13 Signs You’re Stuck In The Wrong Career

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023 at 05:59 pm

It’s possible to pick the wrong job. But staying stuck in the wrong career is a bad decision.

When a job no longer contributes to your life or doesn’t suit you, there’s no need to stay there. 

Often, you are aware of the signs that this job, profession, or career is not right for you, already. 

But because you have come too far and it has become a part of your life, there is no way for you to move forward in your job or profession. 


13 Signs You’re Stuck In The Wrong Career

You feel just right when you start. Now your passion has faded away.

It used to be your dream job, but it’s a miserable one. 

Working overtime wasn’t a problem, but now you’ve got a family.

Maybe it was the perfect career for you once, but now it is going nowhere.

When your passion, priorities, and interests change, yet you can’t do anything else but do the same job anyway, that means you’re stuck in the wrong job or profession. 

The following signs will help you to know how stuck you actually are. 

1. You don’t have anything new to do with this job.

This might be a great profession and indeed a challenging field.

Since you’ve been doing it for a long time, you’ve tried everything.

Nothing remains new to you. You did everything in this career.

Feeling bored is a normal feeling when you have nothing extra and challenging to do anymore.

You seem to have mastered this field completely.

So, now you are looking for something new, but outside this field.

signs you picked the wrong career

2. You only do this job for a paycheck, not because it’s your passion.

Whenever someone asks what motivates you to do this work, you reply; the salary.

The only thing you can think about is the money you earn from this work.

It is fine, but although you know this is only for your income perspective (with no passion or interest), you are wasting your time in the wrong job.

It may be more appropriate for you to begin slowly in the field that interests you since this is only a temporary distraction.

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3. You’re not doing what you are great at naturally.

This isn’t the type of work that brings you to your best.

You know what your talents and skills are, of course.

This profession or field does not allow you to work in your area of interest.

It feels like you’re wasting your time and energy on something that doesn’t matter to you. But you stay in this wrong job anyway.

4. You’re not motivated to achieve anything great in this field.

Passion and excitement are what keep you striving for excellence in your work. But you aren’t interested in proving anything.

All you want to do is what you used to do, the bare minimum.

You might find it relaxing to do a job where you don’t have to do much.

You should also check that you could do more, but you can’t, meaning you’re in the wrong career and not using your abilities for the right purpose. 

5. You don’t get any recognition or promotion for your efforts.

After working hard enough for the company, you didn’t get any promotion.

Maybe you’re in the wrong company or bad management who doesn’t know how to value their employees.

On the other hand, if you’re working in a profession, your hard work hasn’t yielded enough results.

Maybe you’re putting your efforts in the wrong direction or your strategies need improvement. 

6. Your work environment isn’t as exciting or passionate as your

Regardless of how passionate or enthusiastic you are about this profession when the environment doesn’t support you, you become just like them.

Whether your boss isn’t supporting you or your coworkers are just prone to avoiding work, you won’t learn any right thing from them.

It is instead they who make fun of your passion and discourage you from working too hard.

Which are enough signs that you’re stuck in the wrong job but in the right field. 

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7. You are not growing professionally with this work.

Having worked in the field for so many years, this should be your expertise now.

Whether this is still the work that anyone can do or your field isn’t that growing either.

You may also notice that your skills and salary don’t increase as much as they should.

In comparison to market trends, your current pay scale is still less.

Now you’re too comfortable with this role, you avoid doing more and you are stuck here. 

8. You just don’t take your job seriously.

Because it’s not your passion and this field is out of your interest, you don’t care about your work.

In the right career, you want to make an impact and so, you consider major minor details.

But when you’re in the wrong career, you tend to care less about whether your work makes an impact or not.

You just do it for your purpose only.

9. You wish to change jobs but can’t.

While working, you suddenly consider changing your job, but when you look at how far you have already come, you abandon that idea.

It feels uncomfortable to start over.

You daydream about leaving your job but never act.

You may be scared of the uncertainty or possibly worried that you won’t find the new workplace as comfortable as you’ve already.

10. You’re not interested in learning or doing anything extra.

Driven by your passion and career interest, you learn every day.

Being passionate about your field inspires you to perform better.

In this job, you don’t have to do anything extra, but just enough to keep it.

You’re comfortable with doing what you used to do and don’t look for any way to do something extra that can advance you.

This means you’re in the wrong career as this keeps you average.

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11. You’re the happiest only during the weekends.

With that being said, you live for weekends and have eyes for nothing but vacations.

Everyone loves a holiday, it’s a fact.

However, when you have no excitement about your work life and your rest days are miserable, something is missing.

Work could be a great deal of fun, just like holidays. And if that’s not to you, is a sign that you’re stuck in the wrong career, note that.

12. You avoid any career discussion with anyone.

During an online or personal conversation, you pray that no one asks about your career or job.

You don’t have anything good to say about what you do. Or, you don’t know how to describe your profession or field.

Whenever someone talks about their job, you change the subject before anyone asks about yours.

That’s enough to know you hate to talk about your work.

13. You know what you’re good at. But this isn’t the right field for you.

It’s great that you are already aware of where your passion lies.

That’s even better if you already know that this work isn’t the one you’re looking for. It’s clear to you what excites you in life.

The only problem is you can’t leave this job and pursue your dream.

Because you need to pay your bills and support your family with this job. Leaving such a job and following your passion is a risky move. 

This creates a dilemma not knowing where to focus and how to divide your time between two jobs.

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When Knowing You’re Stuck In The Wrong Job, Career, Or Profession…

You can use the above signs to determine whether you’re stuck in the wrong career and to find out at what level you are. 

This also includes a boss who isn’t right or a working environment that isn’t a good fit.

If that happens, then you can adjust and stay focused on your own, while having some superior guide you along the way.

Hopefully, you might get the right environment to unstuck yourself and do what you do best.

Because here you’re just in the wrong job and not a career. 

signs you're in the wrong career field

On another side, if you are stuck in the wrong career, for whatever reason, and you see no solution, it is imperative that you act.

You might consider switching jobs where the conditions are flexible which will allow you to manage your new lifestyle. 

Particularly when starting a career, it’s best to find it early on, because here you can completely start over.

There’s no perfect profession or field until you find the right one that makes you excited every morning. 


Keep looking for the right job career, but for this, it’s required to leave the wrong one behind.