12 Signs You’re A Private Person (But, Has A Solid Support)

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 06:15 am

You might not make yourself too open to everyone but you want to keep your circle small.

You just want to be around trusted people only.

A focus on quality connections over quantity is one of the telltale signs you’re a private person.

Like some people, you prefer to keep things to yourself and close friends rather than make it a social event.

Have you ever wondered if you’re an introverted, secretive, or reserved personality?

Read on to find out what characteristic defines you, precisely. 


What Makes Someone a Private Person?

With social media and everything else, where we share everything from where we are to what we’re eating, there’s no such thing as privacy anymore. 

Sometimes, it kinda pressures some people to stay updated more on social media than in real life. 

It’s like they have to make a post and stay active on social media to let others know that they are social, as well as alive. 

While, on the other side, there are a few, rare individuals who prefer enjoying life in the real sense.

Who loves being private and with the closest, few but ‘real people’. 

Such private people might not regularly post their life updates on any social media.

But, they still enjoy life without ever showing off or revealing too much about themselves. 

There are several reasons behind such reversed personalities.

And, the most common characteristics of a private person are:

  • They are reserved and shy, occasionally. 
  • They are more in control over themselves than others. 
  • They can manage their time and life well. 
  • They are actually busy people. 
  • They know what they want from life. 
  • They have goals and work on them without wasting time. 
  • They have a very small, but stronger connection.  

People with secretive behavior can be introverts by nature, and have been through a heartbreaking situation that caused them to isolate themselves…

Or just naturally prefer being a mysterious individual or private person to the limited connections. 

Yet, more than anything, such private people prefer to be private for their reasons than to feel pressured by someone else. 

Because secretly, they are on a mission to create something useful for themselves or the world.  


12 Signs You’re a Private Person

When people call you secretive, you probably wonder whether you’re an introvert or just a reserved personality.

It’s because you feel connected only to certain people, and not everyone. 

Consider such private personality traits to ensure you’re not introverted, but enjoy being underground and having connections with limited people only. 

You prefer being around fewer, but trusted people in your life. 

1. You are just different from most people around you.

It’s hard to find people like you anymore. Yes, you’re that different

In today’s world, everyone’s personality and behavior are largely shaped by social media influences.

That is quite public and open to the entire world. 

Whereas as a reserved person, you are one of those who aren’t into show-off things.  

You enjoy every single day like it’s a fresh one.

No matter how small a connection you have or how limited access you have to the outside world. 

Because you’re a private person and embrace this nature. 

2. Your private nature always surprises others.

Well, you are one of those who do not seek attention or crave it no matter how it comes. 

Since you are not social,  nor easily available to everyone, you become the center of attraction for many people. 

You like to keep things to yourself and don’t reveal too much about yourself.

This works in your favor, making others excited to know more about you, out of curiosity.

Since there are very few things about you on social media, people enjoy talking with you. 

It’s one of the most powerful signs that you’re a private person when most people in your connection always feel excited to see you and have something to ask you.  

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3. You are confident about yourself.

There is no validation, no appreciation, no special treatment you seek from others. 

How others perceive you, or how they react to your recent selfies, does not determine your impression or likeability.  

Unlike most of the people on social media, you stand by your side and feel good about yourself. 

Making everyone happy at the expense of your self-respect or time… is not your thing. 

In reality, you’re a reserved and private person, you welcome more appreciation and respect than you anticipate. 

That’s because you’re the real one, and never need to fake it.

And everyone knows that. 

4. You are seen as a more trustworthy person.

The common characteristics and traits of a private person say they’re dependable. 

Unlike others, you are not on social media and do not have to prove anything to others. 

Like, posting frequent pictures or adding a filter to your selfies to make them look better, that’s not part of your routine. 

You are the most genuine and dependable person as your nearest connection knows. 

This is because you are never under pressure to do something. Also, you know exactly what you want. 

You stay consistent and never change your words, opinion, or self, under the influence of someone.

People notice your private nature or how you present yourself without any hesitation. 

Overall, that makes you look a more dependable, trustworthy, and respectful person to your nearest connection, even though you’re a private person for the rest of the world. 

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5. You mind your own business.

While everyone sneaks-peaks into other’s life, you stay updated with your skills & knowledge. 

Because you’re a private personality you prefer to avoid asking any questions that are too personal for someone to answer.

After all, you don’t want them to ask you similar questions. 

Although, if they do ask the same private and secretive questions occasionally, you know how to tactically answer (avoid) them.

If you can’t do that, keep them distracted with completely non-related topics.

It’s like you’re too private and you don’t feel comfortable disclosing too much about yourself.  

Especially to those who aren’t trustworthy, you distance yourself from them and avoid interaction with them thereafter. 

Overall, answering such questions or asking the same to others, are simply against your privacy policy. 

6. You never have trouble with being alone and quiet.

You are not a loner, antisocial or introvert.

But, you enjoy your own company. 

While some social people worry about being left alone or being kept isolated, you feel no such insecurity or worry to stay active in real life as well on social media. 

As the most common characteristic of a private person, you enjoy being lonely and staying quiet.

And, you have no problem with that.

It is possible for you to plan and achieve everything you want to accomplish on your own…

Because you have very few people in life to answer to regarding what you do. 

When you’re in a small group, you can focus on your work and get the most from your time. 

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7. You are often misunderstood as a Boring person.

If you aren’t participating in social activities, you’re boring to them. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about private and reserved people is they’re boring.

As if they have nothing more interesting or entertaining because they aren’t posting enough on social media. 

But, that’s not true at all. 

In reality, the reserved person has a most creative and active lifestyle than anyone else. 

While extroverts need to be in the company of someone to be active or entertained all the time.

Private people already have enough interesting things in their heads or in their rooms to keep them occupied. 

If you think you are creative and never feel tired of working alone on your things, such are signs that you are a private person who is living a busy, creative, and interesting life already.

8. You have a limited connection, But the Real one.

When it comes to connections, you believe in quality rather than quantity. 

You need a high-quality connection rather than a large one.

That’s what you think and so are the most private people out there. 

Well, you are very selective about making new contacts or friends.

You may have experienced this earlier, but you realized that not everyone is worth your time and trust.

Before you get close to someone or create a stronger bond, you judge the person pretty well.

Not in terms of the perfect person but in terms of the trust that must exist for any connection. 

Extroverts and social media addicts are more likely to increase their number of followers or friends.

While private personality focuses more on improving the quality of your connection plus making the new one based on complete trust and reliability.

Overall, you keep the connection with those who are worth your time and that’s a sign that you’re a private person.

And, you never let just any way walk in your life.

Because you want to increase your connection in quality rather than in sizes like thousands of followers or hundreds of friends on social media. 

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9. You do not have a social media presence, but have an active life outside.

Those who claim to be the most active on social media are leading a passive life. 

Regular selfies and random pictures to post to social media are not part of your life.

Because you want to keep your privacy with you and enjoy life in a real sense. 

It may be that you are not confident enough to post your pictures, stories, or relationship status on social media.

And there are very few updates on your social media accounts. 

Your colleagues or school friends might think that you’re not active on social media, leading them to believe that… You’re not active in real life, as well. 

However, they don’t know that you’re already busy and have something great and worthwhile to do, instead.

If posting your regular selfies or pictures and updating your daily status on social media are not your things, those are signs that you’re a private person. 

Since you don’t want to reveal too much and be too vulnerable on the Internet. 

10. You are in full control and never overreact.

You never do anything under pressure or the influence of someone else. 

Those social media lifestyles or luxurious things that are on social media are not so fascinating to you.

Because you know the reality behind that all. 

In general, you take nothing seriously online, nor do you let it damage your confidence in yourself.

You know what you want from your life and you never feel pressured or influenced by something unreasonably. 

Even when there is terrible debate in the comments section of YouTube videos and Facebook posts, you never waste your time on such haters or useless activities. 

Either on social media or in real life, you handle hate and denial well.

Additionally, you have the perfect response to haters and scammers.

That’s a ‘No response’, at all. 

The most common characteristic of a private person is that he or she is in control of their emotions, and knows exactly when & where to give their time and attention. 

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11. You draw attention due to being private and secretive.

Naturally, when you make yourself private and less available, people find you attractive

It is not about getting more post engagements or more appreciation.

You be who you are, and present yourself as you are. 

There is no requirement to get specific likes, comments, or shares on your recent post. 

When you click a picture, you are more concerned with capturing memories rather than showing off your personality or lifestyle on social media. 

Ultimately, you make yourself attractive to others by making yourself private.

Rather than trying to gain their attention online or offline, you just be your true self and do what you can do.

Post engagements don’t make sense for you, but genuine respect and admiration from someone, your real connection do. 

If you mostly get the natural respect and attention from your nearest and dearest without any drama or promoting yourself, these are signs that you’re a private person.

All because, instead of seeking attention and engagement from strangers, doing nonsense things on social media….

You do a good job for your environment and the people who are around.

12. You have goals and are working on a great mission.

It does not mean that everyone on social media is clueless and lazy.

The problem is that they don’t know what to do with their time or energy. 

As a private person, you are on a personal mission, doing something important to you, if not for the world. 

You simply can’t waste your time doing something or being with someone without any reason or value at all. 

Moreover, you prefer to stay focused on your goals, because you have one. 

The majority of people on social media spend their time endlessly scrolling without any purpose, but you utilize your time well every day. 

All because you want to be something in life and know you can achieve by being private and less social on such sites, that only costs you time and returns nothing good. 

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What is the Difference Between Being Secret and Having a Private Nature?

Being private does not mean that you have something to hide or are working on something that has to be kept secret from others. 

Being a private person means you don’t see any good reason or value in sharing your plan, goal, or routine with everyone.

You do what you want, and you don’t have to worry about whether or not- other people appreciate or accept it.

Additionally, you do not feel that knowing these can help them or you, anyway. 

But, you are a secretive person when you open up to anyone plus no one knows what you’re up to… not even your closest friends and family.


Is Being a Private Person Good?

Of course, being private and staying reserved is all good. 

As, when you are a private person, you end up saving a lot of your precious time and energy…

From being wasted by someone who has no value for it. 

Well, extroverts and outspoken people often have to rectify the impression other people have about them.

While secretive or private people are mostly seen as trustworthy, confident, and independent individuals. 

It’s true that we are social animals and we can’t make the most of our lives without each other. 

It is sometimes necessary to have someone to rely on. 

Moreover, if you see someone in your group that matches with the most common characteristics of the private person, then don’t force them to change themselves anyway.  

Instead, make them confident about themselves. You can comfort them by showing that you’re the one they can freely share something with.


But, if you match the majority of the discussed signs that means you’re a private person personality who enjoys your own company more, but also likes being with genuine people with genuine feelings.