14 Signs You Don’t Respect Yourself Enough (How To Stop It)

Last updated on January 24th, 2023 at 05:45 pm

If you feel like nobody respects you, then you also need to verify if you are the one who has given them a reason to do so?

Keep reading to get more signs that you don’t respect yourself and that eventually leads them to take you for granted. 


What happens when you don’t have self-respect?

Self-respect is one of the most valuable things a person owns. 

It gives you a reason to believe in yourself and prove that you live your life on your terms. 

When you don’t have self-respect, you find yourself living someone else’s life.

Plus, you end up being in a frustrating situation that leaves you stuck and lost forever. 

Lack of self-respect is mostly a result of two factors. 

One, you have no confidence in yourself, and next, you strive to impress others so that you can fit in with their standards. 

Such people are always found lost, rejected, mistreated, and used. 

If at any time in your life you feel that your nearest people, parents, and family don’t care enough for you, then you might be the reason why. 

Remember, if you don’t have respect for yourself, then no one takes you seriously.

Even if you think you haven’t displayed any clues about self-doubt, someone will eventually notice that through your words or actions.

The following are the most common signs of disrespect to yourself that you express, whether you know it or not. 


14 Signs You Don’t Respect Yourself As You Should

1. You lose faith and hope in ‘you’.

Everyone’s life is full of struggles and challenges, and you’re not the only one.

Nope, that doesn’t happen ‘only to you’

You put all your efforts into the goals you had for or try hard to save your relationship, and you didn’t succeed. 

There must be such a traumatic event that caused negativity and a lack of confidence in yourself.

And that, still causes you to judge every situation using the past failures as a guide. 

Yet, instead of considering such an event to be completely beyond your control…

You consider it merely a matter of fate. 

You believe that life’s challenges and hard times are only your ‘bad luck’ and are clear signs that you lack trust in yourself. 

It shows that you have lost faith in yourself and your efforts, hope for your dreams, and confidence in yourself. 

2. You believe you’re not good enough.

Your only lesson from past failures is that you’re not worthy. 

After previous failed attempts, you accept all the blame and believe that you deserve it. 

You determine by yourself that there is nothing great you can do further.

Moreover, you do not have any motivation to work harder or try again. 

Inside you feel dead or empty, like you will never make great in the future, just because you couldn’t do anything so far. 

Although you have the support of friends and family around you and they trust you, you still choose to ignore that support and just quit. 

It’s a sign that you no longer have any confidence in yourself. 

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3. You describe yourself as ‘a failure’.

It’s not them, but you who decide how they should behave with you. 

The people don’t have a clue about your failures or weaknesses.

However, you provide them with proof. 

Anywhere you go, your negative emotions follow you and make other people think you’re unlucky or unworthy to be with. 

Indeed, you’re being a negative person that people want to stay away from. 

You can’t say good things about yourself or about others, which clearly indicates that you don’t respect yourself. 

4. You are being hard on yourself.

That feeling of being granted hits you hard and you again blame yourself for everything.

You put unnecessary pressure on yourself that you can’t handle. You literally hate yourself for being who you are. 

Even after knowing that your job is not working out and you force yourself to do it.

Even though your friends are still taking advantage of you, you let them do it. 

All the pressure you put on yourself -is to just teach yourself a lesson. 

Since you think you don’t deserve anything good, you want to push yourself to the limit. 

Setting unrealistic goals just to punish yourself and being hard on yourself, are signs that you have zero respect for yourself. 

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5. You try hard to impress others and to be liked by them.

It’s clear that you’re not happy with yourself. 

When you are with someone or a group, you have to wear a mask and show you really belong to them. 

You can’t be true to others, because you fear being judged and rejected. 

Forcing yourself to be accepted, constantly changing yourself to be likeable and you end up being someone else that you’re not. 

This demonstrates your lack of self-confidence. 

The inability to stand up for yourself and to stay honest with ‘you’ are signs that you don’t respect yourself. 

6. You never accept yourself, as you’re.

Here, everyone is unique, and everyone has something special about them. 

Yet, you don’t believe that you are special to this world

Instead of being true to yourself, you pretend to be someone else with the hope that people will accept you for it and love you for it. 

From your appearance to your role within a relationship, you think you should be perfect in everything. 

You also want to be perfect in the eyes of the people around you.

When you lack self-respect, you tend to leave behind many false claims about your identity. 

Together, these are signs of insecurity and not accepting yourself. 

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7. You give too much of yourself to others.

Because you are not confident enough to stand up for yourself, you see yourself following others to praise them. 

You’re one of those too nice people that are either found being used and taken for granted, at the end.

Indeed, we all have to help each other in growing. 

But, continuing to help others to those who have no value for yourself are signs that you have no respect for yourself, either. 

People take too much from you but never return anything.

That’s not because they’re not good enough, but because you’re so nice to them. 

8. You blame yourself for anything bad that happens around you.

It doesn’t matter whether something comes under your responsibility or not, but when something wrong happens, you come forward and announce it’s you.

While no one said that, you just accept that you’re the only one responsible for any mess. 

Even though your role and contribution are negligible, you find yourself apologizing too much.

And such an approach provides negative people the opportunity to save themselves and move all the blame on you. 

That’s why you always attract negative people to your life. 

Taking responsibility is a good sign. 

Yet, when you constantly blame yourself and apologize for everything, that’s a sign you don’t respect yourself, and are also not confident enough.

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9. You always compare yourself with others.

Well, you have goals and dreams that are copied from others.

Like you don’t care about yourself, you don’t have the idea that you’re unique, either. 

Most of the time you compare yourself with others and see where you’re in the circle. You really have no goals that are purely yours. 

A person who has no respect for themselves compares their own life with others. 

Such people with low self-esteem usually change their goals and passions based on who they meet and feel impressed by. 

The same applies to their mood and happiness, which change according to others’ successes and failures. 

Remember, confident people compare with the personal self, while self-centered people compare themselves with others. 

Check where your inspiration comes from. 

That is enough to answer, how much do you believe in yourself. 

10. You try to make everyone happy. But, don’t care for yourself.

You’re the one of them, who can’t say no to others. 

Not sharing your honest opinion or denying your friend’s plan is just too difficult because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. 

But yes, you can hurt yourself, too. 

In trying to make others happy, when you have to ignore your priorities and plan, that’s perfectly okay to you.

You want to stay loved by everyone and put them first before yourself. 

While serving others, you ignore your own needs and desires.

These are clear signs that you don’t respect yourself and your time. Why, because you’re just too much into praising others. 

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11. You don’t value your time at all.

You think that you’ve to be around your people all the time. 

As a result, you end up giving too much of your time to others, and you have no time left for yourself, too. 

Continually hanging out with negative people leaves you drained and lost. 

From ignoring your priorities to not distancing yourself from toxic people in life, you end up disrespecting your time. 

You don’t know where to spend your time and with whom. 

It is a sign of poor self-respect if you do not value your time and connection in your life.

12. You always need someone to support you.

It seems that you are too dependent on others. 

You have no confidence and so don’t believe that you will be able to achieve great things in life, without others. 

Innerself you want people to accept you and lift you as you belong to their group.

Eventually, you show them that they’re doing you a huge favor.

In simple terms, you present yourself as a victim of life.  

Lack of self-belief and can’t take a stand by yourself are signs that you have no care and respect for yourself. 

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13. You stay with the negative people even after knowing it.

Well, you think you must always be with someone. 

Not as part avoid being bored, but you just don’t want to be alone, isolated, or ignored. 

It clearly shows that you can’t cut people out of your life. 

If you let them do whatever with your time and life, they will not do a good thing. 

Because of that, you probably welcome negative people who are two-faced, jealous backstabbers, and disloyal who disrespect you and don’t care about it. 

You prefer to tolerate someone’s mean jokes, negative comments on you.

Because at least for you at least there is someone you have in life. 

These are signs that you don’t respect yourself and are also not confident enough. 

14. You lose yourself.

You have no idea what your original version is. 

By trying to make others happy, you overlook your own self-worth and self-respect entirely. 

You really lose your identity and core values somewhere else. 

Innerself you feel blank and lost because now you don’t know where you’re going in life. 

You give too much of yourself and now you have nothing left for you. 

Spending time living others’ life, trying to impress them and look perfect in terms of social standards and you just lose yourself. 

Because you have been following others and now they are nowhere around.

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How do I stop myself from disrespecting myself?

If you found yourself relating with most of the discussed signs of disrespect then it is clear that you lack self-respect and trust in your own. 

First of all, you have to stop following someone else’s standards. You need to be aware that you’re different and not the wrong one. 

You can learn from others, but you can’t be themselves. Instead of comparing with others, learn from them. 

Be yourself. Focus on what matters the most to your life. 

And the next best thing that you can do to yourself is, start accepting yourself. 

Remember you’re here to make an impact and not impress others.

If you feel like you’re not good enough and you will disrespect yourself, as a result. 

So, instead of being negative, start standing up for yourself.

You’re enough and don’t need anyone’s approval. 

Believe in yourself and accept the way you are, because nobody is perfect here.

Stop thinking too much about being perfect, you came here to embrace yourself and not to be better than anyone else.

When you keep comparing yourself with others, you disrespect yourself and never know ‘the value’ you already have, within. 


Make sure value yourself right. Because if you don’t respect yourself then, no one will do that for you.