17 Signs You’re Not A Team Player

Teamwork is the most essential skill.

In some this skill develops while around like-minded people. And in some, it comes naturally. 

While to some, it just never comes. This means they can’t work well with the team anyhow. 

Make sure you’re not that guy who fits with no team and is often found working, struggling, and celebrating (or failing) alone, even within the team. 


17 Signs You’re Not A Team Player

With these signs, you will know if you are playing your part as a team player or not. 

No matter if it’s your reserved nature or you can’t think of anyone but yourself.

Somehow, you’re being unlikeable in a team that no one likes to work with.

Have these signs of not being a team player, if you want to gain respect and value at work.

1. You work for yourself and not for your team.

No matter how many people are there on your team, you only care about yourself alone.

With their unique skill sets, everyone contributes something to the team’s success.

But you’re all on your own.

Trying to work the best and look better than the rest. 

When You're Not A Team Player

2. You take things personally not professionally.

In team management, it’s all about the team and supporting each other. 

It’s a professional environment and it’s up to the team member to keep it that way. 

But you, it’s in your nature to keep everything around you. 

3. You don’t interact with co-workers even professionally.

Being shy you don’t fit in with new coworkers when you just joined the company. 

But, that’s a problem when you face struggle even while coordinating with them professionally even after being on the job for a while.

That means, there’s a fault in your ability to feel a part of the same team. 

4. You never take responsibility for your part in a team.

No one can play a better role for you than you. 

Even team leaders have no control over everyone’s ability.

It’s a team member’s responsibility to adjust likewise. 

If you fail to do so or give excuses instead of any professional approach, that’s a sign you’re not a team player for sure. 

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5. You can’t trust your team members.

Being part of one team and still not trusting anyone – is not a good thing. 

If you can trust no one on the team, that means you should check your teamwork skill. 

The point is you can’t think that your teammate can be any good or great at something. 

6. You don’t get along with your fellow teammates.

It’s okay to take some time to adjust to a new environment and people when you’re new at your job. 

But the problem here is even after working for long years, you still don’t have enough connection at work. 

That is a valid sign that you’re not a good team player, and you may be perceived as an arrogant or negative coworker.

7. You compete with your other team members.

It makes no sense to be so competitive with your teammate when you share the same goals. 

You could use such competition as a positive way to improve your performance. 

But if that continually impacts the team environment badly, you’re the troubling teammate who offers nothing good.

Signs of bad team player

8. You avoid giving any feedback.

During the team meeting or presentation, you fail to provide proper feedback. 

Maybe you have something to say but never say it. Or you’re just not caring enough for others. 

Team decisions and planning are decided collectively.

But avoiding sharing your feedback means you don’t want to contribute.

9. If you share anything, you’re being so negative.

When you’re negative about any new ideas and suggestions, it creates a burden.

With your pessimist or critical approach, you create trouble in your team.

You never hesitate to make fun of your fellow teammate’s new ideas or strategies. 

10. You keep important things hidden from your teammate.

There’s no need to hide something from your teammate if it would ease their work. 

But, as you’re too focused on yourself, you avoid sharing such tricks, tips, and techniques with struggling teammates.

You may hide something or share false information on purpose to gain personal benefit.

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11. You take credit of others’ work.

That is mostly done by the bad boss who is good at nothing but taking credit. 

Even being part of the team, you steal ideas from your teammates. 

Not an acceptable move. Here you’re not being a team player. 

You damage the morale and confidence of your team members. 

12. You’re not flexible with your nature.

No matter how great or expert you’re in your work, being flexible is key to working as a team. 

While everyone on the team is ready to sacrifice their points, you’re not ready to give up on anything. 

Because you are all about yourself and care for yourself, not your fellow teammates. 

13. You never offer help to those who are new and ask for it.

It’s no problem for you to say no at work, you could just say this to anyone. 

The purpose of teamwork is to help each other grow and succeed in common goals. 

But, you don’t want to help anyone, you see it as a waste of your time. 

14. Your work interest is limited to yours.

While everyone in your team has a first goal to overall team goal achievement, you can’t look beyond yourself.

Possible that you don’t care about this job. But, only money.

Not for your passion, not to learn something or else. 

The same applies to teamwork, you prefer your interest but disregard the overall team goal. 

15. You never ask for help from anyone.

Same, when you do not want to take anyone’s help is also a sign that you’re not a team player. 

Maybe you’re ashamed to ask for assistance or not sure which way to ask for it.

Having trouble asking the right questions and taking help proves that you don’t want to learn.

You just don’t feel like you’re part of the team support system. 

16. You offer nothing good to the team’s success.

All you contribute to your team is negativity, competition, and a political atmosphere. 

You keep your coworkers busy in the office gossiping and spreading rumors about your boss’s favorite employee

It’s your jealous nature that prevents you from offering anything good to the team.

You’re the reason for most office and internal team conflicts. 

Signs someone is not a team player

17. You want recognition based on your name and not the team.

You’re all in to do everything just so you can look apart and be recognizable. 

Being recognized for your work is nothing bad.

It’s unprofessional when you try to do so by damaging a team’s environment.

To look better than others, you don’t even hesitate to set up them for failure in work.

Which proves you don’t want to be part of any good team. 

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What Should You Do Next?

Of course, there is internal competition in the workplace. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s all about you.

Healthy competition is fine, but preferring ‘I’ over ‘We’  being part of a team damages the overall team environment. 

Make sure you’re not being that arrogant, jealous, selfish coworker in a team… who is just not a good team player. 

Consider these signs to know that you’re not a team player or already being like one. 

You certainly don’t want to feel isolated nor want to be someone who isn’t contributing any good to the team. 

Understand your role and refer to this list as a checklist to turn yourself into a ‘team player’.