12 Signs Your Travel Addiction Is REAL

Last updated on August 9th, 2021 at 06:01 am

We all like to travel. But, Are you really passionate about exploring the world your way or your love for travel is just limited to the ‘hobbies’ section of your resume only? Check out these given signs that prove that your travel addiction is Real. 


Are you really addicted to travel?

Travel life, Best life, Isn’t it?

Indeed, traveling adds a ‘that’s a special feeling in life. More like an addiction, a positive one. 

Really, that feeling of being lost when exploring a completely new place and getting back to routine life with having all such great memories are the real gems of traveling. 

And it’s not only about traveling more and more.

But, it’s about having lifelong experiences that actually feel like Living life in real mean. 

Do you think that travel is your passion? Is your travel addiction Real?

And if you want to confirm, then here are some signs to prove that you are born to be a traveler.


12 Signs You are a Travel Addict

1. You always think/plan for your next trip. 

Ah, that time between coming back home and leaving home for the next journey, is really tough. 

Every time, when returning from every trip, and for several weeks, if not days… those travel memories constantly roaming in your head. 

Which further makes you daydream about more places to explore next. 

Your imagination constantly shows you’re on the roadside, walking and asking for a lift to a new place that you haven’t seen before. 

That feeling and excitement of new experiences always make you feel excited for the next travel spot that is on your bucket list. 

2. You are super excited after booking your trip.  

When planning your next travel spot on your list, you don’t have tough work in finding the best flight deals and hotel options. 

Because you’ve been traveling a lot, you have where to look for the best deals and travel packages. 

And the best part is, ‘that time’ after your flight is confirmed. 

For you, it’s an opportunity to add a new adventure to your travel memories and life book.

Your excitement and happiness to explore new places can be seen in every action you follow.

Really it’s something else more than an addiction to travel. 

You start counting days and thinking of doing ‘this and that’ things to a new journey.

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3. You kind of start enjoying your own company. 

When you are born a traveler and take traveling as a way to get connected with yourself, then most of your travel will be solo, without any further reason. 

You really love yourself and enjoy your company. 

Those random meetings with random strangers while traveling and having some good experiences along, are the best takeaway that you want to have from every travel opportunity.

No matter if this opportunity comes in a fully-formed traveling or not.

But, even a random long drive keeps you more comfortable with YOU, for a longer time. 

4. You never forget important stuff when traveling. 

From a toothbrush to DSLR, forgetting something at home and realizing that while traveling, is a normal thing, which most occasional travelers used to face. 

But, you’re not one of them. You’re a passionate traveler. 

As you’ve been traveling regularly and for a long period of time. You know what things you need to take along. 

Even further, you have your backpack ready with all required things within, to explore the new world. 

Such an approach of not forgetting anything when traveling, itself is a sign that you are passionate about traveling. 

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5. You comfortably can sleep anywhere. 

As a good traveler, you don’t have to face many struggles when it comes to the sleeping routes during travel. 

Whether the place is comfortable enough or not, you’re on a roadside or in a low-cost hotel, you can enter into your recharging mode, way easier the same as you can in the deluxe resort. 

Moreover, you have no trouble when you have to awake for long hours. 

It seems like your body is quite adjustable due to your multiple travel experiences and so it keeps you maintained in any situation, anywhere. 

6. You are a multilingual person. 

Really, this world is not enough. 

So many cultures, places, and traditions are there to realize that we’re living in a colorful & rich world. 

And knowing more than one language is a traveler is not a big deal.

Especially, when you’re an explorer and not just a traveler, the desire to know more language is itself comes along with your travel addiction. 

Just like you’re passionate about traveling to new places and exploring new cultures, you also put extra effort to learn such languages. 

Your research is quite in-depth when it comes to travel to new destinations.

You learn some important words of foreign languages, before landing in that place. 

Such enthusiasm and extra efforts are signs you’re a born traveler.

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7. You invest in experiences, Not in things.

Collecting more memories, travel experiences in life, is the ultimate goal behind why you’re working so hard in your profession. 

Some focus to make more money to buy some branded things and pursues their desires.

While, you actually look for doing something that makes you happy, inside. Your life has a single purpose like to travel as much as you can. 

Innerself, you have a better alternative to spend your saved money. 

8. Your youtube feed is all about new places, tips, and travel vlogs. 

Even youtube knows your targeted interest and starts suggesting videos that are only about travel stuff. 

Those memes and prank videos are not entertaining you anymore, the way you feel encouraged by the travel trips, tricks, and exciting places that other traveler vloggers suggest.

Watching youtube videos about all travel tips and hacks, is your favorite free-time activity. 

You keep searching for new places to visit next week, month, summer… 

From packing your bag to how to save money on your next trip, and collecting the essential travel information becomes your routine. 

That’s clear signs that you are addicted to travel and taking it more than just a hobby. 

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9. You make others feel excited about traveling. 

Family and friends are really aware of your passion for traveling.

And so, before anyone else, they prefer you to get some travel tips and the best tour package to choose from. 

Besides that, your travel memories and experiences are always inspiring plus informing others as well. 

People around really get inspired and learn from your memories and best experience due to traveling a lot.  

Your addiction to travel and that passion to share your journey, lead them to change their view about traveling. 

And because you have been traveling for a long time, you have some different currencies, coins, and stuff from the visiting countries that make others even more excited, overall. 

So, you found that people come to you to learn and know more about such places and cultures.

Overall, these are great signs to prove you’re a travel addict and a born explorer. 

10. Your travel backpack is always ready. 

Well, packing is of course not fun to many others there. 

But, not for your travel-addicted self. Because you do not have to pack at the last time.

Your travel backpack is always ready there, waiting for your order to get up for the next adventurous trip. 

Really, you don’t have to check for the instruction of what to carry where and what not to. You have some good experience and knowledge from traveling and so you get the ideas within. 

Next, you have added new skills by yourself and that is to manage your stuff at the right place.

You know how to make your trip more enjoyable.

And you know to keep the backpack weight significantly down than anyone else. 

Along the side, due to the habit of living with fewer resources while traveling, now you are more likely to become a minimalist in real life, too.

These further are settled signs that you’re a travel addict, naturally.

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11. You think you have more to explore. 

Undoubtedly, you’re a professional traveler and always want to explore more. 

Your bucket list is all about the new place to visit and new adventures to experience in life. You just never feel tired nor baffled with the traveling process. 

The whole process is kind of a unique experience for you. 

And so, driven by such curiosity your travel list is continuously growing with new places, and new adventures

You start to feel like this world has so much for you to explore. Overall, such are signs that you’re addicted to travel.

12. The entire world is like a ‘Home’ to you.

You are definitely a passionate traveler and born explorer. 

After traveling that many places, now you reach that level of confidence that feels like… A whole world is your home

The more you travel the more you become comfortable with new people quite easily. 

Knowing the best thing about a certain place, having different currencies in your pocket, the ability to speak multiple languages, and random friends around the world… are signs that you’re addicted to travel.

Really, you are passionate about traveling as you make instant connections with new people, anywhere you go. 

Overall, the inner self you feel relaxed and happy anywhere in this world because the entire world is your new home.

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So, what’s your next travel destination?

If you found yourself connected with more given signs of travel addiction… then, it’s time to pack your bag and explore the new place. 

Time to cut the next destination off from your bucket list and have some great fun with this new adventure.

Because, those are proven signs you are addicted to travel, and you’re a passionate traveler. 

Happy Journey!!