12 Signs You Are Overthinking And Need to Relax

Last updated on January 5th, 2022 at 05:42 pm

Do you wish that everything about your life was perfect? Are you thinking too much? Are you still worrying about the past? Well, these are proven signs that you are overthinking and your mind is working excessively. Keep reading to know more signs and also how to stay relaxed, especially when it becomes your habit now.  


How do you know if you’re overthinking?

Thinking is good. After all, when you think you feel motivated and excited to work on something. 

Having a habit of thinking too much or analyzing everything from your point of view might make it very difficult for you to accomplish something.

Which results in overanalyzing everything and you become obsessed with planning alone. 

Here, most of the time you are just thinking and thinking alone. 

If your family member, friend, partner, or office colleague most of the time advises you to relax and stop worrying, that means you overthink everything and need to stop it. 

But before that, it’s a good idea to see if you’re just becoming more concerned with everything or if you’re simply curious. 

Plus, these signs of overthinking are a checklist you can use to figure it out for yourself. 


Signs You Are Overthinking Everything

1. You can think of anything, anytime, anywhere. 

Everything you see or feel in you, your overactive mind starts thinking about it. 

When someone new joins a company, you start to think that you are going to be replaced. When someone forgets to say goodbye to you, you start thinking that they hate you inside. 

Especially when you have an active mind, it’s great to be the one with good ideas and thoughts. 

But, when your thinking prevents you from behaving normally and frequently diverts you from the right things, these are signs that you are an overthinker. 

You can do something, but you spend most of your time thinking alone. 

2. You ask too many questions. Starting with the, WHY??

Being curious like a child is great when you have the same excitement to do something, also. 

Yet, in your case, these don’t just arise from curiosity or a desire to gather information. It’s all because you want assurance, proof that something will work, as you have to fear that what if it won’t work. 

Asking questions is good as long as they are valid and logical. 

As you ask, it sounds more like you are doubting them or expressing your anxiety. 

If people prefer to have small talk with you and avoid interacting with you, that is a sign that you ask too many non-sense questions to them. 

All because you have a habit of overthinking everything.

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3. You want everything in life to be perfect. 

Perfectionists never enjoy things as they are, because something is always missing. 

When you are a perfectionist, you have a certain standard and level to achieve in everything you do or people do for you. You think you will be more effective if you do something in a certain way, or at a certain level. 

You are stuck in the endless loop to make it look a bit perfect, after overanalyzing it. 

Anytime when you feel that you want everything in life just perfect and can’t accept things or people that don’t meet your expectations, these are signs that you are overthinking in a relationship, as well in life. 

Appreciating things or people as they are, it’s not your thing. Friend or partner, you want them to be perfect. 

4. You think too much, talk too much. But do nothing. 

Initially, everything seems interesting and exciting to you. 

However, when it comes to following the plan or implementing it, you have to think again and take more time before moving forward. 

Yes, you’re that friend who canceled the trip at the last moment… Even though you came up with the idea. 

But when it comes to implementing the plan, you are the one who prefers not to follow it. It is because there are a lot of things going on inside your head, which prevent you from doing what you said. 

If people who know you usually doubt you or completely ignore you from such plans, such are signs of overthinking, which could also ruin your reputation

It is no secret that people know, you are better at just talking or thinking alone.

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5. You analyze everything and everyone, all the time. 

People who think too much find meaning in everything they observe. 

Since you are prone to analyzing everything from your perspective, it is difficult for you to stay relaxed no matter what the situation is. 

In most cases, you feel anxious and negative regarding something or someone. 

Although they don’t mean to ignore or be mean to you, you tend to think it that way since they haven’t said ‘good morning’ this time. 

Not everything has a meaning or not everyone leaves something for us to catch. 

If you’re constantly analyzing other people’s actions around you and are thinking about them over and over again, these are signs that you’re an overthinker. 

6. You always have trouble choosing the one option. 

To make a quick decision, you need logical thinking, not overthinking. 

When you spend a lot of time analyzing every option with your viewpoint over and over again, it eventually becomes difficult to make a decision. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s about a job or business, lone time or weekend outing; when you face the problem of making the right decision at the time, you end up feeling frustrated. 

In this situation, you start to hate yourself for the choices you didn’t make. 

If you are unsure about what to do, it is always good to have some sort of idea before you get started. The problem arises when you think too much, which prevents you from acting on time, even on minor issues. 

Facing trouble in making routine life decisions are signs of overthinking everything. 

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7. You can’t take a stand when you have to. 

You always appear confused, lost, and stuck no matter how normal it may be. 

When you have to go with the one plan or option, you feel like you’re doing injustice to the other friend. You cannot confidently express your honest opinions or pick them aside.

Despite having gathered information so far and analyzing things from your perspective, you still fail to stand by your opinion. Because you are more concerned about the other consequences than being a confident person with an opinion.  

If you are concerned more about what others will think and can’t make the right move, that is a sign that you’re an overthinker who has nothing but worry about everything. 

That results in putting pressure on yourself while trying to please everyone. 

8. You can hardly complete something that you’ve started. 

Finally, you have stated something, but now you constantly feel that ‘fear of failure’.

You ignore all your past failures and flaws as your mind keeps rewinding, and you take that first step in the right direction. That’s the good one. 

Then, in the next stage, you become absorbed in endless worries that what if it fails? Or what if it doesn’t work the way you planned it. 

When you are constantly overanalyzing things, it affects your confidence and distracts you from what you could be doing. Insecurity and negative thinking will prevent you from achieving your goals even if you are capable of achieving them. 

If you spend too much time planning than working, thinking than doing, such are signs that you are overthinking everything.   

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9. You are advised by your nearest people to stop overthinking and relax. 

Who knows other than your nearest people that you think too much and worry unnecessarily. 

Your family members often talk to you about your habit of thinking too much and living a very serious life. Your friends often tell you to let it go and ignore it.

You cannot enjoy every little thing in your life, nor can you smile at friendly jokes.

Overthinking can negatively affect not only your life but your relationships with the people closest to you. If they advise you to stay relaxed and stop worrying, it is a sign that you are an overthinker, which makes them worry too. 

10. You tend to take things too personally.

Some prefer to avoid you, while others keep silent around you.

Most of the time, when you go or walk by there, you feel awkward silence because people know you might be offended if they are caught speaking anything around you.

This is because you have a track record of taking things too personally.

Not only you but your friends and colleagues also analyze what they say to you. Because who knows what meaning you take from general talk or when you start to overreact to everything. 

Whenever you think everything is about you and was meant just for you, causing you to overreact at every little thing in life, even that’s not about you.

Such are signs that you overthink everything and take things too personally, quite often.

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11. You can’t present yourself right. 

It’s hard to present yourself because you’re not comfortable with yourself.

Whether it’s to ask for someone’s help or approach someone for friendship or love, you have a bunch of things to get over before it.

You find it challenging to start a conversation with someone or send them just a message. 

Because you think how they will perceive it or what if they ignore you.

When you are unable to express yourself clearly, it appears that you fear being judged. It’s because you are constantly judging everyone, and sense the fear that someone probably will do the same to you. 

It’s not shyness, you being too cautious about the image that prevents you from asking for help or introducing yourself.  

Fear of being judged and constant worry are signs of overthinking that keep you back.

12. You have trouble sleeping at night.

Your night is full of thoughts, fantasizing, and worrying about something that happened today. 

Your overworked mind keeps track of everything and everything people do around you. Your thoughts come to you later in the day informing you what happened today, plus the potential consequences.

You find the meaning and hidden clues about everything at night. Such endless thinking prevents you from taking a break and rest when it’s time to.

Insomnia and inability to relax a bit, due to your constant thoughts in your mind are signs that you’re an overthinker.

The future keeps scaring you and the past makes you feel worried about everything. 

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How to stop overthinking and relax?

If you relate to most of the presented signs of overthinking that means you’re more like an over-planner or overthinker than the doer. 

It prevents you from making the right decision at the time, letting go of something, and enjoying life as it is.

If you wish… you can stop overthinking. After all, it’s a habit that can be changed with a commitment.

All you have to do is stay confident about yourself and take the first step without overthinking or overanalyzing everything from your perspective. 

Change your focus from thinking… to simply working. 

Remind yourself and show confidence that there’s always a way to learn from it when something doesn’t go as planned. 

But, stopping by fear of failure is what overthinkers do.

Be a Doer. And not a Thinker or Dreamer.  


If you spend more time thinking too much about what to wear on your next date or at your next interview, you have very little time working on yourself to make an effective first impression and to make this date or interview successful, at the end.