10 Signs You’re Adopted (By A Blessed Parents & A Loving Family)

Last updated on December 23rd, 2022 at 06:35 pm

Well, the routine challenges are there, but being adopted is itself a special blessing.

And if you have a feeling that you might be adopted, then consider these indicative signs that you’re adopted by your current parents.

The good thing here is- you have a loving family, and great parents who choose YOU. 


How Do You Know If You Were Adopted Without A DNA Test?

Straightaway asking your parents, “Am an adopted child?” is, of course, a direct and honest approach overall.

Although it may seem effortless, it’s not. 

After all, before you do anything it’s also important to take care of your adoptive parents’ feelings for you. 

Totally understandable that you have so many questions in your mind about your existence, first parents, family, siblings, and real name.

However, before you raise such questions, be sure that this is the right time for it. 

Plus, you also need to justify why you are asking these questions and have some valid proof to back up your doubts or feelings. 

It’s advisable to follow the early signs of adaptation by yourself, before discussing your doubts with your current parents.


10 Signs You’re Adopted, By Loving Family

1. You have lots of questions about your existence.

From your birthdate to who your real parent is, to where you belong, you have a lot of things in life that remain a mystery.

No matter how much love and care your current parents give you, you still feel like something is missing.

There’s no similar connection you have with them as a child has to their parents.

Even so, nothing is that bad. However, it seems that your family ties with them are lacking something.

No, it isn’t ‘love’, but a deep emotional connection.

It leads to so many misunderstandings and questions you want to ask, but stop yourself from asking at the last moment.

You want answers, but don’t want to look doubting on adopted parents’ feelings for you. 

2. You want to know what lacks in you.

There are so many questions that you have in your head.

And, such confusion you endure grows from time to time.

But the burning question that keeps you awake all night is why they abandoned you and what their motives were to do so. 

You feel worse and more hurt, because…

You keep thinking that there has to be some fault in you, that even led your real parents to leave you.

It is an act of self-blame for you to let your parents make the hardest decision of their lives.

You are aware your parents are not to blame, but you would like to know why they do this. 

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3. Your birthday is the hardest day on the calendar.

Most adopted children have a difficult time celebrating their birthdays every year.

Because in many cases, their informed birthday is approximately the date they were adopted.

And, then there is the actual birthday when they are born. 

Furthermore, this is the time when you are thinking of your real parents the most.

Inside you are always wondering if your real parents also remember this day or not.

At the same time, you feel thankful to have such a loving family who loves you more than your real ones. 

4. You always feel like you’re special.

Indeed, you’re a special person to this world and not just your present family.

Having the feeling that you’re chosen by someone makes you feel great about yourself, constantly enhancing your self-confidence. 

Of course, you have that idea that someone has rejected you.

Although, the way your adopted parents or guardians give you a special place in their hearts…

Which makes you feel motivated and inspired all the time.

After all, your connection with them is not a chance, but it is planned and developed. 

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5. You don’t look like your parents or anyone in the family.

Body and facial signs are easy to know if you’re an adopted child or not.

Many people compare a child’s appearance to that of his or her parents.

In your case, however, the situation is completely different.

You see no matching genetic marks on your body or face, especially those that children normally inherit from their biological parents.

Not being able to find matching signs, eventually puts you in confusion about your real identity.

It then makes sense for you to begin seeking out your birth parents.

You’re adopted especially when you share no identifying physical features with your parents or nearest relatives, such as eye, hair, or skin color. 

6. You feel sad and happy at the same time when discussing a family.

The confusion relating to your parents and family always surfaces in your mind. 

You want to find out who they are and what their real name is.

Having such caring people as family, leaves you feeling grateful for the way your adopted parents treat you and take care of you. 

Just as being adopted hurts you deeply, having a family who accepts you without any hesitation makes you feel confident about yourself

It’s a mixed feeling. 

You’ve got a sense of abandonment, that makes you feel ignored or rejected.

But, at the same time, you feel like blessing because you know, you’re being chosen by special people who love you unconditionally. 

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7. Your pet and you share a bond that no other person has.

Most of the time you spend either alone or with your pet. 

There is some special bond you have with your pet.

It is the kind of connection you do not have with anyone at home or anywhere else. 

Well, it’s no reason to think that your guardians don’t care for you enough, but you felt more connected to the family pet. 

In a way, it seems like you also get the feeling that comes from being adopted. 

Together, you both have similar emotions and experiences. Plus, getting great care from your family. 

Both of you don’t have a clue about your birth parents, how they are and don’t know where they are. 

8. You want to know if you have a brother or sister.

And this is the most common thing that most adopted people feel.

They want to know who their family and siblings are.

They want to find out where their parents are, as well as whether they have a brother or sister. 

Likewise, your existence is a lifetime riddle for you. And, you wish you get to know everything about your family. 

Your constant search for hints, and clues lead you to find your family or someone who shares your skin tones or eye colors.

If you see or your friend refers to someone as your twin, the confusion gets even worse. 

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9. Your family has no record of connection to you.

When you are adopted, you do not have any legitimate evidence to show that you are related to your current family. 

The parents either do not answer questions concerning your childhood.

Moreover, they try to convince you with the same stories, whenever you enquire about it. The story that you refuse to believe is real.

You can learn about your relationship with the current family by studying family pictures and other documents.

However, if there is no proof or if you are given insufficient information, you may be right. 

From not having childhood pictures to legal certifications are signs that you’re an adopted child to this family. 

10. You have so much in life to feel grateful for.

From having loving adoptive parents to knowing that you’re wanted, there are so many things to be thankful for in life.

In most cases, the ‘special feeling’ regarding you’re being chosen by your existing parents helps you to cope with the feeling of being abandoned by your real parents. 

Remember that, this present family gives you a new horizon in life…

Not only by giving you a place to live but also by giving you the feelings and care that you didn’t receive from your real family. 

Of course, you want to find your real parents.

At the same time, you do not want to be disrespectful and hurtful to your adopted parents’ feelings, either. 

You truly feel grateful for being with such great people as your family and sometimes even abandon the idea to find your existence.

Because you don’t want to lose your family again. 

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Before you ask your parents: “Am I adopted?”

If you suspect that you’re adopted and your parents are not your biological parents, then the first thing you need to do is figure out why you think that way.

Ask yourself…

  • How did you manage to find something about that?
  • Have your family member or nearest one accidentally dropped hints?
  • Have you been told this by a stranger?
  • Are you treated like a black sheep of the family?
  • Or, it’s just you who feels that way? 

Overall, this raises many questions, beginning with, Who am I? And why did your real parents abandon you? 

Testing via DNA report is the ultimate way to gain insight into a person’s identity.

But, before even asking your parents anything related to it, you need to do some research by yourself regarding what motivated you to raise this question. 

If you match these basic signs that you are adopted, then probably you’re.

The above list, however, does not end there. Additional evidence and signs must also be considered. 

The discussed points are just hints that you want to take as a surety check before making a straight question to your parents about your existence. 

Having such reasons prepared is important because the discussion will be difficult not only for you but also for your adoptive parents.

Of course, you’re feeling unclear and hurt inside after knowing that you’re adopted.

But you also never have to forget the respect and feelings that your guardians or adopted parents have for you. 

While searching for your biological parents…

It is important not to overlook this great level of love and genuine care you receive from your adopted parents every day. 


Although your adoptive parents didn’t give you birth, they offer you a very special place in their hearts. That ‘place’ that even your biological parents couldn’t afford to give you or decided not to provide.