10 Signs Of A Good Parent That Make Them ‘The Great’

Last updated on May 26th, 2022 at 05:57 pm

Like the checklist for good kids, there has to be a list to know if you have good parents or not, doesn’t it? Well, so here we are going to share the signs of good parents to know whether you’re a good parent or you have them. 


How do you know if you have good parents?

We are not parenting experts neither we are going to advise parents on what to do to look like supermom or super dad in the eyes of their children. 

If you are parents, that already makes you special and you have nothing extra to prove that. 

However, parents are human, and sometimes they make mistakes, too. 

What separates good from bad parents is… accepting that they aren’t perfect. 

Do they care to accept when they’re wrong or Still trying hard to look perfect because they’re parents and have shown more Christmas than their children?  

Depending on modern children’s expectations and challenge to parents to stay updated, here we bring some traits that together make ‘Great parents’, in the end. 

So, if you are parents (or kids) who are reading this post, here are some signs that point to the qualities of a good parent, to further check whether you’re (or you’ve) such parents who do not only care but also understand their children, too. 


Signs of a Good Parent: To Prove You’re One of Them

1. Good parents are genuine supporters and not Bosses.

You’re blessed to have parents who are there for you.

They do care to know what your plan is and how you’re making it in the process or do you need any support or what. 

Moreover, they support you when you require it, and sometimes even without you asking for it. 

No matter whether parents could see there is scope in their children’s dreams or not.

But when they know their kids are confidently doing something in life on their own and passionately, they won’t do anything that might be seen as doubting their plans. 

Good parents actually are with their kids and genuinely support them no matter what. 

2. Good parents most likely raise an independent child.

If you’re parents then check whether you want your kids to totally rely on you or want them to figure something out by themselves. 

There is a thin line between helping them and actually training to be better and stronger. 

When you want everything about your kids’ life to be managed and handled by yourself, as parents then you’re doing more bad than good things. 

It’s okay to help kids when they’re not matured enough till a certain age, but after reaching that age when they have to be somewhat independent and get out of their shell. 

So what do you do for your kids, you actually do everything for them or give them a chance to handle something on their own. 

Instead of scaring them of heights or falling, if you encourage your kids to fly, that means you really want your kids to fly high and such are signs that you are a good parent.

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3. Good parents watch out for their behavior around kids.

Well, kids come with no learning or any specific things in their minds. 

Everything that they learn or do is because of the environment they are in and experienced almost every day at home at a younger age.  

What they see, they follow. What they hear, they speak. 

If you are such parents who watch out first before saying or doing anything which is clearly out of your negative emotions or bad influence… that clearly shows signs of good parents.  

Because you genuinely care for their kids’ well-being and know the importance of having control over your emotions, especially around the kids. 

Of course, you don’t want your kids to do anything that makes you feel ashamed later on. 

4. Good parents always make time for their children and family.

Maintaining a good work-life balance can be a challenge, especially for working parents. And they do not have to feel pressured or controlled by any means. 

When it comes to spending time with your family or children, this should not feel like pressure or force on your inner self.

If you are the one who takes it as a responsibility as a parent or a part of the family, that simply means you are a caring and responsible parent and a family member. 

No matter how hectic your present-day went, you never let your kid feel ignored or avoided anyway.

And, when you make them feel so, you never hesitate to apologize for that. 

You’re not like the parents who think money is the only thing that your kids want from you.

By the time you do play your roles as their parents right, like being with them on a special day or taking the day off just to take care of your ill child. 

If you make them feel guided and supported by you, those are signs that you are a good parent, which most others need to get inspiration from.

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5. Good parents accept that they’re not good at everything, including Parenting.

Well, nobody’s perfect here. But, not everyone accepts that, including some bad parents.

Good parents not only advise or guide their kids, but they also do what they expect their kids to follow.

Whereas bad parents force their kids to follow what they want, without caring to follow the same by themselves. 

Overall, good parents eventually set an example regarding how to behave properly and what not to do. Why because they’re genuinely responsible parents who know what they’re saying and what they’re doing. 

Sometimes parents also make mistakes but rather than being perfect or covering it up, the good one accepts the responsibility and apologizes when required. 

Because they know their kids are watching and also learning from them. 

When your children come to you and clearly inform you rather than hiding it when they make some mistakes, those are signs that your kids trust you and that’s all because of your good parenting skills.

6. Good parents understand their children very well.

Well, if your dream was to become an athlete in your time but you failed to achieve that so, it doesn’t mean your child comes to fulfill that dream for you. Of course, not. 

If you accept your child as they are, believe in their dream without forcing your dreams upon them, which shows one of the qualities of a good parent in you. 

It is important to let your kids live the dreams they have and support them during the tough times to help them overcome any challenges, failures, or mistakes that may occur.

These are signs that you are a good parent who cares for and also understands your children. 

You are such parents who give them support which they never get from anyone else and never make them feel hopeless or unworthy… just because you failed in your career before.

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7. Good parents never tell their kids what to do, but inspire them.

It’s agreed that parents have more experience than their children and are more familiar with things their children may not be aware of. 

However, they never forced their learning and experiences on their children.

Because such parents know that time has changed and so is the priority of modern life, too. 

By setting an example themselves rather than just talking or advocating, good parents will eventually inspire their children to learn by themselves. 

Rather than force their belief on kids’ minds, they actually do something to help kids believe what they’re explaining. 

Nevertheless, signs of godparents say, they do not teach or advise their kids, instead, their kids learn from their parents and the sound environment of the family, without being influenced by friends, social media, company, etc.

Typically, a person with the principles has learned it from their parents rather than being taught. 

8. Good parents actually care about listening to their kids.

Are you talking too much because you are parents and have so many things to advise them? Or do you care enough to listen to what they’re trying to explain to you?

If you give your kids time to speak and believe in them, they feel eager to share something with you, like what they do at their school or how their day went at the office. 

You really are good parents who give attention to their kids when they’re saying something. 

No matter whether you’re busy at something or working in your room when your child takes a move to come to you and wants to share something, you shut off your mobile, laptop and pay attention to them. 

Such exhibit your best qualities of a good parent that your child definitely admires, for sure.

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9. Good parents update their thinking as their kids grow.

Whether you are advanced parents or not, but if you let your kids enjoy their space and something which modern life is, that simply means you never force your kids or impose your old lifestyle on them. 

More than an advanced parent, you are that understandable parent who knows that time has changed.

And as good parents, you believe that you also have to follow the trend along. 

Rather than bring frustrated or jealous parents, thinking they did not have the liberty or freedom as their kids experience right now, they allow them to live their life on their terms. 

Because good parents know their well-being and parenting so far, their kids are a reflection of their words, behavior, and lifestyle.

As great parents, they also are well aware of what is right and what is wrong for them and their kids. 

Due to that mutual trust in their child and their own upbringing, such kids follow what they learn from their parents even when they’re not around. 

Which further are clear signs of good parenting skills of their parents. 

10. Good parents know their kids are not perfect.

Well, your child is not afraid when he does not get a good score as other kids in the neighborhood because you never compare them with those around you. 

You actually believe and know that your kid is different from any other person. And so, give him more opportunities to do more things which he’s really interested in. 

Well, you take care of such society standards or what others will think of and let your kid stay focused more on their mission. 

Such an approach to accepting their life decision, career choices, and choosing the life partner of their choice are signs that you are a good parent which not every child is fortunate to have. 

This is all because you care for their happiness more than anyone else. 

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Found the relatable good parenting skills in you?

So these are some list of qualities or you can say signs of a good parent to check whether you’re one of them or you have at home. 

Are you such parents who think that your rules and standards are better to have on kids to keep them on the right path? 

Or, actually, let them learn and lose so that they can learn by themselves about the life challenges which will still be there when you’re not around to guide them. 

Before you name your conditions or rules as love or concern, make sure you see that your children have the same perspective on that or not. 

Well, it could be an expectation or high standards that you force them to live up to. 

In your opinion, if they follow this, they will be the perfect child who will make you feel proud of them in society. 

So the last question to ask yourself as a parent is… Are you trying to make your children like someone else, or are you letting them find and discover their own identity?


Let us know your thoughts and opinion on this article about signs of a good parent to a child? Do you like what we just shared here or have something to add to this list? Then, don’t hesitate to update us on that.