17 Signs Your Coworkers Don’t Like You

Are your coworkers turning away from you lately? Did you just get promoted or join a new company? 

Possibly, your coworkers are jealous or you messed up your first impression on day one. 

If your teammates or colleagues dislike you secretly, they might isolate you, never engage with you, or constantly give you a cold look. 

If you’re sure about that, you better know how to handle such hatred at work. 

Their behavior gives you enough signs to confirm that.


17 Signs Your Coworkers Don’t Like You

Let’s refer to some of the apparent signs that your coworkers hate you secretly.

This way you can be careful with your words and actions, so the negativity does not affect your work performance.

1. They never greet you, but everyone around.

This coworker greets everyone with ‘good morning’ when they arrive at work. 

But, they intentionally ignore you from this routine. Or not even look in your direction.

Signs Your Coworker Doesn't Like You

2. They never seem interested in working with you.

If you have to work together, a coworker who hates you might ask for a new project partner. 

That coworker cannot stand by you even if you’re great at something

They keep their distance from you. 

3. They never let you know about any important details.

Whenever this colleague has a team announcement, they share it with everyone but you. 

And, when they have to, they don’t give you enough. 

This indicates a colleague’s secret hatred towards you since they only do this to you. 

4. They act too busy when you want some help.

The teammate works in a support team and is advised to guide anyone. 

When you ask for such help, they delay it. Other times, they excuse their busy schedule and advise you to ask for someone else.

This is because teammates don’t like you and are forced to deal with you.

5. They act as if they don’t know you.

Despite working on the same team or floor, that coworker never approaches you. 

You can see that they are trying to unknow you, by their facial expression. 

Not to mention, they just sidestep you, which means that female coworker doesn’t like you at work.

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6. They never talk straight to you.

Whenever you ask something, they give you a death stare. And not engaging feedback. 

Even if you’re sitting close to them, they prefer to contact you via mail. 

Avoiding eye contact to not being approachable to you are signs that your coworkers don’t like you. 

7. They never invite you to office functions or gatherings.

You and those coworkers never had lunch together, But separately. 

It doesn’t stop there. Your coworkers aren’t even bothering to invite you to team activities or office parties. 

Maybe they just found you arrogant. Or your colleagues don’t like you for no reason. 

8. They put you down and make fun of your passion.

If you’re the most dedicated and passionate person on the team, you experience this. 

There’re always some coworkers who make fun of you for working too much.

Also, your boss appreciates you and advises them to learn from you many times. 

Which further makes your coworkers hate you for a reason.   

signs a female coworker doesn't like you

9. They never appreciate you but take advantage of you.

Your coworkers never engage with you until they want something. 

They have fun during office time and outside. And you’re completely left out of everything. 

As they need your help, they try to be nice, to secretly take advantage of you. 

10. They start to talk behind your back.

It’s just your few days at the new job and your coworkers seem unhappy with you. 

Maybe your coworkers are mad at you for being a replacement for a previous teammate. 

When they see you in the same place, they hate you as if you had fired him.

11. They act too unprofessional to you only.

You don’t know what their problem is. But they act to you as if there’s a big one

You just mind your work, while passing near you, and that coworker continued to make comments about you. 

This happens on repeat means your coworker hates you secretly. 

12. They avoid you collectively and isolate you.

Every time you ask your colleagues for help, they all refuse to help you.

But, they have time to gossip about the soccer match. 

When you get incompetent behavior, that’s a clear sign that your coworkers don’t like you and hate to help you.

13. They show no respect or trust for you.

Even if you have a proven track record, no one trusts you in the team. 

Maybe they are jealous and don’t want you to have the upper hand. 

That’s why they keep you controlled by being suspicious of you. 

14. They suggest that you don’t deserve this job.

Not all ‘you should work for multinationals’ is praise in reality. 

It is also the attempt to get rid of you by the coworker who secretly hates you.

Doing so, make you feel miserable while still doing the same job.

15. They never come forward to get to know you.

Some coworkers just don’t want to have any connection with you beyond work. 

They act overly professionally with you, never talking anything about them. Or even ask you questions to know you.

Such clear ignorance from most of them is a sign that your coworkers don’t like you.

16. They all together try to set you up.

It is possible that all coworkers are jealous of you and hate you equally.

Maybe you’re boss’s favorite, that could be the reason. Or your increasing role. 

Your coworkers act like they’re your boss now. 

And for minor mistakes, they tell your boss. They attempt to spoil your image.

signs your colleagues don't like you

17. That’s how you feel inside.

Besides what you see, there’s a lot more going on.

They could trick you with their nice gestures. But your inside feelings get it all. 

All the weird looks or forcefully good behavior from them, indicate, your coworkers are up to something. 

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How To Deal With Hatred From Coworkers At Work?

From the above signs, now that’s confirmed that your coworkers don’t like you and hate you secretly. 

You did nothing but do your job, get an appreciation for your work, and contribute to the team. 

But hatred at work, especially from your teammate, can damage your performance. 

When you feel your coworkers hate you, better to avoid them if you can. It isn’t much you can do about them.

You better be careful with how you react to their unprofessional behavior. 

Because they might try to find your mistakes and make it a big issue.


It’s hard to deal with them when coworkers hate you equally. 

But, when you remain focused on work alone, you have no time to deal with hatred at work.