15 Signs You Are The Black Sheep Of Your Family

Last updated on September 28th, 2022 at 06:03 pm

There’s always that feeling that ‘you’re a misfit, imperfect and different’ from your own family, which means something is wrong at ‘that’ house.

Well, there are some apparent signs that you are the black sheep of your family, which you should mark down. 


Do You Like You’re ‘The Black Sheep’ In Your Home?

Being different in your family isn’t a problem. 

It is, however, when your family can’t accept you as you are or wants you to fit in, without caring whether you want or not. 

‘The family’ is the underlying strength of someone. 

Whereas, a lack of acceptance in one’s own home, or feeling excluded and hated by one’s own family… force someone to live a miserable life.

Everyone deserves respect and peace, at home and in life. But toxic families prevent it, Both.

No matter how hard you try to stay out of any family issue, you’re the one getting sucked into it by your family members.

Whether you look different or not, they treat you like you’re not one of them.

They treat you like, you’ve committed a serious crime since you don’t follow in your family’s lineage.

Such harsh treatment at home is obviously distressing.

But there’s nothing you can do about it… you better do something for yourself, instead.



15 Signs You Are The Black Sheep Of Your Family

You can be yourself no matter how unique you are… when you have family support. 

There is no need to have everyone accept you and like you, only your family is enough. 

But, but, when your family is the one who hates you, ignores your priorities, and blames you for every bad thing that happens in the family… it’s impossible to be yourself outside and at home.

You can’t be the back sheep in the house solely because you’re adopted or act differently.

There are more visible signs telling you that you’re ‘the only’ one in the family. 


1. You’re perfectly fine without family, and totally self-sufficient now.

At home, you have been treated as a black sheep, causing you to rely solely on yourself. 

So far, they hope to make you feel worthless and helpless without family.

But you’ve made yourself so independent and strong through facing hardship at home.  

In turn, your family starts to hate you when you no longer rely on them for support. 

They’re shocked and a bit jealous at how you can live so well without them. They hoped that without them, you would fail.

2. Your family tries to control your life.

In the family, everyone advises on how to behave, live, and act. Even the younger ones.

Your family doesn’t want you to get out of your room in the presence of a guest at home.

Or, they come to you at family parties, imploring you not to create any mess.

Because they fear that being the black sheep of in the family you may ruin the reputation they have in society. 

3. Your appearance proves that you’re not one of the family.

Maybe you’re adopted or maybe you’re not. But, you look nothing like your family.

At first look, you’re easily spotted that you’re in no way related to your family.

Whether it’s the way you talk, your personality, your thoughts, or the vibes you give off, are obvious signs that you’re a black sheep of you family. 

4. You are always willing to do something your family refuses to do.

It’s now becoming hard for you to adjust to the family, because of their narrow perspective. 

Neither your family nor your parents doesn’t care about your feelings and your expectations. Nor do you listen to what your family tries to tell you.

You both tend to do things seemingly inconvenient to each other. 

As a black sheep you do it, what are unacceptable things to do in your family, for sure. 

5. You live and behave like an outsider at home, no match with the family.

It is impossible for you and your family to settle down on the common ground. 

The two of you are at opposite extremes, there is no way you could ever meet.

From your opinion to your family’s approach to you all proves that there’s a huge gap already.

When you’re with family, you feel like you’re an outsider and are treated that way.

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6. You have a unique perspective than anyone else on a family.

While most of your family members behave the same way, you act differently. 

At the dinner table, you may be corrected or criticized for your different styles and manners.

There’s no point in discussing any important decision with family when you know they’re going to laugh at you or be completely negative about you. 

You and your family can’t get along well because of the huge gap in perspective. 

7. You are not given any care or attention as family members.

Every kid in the family gets attention and love from your family, but not you. 

The reason can’t be sure why your family is being so harsh on you, but they show no respect for you. 

You can clearly see how uncaring they are towards you with their prejudice.

Even at home, no one pay attention to your feelings and needs.

They show no respect for your choices, decisions, priorities, and uniqueness.

It’s as if they’re ashamed to call you one of them.

8. You’re not ‘perfect’ enough for your family.

Being a black sheep of your family, you might feel that you’re not good enough like your siblings. 

No matter how good you’ve performed in the class or the sporting event, your parents or family members are not happy with you. 

So notice they’ve been too critical of you and always complaining about anything, when you’re involved in it.

That’s mainly because either your family has higher expectations from you or none at all. 

9. You’re a rebel in your family. But, not in the sense of a troublemaker.

Either you’re the first one to do anything unusual or to break tradition in your family. 

Whether it’s related to choosing a new career path, getting married to a different caste, or leaving the family home at a young age, you’re the first person who does so. 

Your rebellious nature and doing something that no one in your family has ever done, are proven signs that you’re the black sheep of your family who bring the revolution in the family values and break the chains. 

10. Your family will find an excuse for whatever you do.

Your family does not accept your choices, nor do you respect the house rules. 

Both of you are stubborn in your ways, resulting in daily arguments and tension. 

It’s difficult for your family to understand your passion for music.

And they still regret that you aren’t a doctor like your siblings are.

You might be constantly compared to your siblings, with no regard for your happiness. 

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11. Your family feels embarrassed to introduce you as one of them.

While introducing your siblings, your family feels proud. But, not when it’s you. 

It’s as if they don’t want to introduce you to others at a party and you mostly feel like being ghosted.

Maybe your different path or the way you look different bothers your family, still. 

Possible that your parents are more concerned about society than you.

Plus, they care more about their image than ‘your real self’. 

12. Your family imposes rules on you, not on your siblings.

When your siblings make mistakes that’s fine, if it’s you, you’re liable. 

Your parents and family members have been hard towards you for reason or without it.

They never go easy on you but are always strict. 

If you are not treated the same as your siblings, being compared to your cousins, or being mistreated for being different, are signs that you are the black sheep of the family.

13. Your family treats you poorly, notably.

At home, nobody cares about you. They never provide any support or help you to become a better person

Because they are mad at you because you do what they don’t want you to.

Instead of seeing that you’ve your own opinion, they make you feel like you don’t belong to them.

Your family tried to manipulate you and put you down, as you don’t follow them.

14. You feel like you’re still the misfit for this family.

For the black sheep of the family, being neglected at home is a common experience. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a home event or a picnic, they often forget about you. They don’t even consider you on their priority lists. 

Even though they are family members, they never ‘forget or forgive’ you easily. 

Because for them, you’re unworthy, unmatched, and a shame on the family when you do not follow the rules of the family.

Even if you did it just once. 

15. You’re doing much better or the worst than anyone in your family.

For you being the black sheep is either exciting or disastrous. 

Anyhow, your family won’t be happy with you.

If you’re doing much better than your family, they’re jealous and try to make fun of you.

When you’re not doing well, they make you feel guilty for failing. 

Your family keeps getting under your skin all the time whenever they can do it. 

However, when they need something from you or realize you’re doing a lot better, they come to you and try to take advantage of you.

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What To Do When You’re The Black Sheep Of The Family?

Based on the above signs, you may have already figured out that you’re the black sheep of your family, and it seems that there is no way to make them happy. 

Neither should you try. Because you’re unique and they better respect that. 

Well, families aren’t formed by the same people only.

The family can be better formed and remain connected… if it accepts the differences well and knows how to be more flexible with those who are different from them.

However, the family that constantly tells you that you’re not worthy enough, makes you feel that you’re doing something wrong.

Over time, it lowers your self-esteem significantly. 

It’s rare but possible that… 

You can achieve success and happiness in life that no one in your family has experienced, only when you’re mentally strong instead of just being the black sheep of your family.

If you keep letting the unsupportive family environment hold you back, nothing good will ever come.

After a point, you better understand that this is your family, and if they won’t change, you better do change for yourself.

Follow these quick tips to get over being a black sheep and proud to be different:

  • Stop accepting any good from them when you’re not getting any. 
  • Pay attention to your life and do what feels right to you. 
  • Start believing in your decisions and life choices. Put your focus on work. 
  • It’s just one connection that doesn’t accept you, don’t let it feel you’re not worthy.
  • Stop relying on external validation, no one knows how special you’re. 
  • Not everything has to be about you, you’re not to blame for everything. 
  • You’re just special one and there’s no way to try to be perfect for others. 

There’s no worse feeling in the world than being rejected, and ignored by your own family.

It is an unpleasant and unfortunate experience that no one wishes to go through. 

When you are the black sheep of the family and have to deal with harsh treatment, you have a choice on how to react and respond. 

Of course, it’s not easy to stay positive and focused.

But you’ve to be yourself and do what you want to do in your life. Because of what you can see, no one can. 

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In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to embrace your uniqueness or remain embarrassed that you’re not even related to your family.

Do something that keeps your self-respect.