11 Signs You Are Addicted To Youtube (And, How To Stop It)

Last updated on January 21st, 2023 at 05:22 pm

You’re here, that means you’re like me, who binge-watch youtube more than any other social media or application on the phone.

But, that urge to watch the next (last) video doesn’t seem to stop, Right?

Well, that’s one of the early signs that you are addicted to Youtube just like, I was.

Read on to know that… Are you also becoming a youtube addict?

Plus, you will also find, How you can stop watching youtube videos that aren’t worth more than your sleep, time, and life. 


So, You Can’t Stop Watching Youtube Videos, Right?

“Okay, so this is the last video and then i…” 

This was me two weeks ago, at 11:53 PM after getting notified from a youtube channel I subscribed to. 

Even though there’s nothing entertaining or clickbait, and the video is completely unrelated, I ended up watching it without even skipping.

And then came the next one and the next one…

That was the story of every day for many weeks. And I know I’m not the only one. 

Like most people who have a social media addiction, youtube is a no different platform. 

And in my case, it started with a desire to educate myself and get a better understanding of how to do things correctly. 

But, as i get to know that I’m addicted to youtube, I decided to fix my routine, specially allocated time for youtube.

Also, promised myself to never click the application for any other reason than learning something or a half-hour break. 

In fact, this platform is very useful in many aspects of our careers and lives. 

Ultimately, it’s up to us to take control of our own behaviors, before they become habits that lessen our ability to focus on what really matters.

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Is YouTube addiction a thing?

The internet itself is a huge addiction, and social media, youtube, and any particular site are such mediums that keep us glued to it.  

But yes, we simply can’t fault Youtube for being such an addictive platform with all the entertainment, education, and exciting desires at the time. 

While I am now over with its addiction, I still access this platform but it’s now limited to purposeful visits and no longer for timeless fun. 

It’s true, watching YouTube videos doesn’t have an adverse impact same as other addictions, but it is still an addiction, as you know. 

Additionally, it costs you time that you can invest in things that are actually important for you. 

That’s why you should be careful with it or else it will cost you valuable time. 


11 Signs You are addicted to Youtube

Check out the given signs if you have been using this platform too often without knowing whether you are becoming addicted to it or if you simply rely on youtube videos too much. 

These are the most behavioral signs that make me realize, I’m addicted to youtube and need to do something about it.

And I hope you can identify the same solution for yourself.  

1. You spend a big chunk of your daily routine on youtube.

For some, it is two hours, while for others it is three hours and more. 

However, if you find yourself watching Youtube videos for no reason at all, rather than completely avoid them…

That means you lack control over yourself. 

Simply ask yourself, is there any specific time for using this platform? Or do you watch every video that may look interesting to you?

2. You can skip your important work. But, not the youtube videos.

You may not have time for meeting friends, going out, or regular exercise, but you always have time for youtube. 

Is there anything you would rather be doing than watching videos?

Do you procrastinate on your other priorities and tasks? 

Even though you have something important to get done like your work or school assignment, you prefer to watch the notified youtube video, and such are signs that you are addicted to Youtube.

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3. You watch youtube not only on mobile, desktop but on TV.

You start to watch YouTube videos anywhere and anytime. 

When you turn your computer on, after ten minutes you find yourself on Youtube…

Because you want to check what happened with your favorite character in that last episode. 

Additionally, your entire weekend passes binge-watching youtube videos on TV, for sure. 

4. You’re subscribed to so many channels out of your interest.

You literally watch everything on Youtube that grabs your attention. 

No matter what comes up in your feed or what youtube suggests you watch…

You often find yourself watching any random video on youtube for no direct reason. 

It seems you have no clue what to watch, still, end up watching it any way that means you’re addicted to youtube. 

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5. You accidentally click the youtube application quite often.

Like the habit of a Facebook addict, the same applies to you, a youtube addict. 

That’s what happened to me most often.

As I had a youtube application waiting there immediately i unlock the phone.

And, that was the biggest distraction there. 

It’s common as part of youtube addiction, to click on the application and watch youtube videos for two to three hours, without you knowing it.  

6. You sacrifice your required night sleep hours.

Before you go to bed, you are driven to watch Youtube videos. 

Every time you promise yourself that, this will be the last video before bed, and you end up watching the next one, or the next, and the next again, that’s a sign you are addicted to Youtube. 

A habit of watching Youtube videos every night could cause you to sacrifice your sleep.

Thanks to the youtube algorithm, it always has something interesting to show you.

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7. You are ‘the first viewer’ of any videos from your favorite channel.

You are the subscriber that every youtuber wants to have. 

Because you liked and commented on nearly every video they uploaded before you even watched it entirely.

Although that’s nice for a creator or channel owner to have a dedicated follower like you.

Possible that, you’re addicted to Youtube due to a certain channel of your interest. 

If so, then you find yourself keeping ‘Refresh’ the channel page in the hope that the new video will soon appear. 

8. You have expertise in referring channels to others.

Like youtube is itself the search engine, you’re the channel finder for others. 

Since you watch too many videos on youtube every time, you have a pretty good idea of which channel to use and for what purpose. 

As a result, people turn to you to find the right video or channel for their purposes.

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9. You have so many online friends, because of youtube.

You’re quite active on youtube via commenting, debating, and interacting with others. 

Since they see your name in the comment section so frequently, they recognize you even though you don’t make videos or own a channel by yourself. 

You have more Youtube friends than friends from any other social media or website.

That means you’re addicted to youtube, and it’s not less than facebook for you. 

10. Your phone data is mostly used by youtube.

There are so many things to watch, read, learn and do on the Internet. 

However, it seems youtube is the only reason for which you recharge your data.

Knowing your desire to watch every video in high resolution, you recharge your data accordingly.

Don’t believe us, then check your phone data usage for the application last month.

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11. Watching the notified video, becomes your priority at the moment.

In your mind, not watching the notified video will cause a lot of harm. 

Whenever you receive a notification from the subscribed channel that a new video was uploaded or any notification from the application…

You think you should check it right now. 

It’s obvious that you don’t know how to set priorities, and actually, you are addicted to Youtube.

And so, you’d prefer it over anything else. 


How To Stop Being Addicted To Youtube? (5 Tips)

After checking such signs if you think that you are a youtube addict, then below are some suggested steps to control this habit.

That’s what I did, and I got over my addiction to watch Youtube videos without any set limit 

1. Set the time frame to watch videos on youtube.

The number one reason why you waste so much time watching Youtube videos is that there is no time limit for you to consider.  

You will feel no pressure when there is no schedule to stick to or something to accomplish. 

In the same way, you don’t have a set time to watch Youtube, it’s completely random, unnecessary, and out of your control. 

Therefore, the first step is to determine the time limits for being on YouTube. 

You can set the time as per your schedule that won’t affect your other important activities or the time for yourself and the family. 

Collect your strength to bookmark any video to “watch later”.

Do not let it distract you if it isn’t the right time or you have something else to do. 

Remember video will be there forever, but not your time. 

Thus, make your choice wisely.  

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2. Take the help of youtube settings from itself.

Well, YouTube knows exactly what you’re doing on the platform and how much time you spend on it every day. 

Therefore, let Youtube itself remind you when you’re about to sacrifice your sleep. 

The app does offer one setting that can help. 

To do this, 

Go to settings- General- “Remind me when it’s bedtime”. 

You can choose the sleep time here. 

It will send you a reminder at the specified time to let you know when it is time for bed. 

It is best to choose a schedule that covers your required sleep hours. 

So, if you have no control over yourself and are seriously trying to stop being addicted to youtube, then this might be the better option for you. 

At least give it a try.

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3. Do something important and productive, instead of watching videos.

Whether you watch youtube during your free time or work, it is hard to break the habit once you get used to doing it on repeat. 

Take on some useful activities to improve and develop your skills, or you can keep a focus on your priorities. 

Include something in your schedule that is productive and adds value to your life overall.

Like an activity that you won’t regret your time spent later on.

It can be anything from hobbies or online courses to something you really enjoy, such as drawing, playing an instrument, or just staying still. 

4. Take an internet break time, every day.

You should be aware of your addiction when you are watching videos on YouTube without any specific reason for doing so.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to spend your time. 

Have some priorities in life, set a routine that focuses more on the important activities to follow.

If you want to do that, take a break from your browser and go outside instead. 

By doing physical activities or spending time with family and friends, you can break any addiction, whether it’s from youTube, social media, or the internet. 

5. Use the platform for yourself. Don’t let it use you.

Yes, it is the thing that you have and you are the living person. It’s up to you what to do with it rather than letting it control you. 

No matter how positive, exciting, or good something feels on the inside…

Everything that goes beyond its limit starts showing its negative effects. 

As for YouTube, it is a great platform for learning and getting yourself entertained.

In the end, it’s your choice to get addicted to youtube videos. 

Everything you are notified about may not necessarily be for you. 

Learn how to skip or stop the video and return to life when you have something else important to do at the same time. 

In the end, if you want to make a change in your life, it’s better if you do it by yourself.

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Are you ready to break your ‘youtube addiction’?

We are very lucky to have such great technology and information at our fingertips. 

While it helps us in so many ways, this innovation also takes us away from the happiness and relaxation that we can have without it. 

All things have their pluses and minuses.

Not every platform or technology is as beneficial, or as addictive as it seems. The problem is that we lose our sense of how to use it and when to.

If you’re seeing such signs that you are addicted to youtube, it’s only you whose behavior is not correct.

It is better to blame your approach to using it… rather than the technology or the platform itself. 

It is actually us… who can’t control ourselves. 

You are free to uninstall or delete something if you want.

Or you could make the best use of this platform to change your life in a lot better way.

Ultimately, it’s your actions that make you addicted to something that you should avoid. 


We hope this guide on youtube addition has helped you a little. If so, then share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Also, please share this article with someone who needs it. Thanks.