14 Signs You’re Not Happy With Yourself

Last updated on February 9th, 2023 at 04:30 pm

If you don’t feel happiness within yourself, you won’t find it anywhere.

‘Being happy’ must be your habit… if you want to be successful and always stay winning in life. 

The following are common signs that you’re not happy with yourself, and you need to change how you look at yourself and life.


Why Are You So Unhappy With Yourself?

Ever felt like…??

No matter how good your life is, you still don’t enjoy it enough.

No matter how good you are today, you still can’t confidently present yourself.

It always feels like something is missing, right?

If so, that means you’re unsatisfied.

You feel miserable in life, because… it’s hard for you to adjust to situations and accept things as they’re.

Maybe you’re unaware of how grateful you are or believe that happiness only comes when you achieve ‘something’…

Besides that, you see no reason to be happy.

That’s what prevents you from being satisfied and enjoying the journey as it is.

Well, being satisfied with the present situation is also a good habit. 

By celebrating small victories, you feel motivated to achieve more.

But, when you’re not being happy with yourself, you’ll find it tough to keep going.

It’s not about what you have. It’s how content you can be with yourself, whether you’ve something or not.

Your tendency to dwell on ‘the missing part’ is the ultimate reason that makes you an unhappy person, as a result.


14 Signs You’re Not Happy With Yourself

First, learn to be happy with yourself while working your way to success.

It’s good to take pleasure in every small thing when success is still far away.

But when you can’t, you feel miserable, lost, and disconnected in the journey. There, you can change how you see the world and yourself.

Here are the signs that prove it’s time to be happier and more satisfied with yourself.

1. You wait for happiness to come instead of feeling it.

Happiness isn’t something you can achieve or find. In you, you can feel it.

Relying on someone or something for happiness might leave you lost and unsatisfied.

Here, you focus more on materialistic things and your ideal concept for happiness.

Thus, you might ignore the ways you already have… to be happy.

The fact, that you wait for something to feel happy is enough to know you’re unhappy with yourself.

2. You feel bored with life, but do nothing about it.

The life you live is truly miserable and what you do adds no value to it.

You know that… this job is killing you, your friends are good to let go, and you know where your passion is.  

Despite knowing what’s right for you, you avoid taking action.

Perhaps you have not been fully inspired. Or you’re waiting for a miracle to change your life to all positive, happy, and successful as it should be.

Which are signs that you’re not happy with yourself for doing nothing.

3. You compare yourself too much with others.

Comparing yourself to others shows you don’t know how different you are.

You have that desire to be like someone or simply ‘the best’ than others.

The attempt to look better…. might cause you to lose your originality. 

In today’s social media age, when you feel jealous seeing others do well, while feeling miserable about yourself, and you are making yourself unhappy for no reason at all.

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4. You lack a positive attitude towards life.

Positivity brings success and happiness. The pessimistic approach prevents it.

Due to external influence or if you see everything as negative, you are more likely to welcome just negativity in life and nothing else.  

Well, you are being patient when there’s a challenging path. You remain hopeful for good things.

Or do you let the negative thoughts bring you down?

The habit of holding onto negativity is also a reason why you’re not happy with yourself.

5. You complain about everything in life.

It’s in your nature to argue, complain, and make excuses.

Even when things are going well, you remain frustrated and unhappy.

It is impossible for you to be satisfied and grateful for what you have.

You become a negative person in life, and others prefer to stay away from you.

Complaining about most things in life and thinking of the missing piece are signs that you are not happy with life.

6. You are still living in the past.

Being happy means living in the present, ignoring the past.

The past shouldn’t affect your present or your future, by any means.

Here, you’re still dwelling on the past and letting it prevent you from getting better.

Though you may have hurtful memories from the past, you must let them go over time.

If you can’t get over your past, and your mind is still occupied with the past, you’re making yourself unhappy in the present.

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7. You make yourself miserable and alone for no reason.

No one wants to be with someone who has nothing good to say.

Similarly, you are not happy with yourself, and that also affects others who are happy and feel good about themselves. Thus, they avoid you.

Or You might have lost hope of having a good connection due to the disappointing ones in the past.

This leads to becoming a private person and avoiding new connections.

Forcing you to be lonely and away from having good connections are signs that you’re unhappy and pressuring yourself without any reason.

8. You blame others for your life situation.

Possible that you rely too much on others, hoping they’ll help you.

Most of the time, you end up being a doormat person.

Because, you allow others to control your actions, thinking and life.

By yourself, you can make things better and greater. But, you don’t feel so.

The problem is, instead of believing in yourself, you feel unsupported and hopeless.

This is the cause of your unhappiness and why can’t you see your worth.

9. You feel hard to leave your comfort. So, you avoid the risk.

Fear should be your goal, not pressure. Leaving comfort is the achievement.

As long as you avoid your fear, it will control your mindset and life.

When we step outside of our comfort zone, great things start to happen in our lives.

Nevertheless, rather than challenging yourself,  you let fear control you and opt for miserable living, which is a sign of unhappiness.

10. You try hard to prove something to others.

Your desire to be liked and accepted is proof you hate who you are.

Showing off to others and expecting them to talk good shows you’re unaware of how unique you are.

The reason you do so is that you’re unsatisfied. 

The act of proving your worth to someone and impressing others while sacrificing your uniqueness are signs that you are not happy with yourself.

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11. You’re around miserable people with negative and unsatisfied attitudes.

The environment also affects the way you feel and see things.

The more you are around unhappy and negative people, the more likely you are to become one of them.

Pessimists and constant complainers have nothing good to say.

You waste your time and spoil your good nature, hanging around miserable people who have no ambition, motivation, or satisfaction.

12. You want to control everything in life.

Maybe you’re a perfectionist and always have to win at everything. It’s impossible, though.

You better adjust to the time, situation, and people.

If you aren’t flexible and unable to change by yourself, pressure will build up on you.  

Trying and failing to keep everything under control and managing others’ behavior towards you are signs that you’re miserable and unsatisfied.

13. You have difficulty dealing with new things and people.

It’s only your decision to have an inflexible approach to everything.

Eventually, having a flexible nature allows you to enjoy things in their natural form and people as they are without complaining. 

Here, the problem is that you expect everything to be perfect.

Furthermore, this makes you incompetent in the new place, and with the new person who could be your best friend or a life partner. 

It is your set mentality and higher expectations that make you an unhappy person.

14. You’ve lost hope that your life will never get better and happier.

It might be a tough time for you right now. But hope is what keeps us going.

After experiencing constant failures and ending up with toxic people and you know, you don’t believe anything good will ever happen.

It may happen.

However, losing hope is like losing yourself in life.

This might prevent you from meeting good people and experiencing good things.

Losing hope in life and turning away from good things makes you unhappy life.

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Why Is It Important To Be Happy With Yourself?

When you’re happy with yourself… that doesn’t mean you no longer need anything.

But, you learned to be happy by yourself… anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

In this case, you don’t have to rely on anyone else to bring you happiness.

The reason to be happy within is already there, and you can access it whenever you want.

You will receive the best things in every aspect of your life… when you express gratitude and satisfaction for small things you’ve.

Because you know what your worth is and how to make yourself happy, it helps you in your life, career, and relationship.

Being happy with yourself first improves the connection with yourself, then with others.

There are many ways in which your habit to be happy with yourself can help, including:

  • You know your worth and present yourself confidently.
  • You manage yourself well under pressure.
  • You don’t seek external validation, because you know you’re unique.
  • You have a better connection with others in life.
  • You feel that you’re perfect, complete, and good as you’re.
  • Your inner happiness makes you appear more attractive.
  • You give others to take you seriously and respect you.
  • You attract more happy, positive, and good people in life.
  • You focus more on the solutions than the problems.
  • You spend more time on good things than complaining and comparing.
  • You experience a lot, learning and growing faster. 
  • You achieve the success you desire. Because a happy person is the successful one in the end.

When you learn how to be happy, you let good things happen in your life.

It’s easy for you to manage yourself during the struggling phase…. when you learn to be grateful for small things and enjoy every small victory.

These work as good habits that can make your life better, over time.

Well, if you relate with the most signs above, it’s proof that you’re not happy with yourself.

You’ve chosen to live a miserable life… Because you don’t know how grateful you already are.

To feel so, you certainly need to work on yourself and the way you see yourself (- your life).


Bring out your inner happiness by accepting yourself as you are.

It’s important not to look outside for happiness but within yourself. No one can ever inspire you or feel satisfied with you the way you can.