9 Signs Your Bird Trusts You, Finally Now!!

Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 03:53 am

Animal or pet birds, it takes time to develop a connection between them and the owner. Curious to know if your bird is bonded to you then, take a look for these proven signs that show your bird trusts you and now feels comfortable at your home.


How do you know if your bird trusts you?

Birds’ way of showing affection and love to someone is quite similar to humans’. 

You can tell if your bird is kinda familiar with you or not, based on their behavior, body language, and response especially to you and other members in the house. 

By their special behavior towards you, you will know if your birds like you. 

If you have recently brought a bird into your home or been petting the bird for a while, then you definitely want to find out whether you and the bird are connected or not. 

We’ve outlined several signs that you can follow to see if you’ve bonded with your bird or if you need extra work on building a connection within. 


9 Signs Your Bird Trusts You & Start Liking You As Well

Aside from signs, these are also ways that birds use to express their happiness, excitement, and affection. By knowing so, you can also take the necessary steps to give your bird enough comfort and care to make it feel like home when you’re around.

1. When your bird imitates your actions or words.

Mimicking is not just limited to parrots, even other birds do the same. 

You will know that your bird is comfortable with you based on its actions if it really feels secure and sees you as a familiar person. 

There comes a time when everything you do towards your bird, follows.

When you sing and dance to your favorite song, your birds do the same in their cage, as it accompanies you on the dance floor.  

By doing so, your bird shows that it enjoys being with you. 

More than that, it’s the first sign that your bird trusts you and develops a bond with you. 

2. When your bird plays with you or lets you play.

If you see that your birds freely move around and even play with you then it is a good indication that they accept you and know you more than before. 

One of the best ways to determine whether your birds have become used to you or not is to observe their approach to you, or when you’re around.  

Not letting you play with them, is the most obvious thing showing your birds don’t feel safe, still. 

They show it most when there is a stranger in the room.  

Also, if your bird seems to enjoy playing with you, that is a good sign that you are liked by a bird. 

It seems they now feel more confident to be around you. 

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3. When you find your bird cuddles you.

Like any human being and pet, birds also want to cuddle with you when you find them appealing and feel comfortable around you. 

This one is by far the most common approach to check how much your bird trusts you. 

Well, that’s certainly surprising to know, but birds do indeed cuddle. 

As your bird becomes more familiar with you when one day they come near to you. 

It is now easier for you to pick them up or hang them on your neck than before. Now a bird does not shy away (scared) from you as they had before. 

You can now see that your bird can freely move throughout your house. 

Such are early signs that your bird now feels safe and also trusts you, as well. 

4. When your bird flutters its wings, after seeing you.

Birds normally do that just before they are about to fly. 

When your bird does this immediately after you enter the room, that means they are happy and excited to see you. 

Flapping wings are their approach to express their excitement at something or someone. 

Basically, a bird does that intentionally to catch your attention or to show their happiness that you are around. 

It definitely takes time for birds to become comfortable around you.

But as they get to know more about you, then they will show their affection with such signs which proves your bird trusts you and kind of starts liking you as well.

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5. When your bird flaps tail the same as their wings.

Just as we humans express our emotions through our facial expressions and smiles, dogs and birds also use their tails to express their excitement. 

It’s really a powerful sign to see that trust and affection from a bird that keeps flapping its tails after coming back from the office. 

It’s their way of showing you, they like and are comfortable with you. 

Birds also show signs of trust when they are with people they feel excited to see, the same as for dogs who keep wagging their tails when they feel so happy or excited at something or someone. 

So, next time you see your bird, remember to pay attention to its tail. 

6. When your bird chooses you over other people at home.

The only person in your home who can handle your birds is you. 

Simply, because it won’t’ allow others to control it. 

And that’s also because your birds trust nobody other than you. 

Every time you’re away from home, your family complains that your bird has unusual behavior, and that’s because your bird misses you. 

Your absence eventually makes them uncomfortable even in their cage. 

Well, this one is the ultimate and most definite sign that your bird has an emotional bond with you and wants to be with you. 

Especially when it follows you and shares similar behavioral signs only towards you are proof that a bird takes you as a trustworthy person in the house. 

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7. When your bird attempts to contact you.

Your bird and you are gradually making a great bond. 

For a few days, you have heard your birds chirping more often inside your house. Also, you have been hearing its birdsongs a lot lately.

Well, that’s good to hear that your bird feels comfortable in your home. 

But, that is a great sign if they do it just after seeing you enter the room because it shows your bird trusts you and has a bonding with you as well. 

Much like humans, birds are also reserved and calm around environments that don’t seem confident or trustworthy to them. 

But, if your birds start being more talkative than before that’s a good start. 

8. When your bird tries to stay close to you.

How does your bird react when you bring it out of the cafe? Does it go far away from you, or does it just stay still or take steps towards you?

The meaning of each sign varies depending on the situation. 

But, if you see that your bird comes forwards and follows your direction, that is a sign your birds trust you more than before. 

An uncomfortable and intimidated bird will try to protect itself when they don’t trust you enough. They either stay with you or try hard to move away from you. 

But, the moment they stop doing so and start coming forward to you are clear indications that your bird feels that bonding with you and now likes you, too. 

Your birds freely perched on your hand and shoulder, which means it’s your new pal.  

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9. When your bird begins to show its jealousy.

There is a great bond between you and your bird now, all due to your best caring efforts. 

It’s more than just a pet owner or caretaker. 

Your bird likes to play with you and be around with you and that can be shown from the way it behaves towards you and so with any other family member or stranger. 

Due to good bonding, there comes a time when you get to see that jealousy in birds. 

Fighting with other birds, not letting other family members manage them, or even attacking your loved ones are combined signs of birds’ jealousy. 

Your bird now becomes territorial about you and doesn’t want to share the love with anyone else. 

While it’s somewhat cute, you need to keep a close eye on any negative or threatening behavior your birds may display to your family members, loved ones, strangers, or with the other pets under one roof. 


How to tell if your bird is bonded to you?

Birds display their feelings and affection in their own unique way. 

If you see that most of the listed signs match with you then that’s great that your bird trusts you moreover it’s like your bird is bonded to you, as well.  

After all, you have given every comfort to your birds by providing a better home that doesn’t feel like a cage or spending time with it like a loving family member. 

The connection that you and your bird have is unique that no other shares. 

You spend significant time with your bird and when you’re not around it constantly calls you with its chirps and makes sure that you’re good. 

Even though you now no longer have to tell your birds what to do, it just follows you like a trustworthy friend

A bird moves around freely, but they always come back to you at the right time, without causing any trouble.

Signs like these indicate that you and your bird are becoming closer friends.  

And yes, these are not the only signs. 

There are many other ways and signs to check whether your bird trusts you and if you two share a bonding within or not.  


If you know any special things that reveal birds’ behavior then let us know in the comment section below. Share your approach regarding, how you made your bird trust you, or what makes your bond a perfect one? That would be great to hear.