11 Signs You Didn’t Get The Job After The Interview

Last updated on December 19th, 2022 at 03:25 pm

When your interview didn’t go well, you will know.

But, when you are still uncertain about your interview performance, then consider such telltale signs that you didn’t get the job after the interview.

So that you can learn the lesson of this bad interview, rather than just wait to hear from them. 


How do you know if an interview went badly?

After an interview, you may feel like you did well.

But as days-a-week passes and you haven’t received any responses…

So now on, you start to feel like it was not the ‘great interview’ as you think.  

If you won’t hear anything from the company regarding the second interview or any feedback are clear indications that your interview was not good enough.  

They might have found a better candidate than you. Or they might simply reject you because they do not think of you as a good match for the position.

No matter what the situation is there, ‘waiting’ is always worse than…

Getting any sort of response even though it’s regarding the failed interview or clear rejection.  

In most cases, the interviewing company does not tell candidates that the interview went bad or that they are not seen as a good match for this role. 

So, if you find yourself in a stuck situation like this, not able to decide whether to wait to hear from them, ask for feedback or apply for the next job, take a look at such signs of a bad interview to make the right decision without wasting much time. 


11 Signs you didn’t get the job after an interview

Find the most common signs that let you know that your interview went bad and you will not get the job offer.

If you relate to most of this, it’s really a good idea not to wait any longer, and yes, you can ask for feedback if you want to learn the things that prevented you from getting the job. 

1. When you hear, “We’ll contact you If you’re selected”.

Interviewers often say this to candidates whose interviews failed to meet expectations. 

If your interview would be that great and you’re seen as the perfect match…

The interviewer won’t let you go easily or leave with confusion about the next process. 

They inform you at least that you are still in the interview process and when you will be interviewed in the second round. 

Nevertheless, when you are not a good fit for this role or don’t want to proceed…

They get to respond with the most common or confusing response such as “we’ll get back to you”, “someone will call you.” or something similar.

After all, this one is the most common sign that your interview went badly that you better be ready for.  

2. When your interview lasts shorter than anyone else.

Compared to other candidates, your interview is really short and simple, indeed. 

The questions you were asked just seem like a standard interaction and nothing serious like discussing your career potentials or roles. 

There is a possibility that the interviewer already selected the right candidate before you arrived.

While you are just being interviewed as a formality.

As well, they noticed that you are not a good match within the first few minutes of the discussion. 

The short(est) interview is one of the most obvious signs of a bad interview.

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3. When you get no response from the company after more than five days.

Waiting to hear back from an interviewing company is one of the most frustrating experiences for job seekers.

However, that is part of the interview process generally. 

Almost every company feels it isn’t a good idea to inform a candidate that they are not selected.

On the other hand, candidates are still waiting for a response…

Plus, they might lose out on new interview opportunities during this waiting period. 

Not hearing anything from the company after three to five days of the interview, are signs that you didn’t get the job after the interview. 

4. When your follow-up mail or calls are ignored or rejected.

If you have any chance to get selected, they won’t let you be confused or feel ignored. 

Agree that the interview process is daunting for both candidates and the company itself.

Keeping each candidate updated about their status is difficult. That’s why the company prefers to keep the only candidate informed, in whom they see potential in. 

If your interview follow-up calls or emails are continuously ignored by the company or the recruiter, that means you didn’t make it to the next round. 

Overall, this is one of the most definite and conclusive signs that your interview went bad and it’s better to move on to a new interview.

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5. When you are not informed about their expectations or the returns.

If the interviewer sees potential in you, they are clear about their expectations upfront. 

The open discussion about the company environments, cultural events, or personal developments is all great things that keep the potential employee feeling excited. 

Possible that your interview hasn’t gotten into a meaningful discussion.

During, the interviewers found that you are not a good match for this position in the early stages of the interview.

Which prevented them from going into greater detail about your future with the company. 

According to the company, it is not necessary to share anything with you, which is somewhat true.

And if the interviewer didn’t let you know why they are hiring, their expectation from the selected candidate, or what you will get in return, these are clear signs that you didn’t get the job after the interview. 

6. When you’re informed that they need a particular skill, expertise, or experience.

Through this, they are informing you that you lack certain skills or experiences they expect. 

It is not always the case that recruiters will let you wait for them. 

Some will tell you during the interview what kind of candidate they are looking for and what their specific expectations are from this specific role. 

When you are asked about your abilities or skills to justify this role…

It’s your opportunity to prove that you can meet their criteria and work on yourself to give your best to the role. 

But if you didn’t act confident or if they didn’t give you a chance to show what you can do, these are signs that you are rejected for this job, during the interview itself.

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7. When you didn’t get any positive signs from the interview.

Even a long interview can’t make a difference if there is a lack of interest, positivity, or excitement from both sides. 

It seems that the interviewer takes no interest in you as a candidate. Your interview was lack of energy plus excitement to ask any questions to learn about you. 

Of course, the interview is a long process and they may feel exhausted after going through such a long list of candidates.

While the wrong match is ignored, the right match receives great attention, as well as extra time to talk about more details. 

Getting no positive gesture or rushing to end the interview from the interviewers’ side, are ultimate signs of a bad interview that is only limited to the rejected candidates. 

8. When your interview is the only personal and not professional one.

If it does not feel like a professional one, this is really that bad interview. 

Was your interview all about your life or your personal self?

Are you still wondering why they didn’t ask more about your professional background or technical skills? 

These are actually bad signs that you didn’t get the job after the interview. 

Possibly, you left a bad first impression at a job interview and failed to present yourself as a serious candidate…

Which makes them ignore asking you any logical, technical, or right kind of questions. 

If so, then your interview will be more like a conversation of two strangers at the bus stop. 

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9. When you are advised on something like your appearance or skill sets.

You are going for an interview, but you come with advice on your career, or personal life. 

It seems that your interview was not up to the mark and wasn’t even close to the average one.

Not only to the position, but they don’t see you as a fit for the company culture, either. 

During the interview, it’s probably your attitude that causes the interviewer to shift the discussion from the job position to coaching for your personal growth.  

Anytime when you get advice on changing yourself in life for your better, those are signs that your interview went bad and you are rejected upfront. 

Because they aren’t only searching for a good candidate, but a good person, as well.  

10. When you are not informed about the hiring process or next interview.

Have they asked you about your availability or updated you about the next round of interviews?

If the interviewer informs you about the hiring process or asks when you will be joining the company, that simply means you will be called for a second interview. 

Almost in every case, the interviewers have already selected the candidate during the interview with whom they plan to proceed further. 

Plus, they never make such candidates feel confused or wait any longer.  

And if you are not the selected candidate, they simply let you go easily without showing any efforts to stay in touch. 

When the interviewer didn’t share anything about the further interview process, a follow-up call or to be prepared with further formalities or availability, such are signs that you didn’t get the job after the interview.

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11. When you don’t feel that your interview went well.

After reaching home, you get to realize that it was a horrible, dull or bad interview. 

Coming out of an interview, you feel confident and positive about yourself…

But as time passes or you rethink your whole interview, you realize the mistakes you made there. 

You think that answering a particular question in a certain way might look great.

Or, you accidentally divulge something that causes the interviewer to change the whole perspective of you and now they simply doubt your capabilities.

Of course, your overall interview went well to average, but even a single mistake can ruin your entire interview performance. 

It might be your gut feeling or the realization of some mistakes you made, but these are clear signs that your interview didn’t go well and you won’t hear back from them.


When knowing you will not get the job offer after a bad interview?

It’s okay… if your one interview didn’t go according to plan. 

You prepared well, you performed well.

But, if the company prefers to go with the other candidate, and you have no control over such a situation. 

The best things you can do after a failed interview is to learn, analyze, evaluate and change your approach before going to the next interview. 

Perhaps, this job isn’t the right match for you, but you can make the next one, the best one. 

So after going through such signs that you didn’t get the job after the interview, taking such experience as the lessons is all the best you can do here. 


Never lose hope in yourself, just because your one interview went bad. You will definitely perform great in the next one, if you learned the lessons from the failed interviews.