share the top signs to prove that you should be an engineer.

Plus, you have all the required skills that are expected for this challenging career. 

Your personality matches with the label of an engineer, PERFECTLY.

And, we hope with this info, we make you feel proud, especially if you’re already on the journey to become an engineer.


Signs you are an engineer, and engineering is your passion.

1. You are born a leader. (Just like more other engineers, out there) 

You set the examples that others find interesting and creative.

You see a dream and do everything to make it happen.

Moreover, you bring something for this world, your team, and your people.

Just like a leader, you think of others first and work on something that supports them, eventually.

You can figure out what others want.

You present the right solution that they need but they couldn’t think about.

Because they thought, it’s impossible. 

2. You have an analytical mind. 

As per the role expectations, every engineer has to be better with numbers and analytical data.

Adjustable nature with numbers is not a good option here.

Engineers have to be ready for the number game, first.

You better opt for art or any other subject, when maths is just a headache for you.

If you like to spend hours in complex data and solving formulas, alone… then you are an analytic mind, as expected from an engineer. 

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3. You make complex things look so easy.

Your job as an engineer is to make something for society.

A solution, to make their life easy, enough to live with.

You work with data, codes, formulas that are very hard to figure out.

You spend hours creating something meaningful.

You make easy solutions for their hard problems.

You take every challenge and carry all burdens, just to make other’s lives easy, as they wish.

4. You are great at organizing everything.

Do you carry long lists of bookmarks on your browser?

Do you prefer to create a separate folder, each time when to add something new, rather than pasting it all together?

If yes, then you are great at organizing your things.

You can’t let everything mixed up eventually.

You know how to manage every specific thing so that you can use that later on.

Your computer is full of folders and subfolders within… that makes it hard for normal people to understand its structure.

And that are signs you are an engineer.

Moreover, you know how to manage your things, just like you’re managing your life. 

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5. You always need something big and challenging on your list. 

You don’t expect your life to stay simple and boring.

You like to do something challenging all the time.

You want to be part of complicated jobs, something that keeps you excited.

You can stay busy and focused on long-term projects that are hard to follow. 

Normal people and regular things sometimes seem less interested in you… exactly, boring of course.

Because you are an engineer and probably have done something beyond that average limit. 

6. You find the reason ‘WHY’ of everything. 

Your curiosity to know the reason behind why something happens that way and why not the other ‘simplest’ way… eventually shows that you’re curious.

You are an engineer and want to know everything about something that you feel interested in.

You do care to find the reason and all ‘why’s related to it.

You focus on something how it works and understands the concept fully.

After working on collected info, and adding personal imagination, you bring an easy alternative for the same.

And make them curious, either.  

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7. You think “above” the boxes. (The most required trait of engineers)

Take examples of any great innovations and technologies in the world, the first idea always came from that one genius person, for sure.

It’s always that one click in mind, and we have a great innovation, now… thanks to that one person, who thinks outside the box.

Yes, your ideas are unique, too, you think about things, differently.

Your ideas and imagination have no limits.

If you can make simple things, look creative… then signs you are an engineer. 

8. You like to work independently and can work more effectively, there. 

You love your work. And hate to hear, when someone says that this work is boring.

You have a unique perspective for this work, you think with your heart instead of your head when you’re in such work. 

You don’t want others to interpret you while working on something that feels, cool inside.

You like to work alone, on your great ideas, and with curiosity to make it happen.

If you feel more focused and committed to work when you are alone, then signs you’re an engineer. 

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9. You master business skills side-by-side. 

Like you’re a born engineer, by heart and need no degree to prove that…. you’re an inborn business person, too.

You like to manage everything on your terms.

You take the required risks and achieve your goals anyway. Because, you believe in yourself, and the ideas you present.

And, so, you can convince others to believe in you, too.

And why not.. it’s you who has this idea for the first time, so you’re the one who knows how to market your ideas well.  

10. You are reading this article. 

You know you are a born engineer when each point brings a smile to your face… Because that describes you perfectly.

If you are reading this article and found yourself very connected, that means you’re an engineer.

You searched for this article and now you read it fully, without skipping, because… you are feeling proud to be an engineer. 

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Do you have what it takes to stay an engineer for life?

So, here are all the signs to prove that you’re a born engineer.

You have the common qualities that most engineers have or require to have.

And, it shows that this field is right for you. 

Agreed that… not everyone shows the same personality traits, especially in the case of engineers.

But, these are common signs to be found in every engineer, jointly. 

If you perfectly match with most here given points then signs you are an engineer, by birth.


You don’t have to join a professional course when your personality itself supports you to think in a certain way. And that ultimately makes you an engineer by birth.